sailing rope

How Far I'll Go (Live)
Auli'i Cravalho feat Lin-Manuel Miranda
How Far I'll Go (Live)
Before she sings her solo, shall I set the scene?
Picture a young warrior, not even seventeen
She dreams of open seas, she's full of hope and sees
A future where she sets her sail and rope against the open breeze
She doesn't know that she's a voyaging descendant
Impatient, independent, heart of nature in that pendant
The ocean's at her feet: she opens her eyes to find
Her mind is on her island but her eye's on the horizon line...

Lorraine O’Grady’s first public performance, Mlle Bourgeoise Noire, remains a pivotal work of race, gender, and class critique. Dressed in an elaborate
costume made of 180 pairs of white gloves and carrying a cat-o’-nine-tails whip made from sail rope studded with white chrysanthemums, O’Grady made uninvited appearances at openings at the New Museum of Contemporary Art and Just Above Midtown Gallery as the farcical and indicting persona Miss Black Middle-Class 1955, demanding attention for black women artists. 

Lorraine O'Grady (American, born 1934) Untitled (Mlle Bourgeoise Noire), 1980-83/2009. Gelatin silver prints, 2 of 14 works total. Courtesy of Alexander Gray Associates, New York ⇨ Mlle Bourgeoise Noire Costume, 1980. Costume made from white gloves. The Eileen Harris Norton Collection, Santa Monica, California.

but inej becoming nikolai’s understudy for a while so that she can learn the ropes of sailing and being a captain.

imagine him being so so happy to have an excuse for spending some time on his passion and reliving the most trying, yet formative period of his life (bless).

whenever he is in ketterdam for diplomatic or political reasons he will clear off secretly and sneak onto her ship.

inej is so happy to have somebody to help her and nikolai is so happy to be involved in his favourite line of business again.

and just by spending so much time together i hope inej can make nikolai more aware of the plight of the suli, of how they have been relentlessly persecuted throughout ravkan history.

Sorta “The Little Mermaid”... but it’s Trimberly
  • Trini is an 18 year old mermaid princess, unhappily living in the underwater kingdom of Angel Grove which is ruled by her mother Queen June
  • She dreams of what the world above her is like and collects sunken artifacts with her best friend Billy (an anxious but easily excitable little flounder fish)
  • She often visits the surface to see her other friend Zack (an “all knowing” seagull) and he tells her all kinds of stories about the human world
    • “I’m tellin’ ya crazy girl! I was this close to snaggin that Fittlefru for ya! Man, you’ve got to have one of those in your collection ‘cuz they’re super rare!”
    • (He’s talking about a bobby pin)
  • Her mother hates it when Trini visits the surface and will often assign the court advisor Jason (our little red crab and the voice of reason) to “babysit” her
  • One night, Trini, Billy, Zack, and a reluctant Jason visit the surface to watch a celebration for the birthday of Princess Kim aboard a ship
    • Trini is infatuated by Kim, much to Zack’s amusement and Jason’s distress
    • “She looks like all she eats is salads… but I bet ya could turn her into a good ol’ fish lover, eh crazy girl?”
    • Trini plucks a few of his feathers before Zack has time to fly off
  • The celebration is short lived when a storm hits and destroys the ship, sending Kim overboard after she saves her dog (Alpha Five)
  • Trini rescues her and brings her to shore, where she sings to Kim which seems to bring her back to consciousness, but Trini flees back into the ocean to avoid being discovered by Zordon, the royal adviser, who finds Kim on the beach
  • Kim’s parents, King Ted and Queen Maddy, are relieved to see there daughter safe and sound, but instantly grow worried when she starts talking about a mysterious girl with an amazing voice
    • “You don’t understand. It was like… the voice of an angel. Mom, Dad, she saved me. That woman saved me and I swear to you, I will do whatever it takes to find her again. And then, I’m going to marry her.”
  • Back in the ocean, Trini can’t stop thinking about Kim and actually finds a painting of Kim in a suit of armor still intact from the ship wreck and brings it back to put in her collection
    • Billy has to do quite a bit of poking and prodding but Trini eventually admits that she might be the tiniest bit in love with the human princess
  • Jason accidentally lets slip that Trini rescued a human to Queen June, and when June goes to confront Trini about it, Trini admits she’s in love with Kim and wants to go back to see her again
  • As punishment June destroys her entire collection of human artifacts with the Zeo Crystal (an oceanic crystal attached to the end of a golden staff)
  • After June leaves, Trini’s left to cry by herself until two eels named Goldar and Putty, convince Trini to visit Rita the sea witch
  • Rita makes a deal with Trini to turn her into a human for three days in exchange for her voice, which Rita puts in a green nautilus shell
    • Rita tells Trini that she needs to get “true love’s kiss” from Kim before the sun sets on the third day if she wishes to remain a human and be with Kim
    • If not, Trini will turn back into a mermaid and belong to Rita for all eternity
  • Trini’s tail turns into a pair of legs and shes quickly rushed to the surface by Billy and Jason where Zack helps construct some clothes for her out of an old sail and some rope
    • “Ya look great crazy girl. Ya look sensational.”
    • Jason: *facepalm*
  • Kim’s walking Alpha Five down on the beach when Alpha Five smells Trini and leads Kim to her
  • Thinking that this mysterious girl might be the same girl who rescued her and sang to her, Kims a little disappointed when Trini can’t speak
  • Kim takes Trini back to her castle to help her recuperate after which a hilarious dinner ensues
    • Maddy and Ted are quite confused by the mute woman their daughter found, sitting at their table and combing her hair with a fork
    • Kim finds it both amusing and absolutely adorable and nearly busts a gut when Trini blows all the tobacco out of Zordon’s pipe
  • Zordon suggests Kim show Trini around the kingdom, so the next day Kim shows Trini around the surrounding village, trailed by Zack, Jason, and Billy
  • Kim then takes Trini out on a little row boat in a secluded lagoon
    • Zack tries to “set the mood” with his terrible singing
    • Jason and Billy take over
    • Kim tries to guess Trini’s name (since Trini can’t tell her herself)
      • Jason: *whispering* “Trini. Her name is Trini!”
      • Kim: Trini?
      • Trini: *nods and smiles*
      • Kim: *smiling* “Well that’s kinda pretty… Trini.”
    • But just before they kiss, Goldar and Putty flip the boat and ruin the moment
  • Rita decides to disguise herself as a beautiful young woman named Tommie and hypnotizes Kim using Trini’s singing voice
    • Under Rita’s spell, Kim tells her parents that she wants to marry Tommie because she’s the girl that rescued her
    • Maddy, Ted, and Zordon try to get Kim to see reason but eventually concede and begin preparations to wed the duo at sunset
  • Trini is absolutely devastated when she sees Kim with Tommie and watches as the ship leaves from the dock just as the sun starts sinking in the sky
  • Zack is flying over the ship when he hears Tommie singing and discovers that Tommie is actually Rita the sea witch
  • He races back to tell Trini, Jason, and Billy that Kim is in danger and that Tommie is actually Rita in disguise
    • Jason: “Are you sure about this?”
    • Zack: “Have I ever been wrong? … I mean when it’s important!”
  • Trini jumps in the water and starts swimming with Billy towards the ship while Jason races to inform Queen June
  • Zack is tasked with recruiting and stalling the wedding
    • Two words: IT’S. MAYHEM.
  • Just as Trini climbs onto the ship, Zack destroys the green shell around Tommie’s neck which restores Trini’s voice and breaks the spell on Kim
  • Kim realizes that Trini was the one all along and races to her side, but just before they kiss the sun sets and Trini turns back into a mermaid
    • Tommie turns back into Rita and drags Trini overboard (and Kim jumps in after them), only to be confronted by Queen June and a loaded Zeo Crystal
    • Rita agrees to let Trini go if June hands over the Zeo Crystal and takes Trini’s place and June agrees because she loves her daughter too much to see her suffer under Rita’s wrath
  • Rita’s now the most powerful creature in the ocean and she threatens to kill Trini but Kim shows up and rescues her and they frantically swim to the surface while Rita grows to the size of a castle
  • Using the Zeo Crystal Rita creates a whirlpool that resurrects a few sunken ships, one of which Kim is able to board (it’s called MegaZord)
  • Trini falls into the whirlpool and dodges Rita’s blasts while Kim steers the MegaZord at Rita and stabs her with the ship
    • (A Rita Repulsa shish kabab)
    • Rita’s death reverses her magic, freeing all her prisoners and turning them back into merpeople, including Queen June who reclaims her crown and Zeo Crystal
  • Trini rescues Kim and drags her to shore once again, but leaves before Kim wakes up
    • She’s a mermaid and Kim’s a human, even if Kim wanted her theres no way it could ever work between them
    • So she sits in the water and watches from a distance as Zordon, Alpha Five, Ted and Maddy race to Kim
    • Kim frantically searches for Trini, calls out her name into the ocean, but Trini doesn’t appear
  • Queen June watches her distraught daughter and decides its time she let her make her own choices and turns Trini back into a human (with clothes this time)
  • Just as they’re leaving the beach, Alpha Five starts barking and when they turn around, Trini’s walking out of the surf and singing
  • Kim races to her, crashing through the waves before picking Trini up and spinning her around, both of them laughing and crying and happily in love
  • Kim pulls Trini close and finally kisses her
    • Zack, Billy, and Jason all watch a little teary eyed with June as the humans + Trini leave the beach and head back to the castle
    • Zack: “I-I’m not crying… there’s just sand in my eye you guys, it’s fine.”
  • Trini and Kim are married a month later, out on the water where her family, friends and her new human friends can all enjoy the ceremony
  • FIN

Wow. This turned out suuuuper long monster. Sorry! Feel free to add anything or fix any goofs I made. (Also may not be the only ‘…But it’s Trimberly’ in the works *cough cough*)

Consequence // Hansol Vernon Chwe


the prompt: you never liked the notion of having to kill sailors. instead, you decide to befriend one. unfortunately, one can’t always do what they would like without suffering consequences.

words: 3395

category: fluff + angst

author note: it’s me back from the dead with a lot of stress behind me. i’m hoping july is a lot nicer to my hort tbh. this is an au I will definitely return to like tell me which member you want next for sailor!seventeen bc i’m all for that. anyway pls enjoy this scenario that started out as fluff but then my brain went “hey destinee,,,,, what if you made it,,,, like rlly sad,,,, that would be fun” and i listened!!!! enjoy suckers!!!

- destinee

Originally posted by sneezes


No matter how long he had been out at sea, Vernon could never figure out how a sextant worked. He understood that one was supposed to position it at the North Star, but after that he always forgot the next steps. Because of this, he never quite knew his latitude. He was a bit clueless as to where was all of the time. However, he always made his way home, even if he was a few days late. Luckily, he had learned to always pack enough resources to last him a few extra days.

It was just another sailing trip. Vernon had always been a loner who preferred to go off sailing by himself on his little wooden ship. The deck was his favorite place to sit, as there he could stare up at the stars as long as he wished. He knew all of the constellations by heart, and he liked to pick out his favorites every night. They always helped him find his way home.

Music often accompanied him. It wasn’t from any safe source of sound, but rather from the sirens that lived in the ocean. Their one objective was to seduce soldiers into drowning themselves. Vernon knew this, and luckily he wasn’t too bothered by their songs. He had been warned since he was young to resist the siren’s voices and he had gotten exceptionally good at it. He liked their voices though, as they were soulful and soft. They often lulled the young sailor to sleep. He wouldn’t succumb to their temptation so easily. To him, it seemed like it was dishonorable for a sailor to die in the hold of a siren. They were bred to sail the seven seas and fight others for their right to sail. They were bred to be rough and tough, and yet many of these men couldn’t fight the seductive lull of the siren’s songs.

Tonight, however, the song seemed different. Vernon sat back on his hands, his ears perked as he listened to what seemed to be only one voice. It didn’t sound seductive at all. Soulful, maybe. Soft and upset, definitely. He furrowed his eyebrows and sat up. He trained his eyes on the open sea that surrounded him, wondering who was singing such a sad song. Why were they so distraught?

Although Vernon had already tucked the sails for the night, he got up and hastily hoisted them up again. Then he walked to the stern of the boat and struggled to catch enough wind to push his boat towards the voice.

After a few hours of his boat slowly moving along, Vernon could finally see a siren in view. He desperately hoped this was the one singing, because he was totally screwed if it wasn’t. It didn’t matter how much he could resist a siren from miles away. When they were up close, he had no chance. They were vicious and could drag you in themselves if they wanted to. Whether it was the right siren or not, Vernon could tell very quickly that you was beautiful. Ethereally so, and Vernon felt himself wondering if you was the beautiful queen Cassiopeia, or just another siren. He had seen sirens before, but this time it felt different.
Vernon felt himself pulled towards a siren for the first time, and it had nothing to do with your voice.

Vernon was a loner, sure. He had learned through past mistakes that it was best to get your work done without extra people breathing down your neck and stabbing you in the back. Can a loner be lonely? Technically, it was his fault that he had no one. He had shut everyone out very early in his life. This was to preserve his safety, of course, since sailing was a tricky business and there were always pirates wishing to screw a fellow sailor over. He wasn’t there for the gold or the treasure or the canons. He was there for the adventure and unpredictability of the sea.

Here was that chaotic nature now, for the ocean had surprised him with another soul in the sea. This one, a beautiful siren with sad tune.

Vernon dropped his anchor twenty feet from the siren, who was swimming in the water, your shoulders and head only visible when you swam under the moonlight. As soon as you swam under the shadow of Vernon’s sail and noticed the boy, you dove under the water. Vernon scrambled to the edge of his deck and peered down. Of course there was no way to see you in the murky water. Especially not at nighttime, that was for sure. Finally, you reappeared above the surface, seemingly in a hurry to get away from the ship. Vernon cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, “Where are you going?”

He heard a worried whisper as you struggled to answer: “Oh dear. Was my song too seductive?”

Vernon chuckled, for the song wasn’t seductive at all. It was actually depressing and made him a bit upset at whatever foe haunted your mind so late in the night. “Why is your song so sad?”

That got your attention. You spun around quickly enough for water to splash around you. “You could hear it? You thought I was sad?”

Vernon furrowed his eyebrows and gave you a dubious look. “Aren’t you?”

Hesitantly, you swam closer to the small sailboat. “I’m more frustrated than sad. I suppose I’m quite sad too, though.”

“Why?” Vernon sat cross-legged on the deck of his boat.

You allowed your arms to rest of the wooden deck that was partially soaked from the calm ocean waves. Your chin on your forearms, you pondered your answer along with the sailor’s eyes. You had never seen a color so beautiful under the sea. The closest comparison was perhaps a Harlequin Sweetlips, whose scales could be the darkest and most beautiful shade of brown. Whoever this boy was, his eyes were brighter and sharper than even the prettiest fish in the ocean.

Having never seen a sailor before, you genuinely wondered whether or not every sailor looked as innocent and harmless as this. If so, how could your fellow sirens pull them under without feeling immensely guilty? You sighed in a melancholic way and looked up at the sailor, cocking your head to the side, “Do you ever want to be something else?”

“What do you mean?” he asked. His lips pursed with wonder as he leaned in closer to you, as if the two of you were sharing a secret. You could feel his breath fan your face and your eyes grew wide as he licked his lips, chapped from the salty air. Did every sailor smell like a mix of morning air and cinnamon?
Did every sailor have rough, calloused hands that completely opposed the soft look in their eyes?

“I mean… don’t you ever want to do something other than sail the seas?”

“No,” he replied, a half-smile quirking on his pink lips. Then as an afterthought he added, “Although I wouldn’t like to be sailing alone for the rest of my life. Why? Do you not like being a siren?”

You hummed. “Not particularly. Would you like to drown people for a living?”

The sailor chuckled softly and looked down, his cheeks rosy from how cold the night had become. “That does sound a bit depressing.”

“Doesn’t it? My mother wants me to sing songs of seduction and lust, but how can I sing a song that I know will bring men to their doom? It seems cruel to me.” You looked up in time to catch the sailor’s reaction. His dark eyebrows rose and his lips parted in surprise at you words. You flipped your tail anxiously under the water as you waited for him to speak.

“What’s your name?” he finally breathed. “I’m Vernon.”

The name mulled over in your brain before you finally reacted, “I’m Y/n.”

“Well, Y/n, what is it that you like to do? As opposed to killing sailors, I mean.”

His charming smile was enough to heat up your cheeks, which was a phenomenon you were sure only happened to humans. Then again, you had only seen a few humans in your lifetime, so you weren’t exactly an expert by any means. “I collect shells,” you said bashfully. “Is that lame?”

Vernon laughed and threw his head back innocently. “No, no,” he assured you, “it’s cute. What kind of shells are your favorites?”

Vernon wasn’t sure he had ever seen someone’s eyes light up so quickly. Suddenly, you were asking him to wait so that you could go get your favorite seashells. Left alone again, he was able to think of what had just happened. Had he just befriended a siren? Not just any siren, but one with the most mesmerizing eyes he had ever seen. One whose heart seemed kinder and purer than anybody else’s. While he waited, he walked around his boat and checked the sails and ropes. The stirring of the water could be heard behind him, and so, thinking it was you, he turned around and hurried back to the deck.

Instead of you, there was another siren. This one’s eyes were cold and sultry, with no hint of the innocent gleam that was held within your’s. She began singing. Her unfamiliar song of notes and tones sent Vernon’s imagination soaring. He had never been this close to a siren’s song before, so he had never experienced the truly harsh side effects of the music. Without warning, he could feel his body moving on it’s own accord. He could feel his hands hastily rolling up the legs of his pants. He could feel the waves lapping against his skin as he dropped his legs into the water.

“Stop! Vernon!” Your voice scared him out of his trance. In fact, it scared him so much that he fell into the cold, unforgiving water. He arms and legs thrashed around as he struggled to swim back to the surface. The harsh grip of the other siren was around his shoulders, pushing him down until he could barely hold his breath anymore. Vernon could feel the oxygen leaving his brain the further he went down. No matter how hard he struggled against the hands, he couldn’t shake them off. With all the warning he had been given from sailors older and more experienced than him, he hadn’t been prepared for the sheer strength that sirens possessed. In the end, his clumsiness and lack of strength would be the end of him. However fitting that seemed, it also seemed rather cruel that a loss of footing could be his doom.


You swam back just in time to see one of your fellow sirens, Cleo, singing to Vernon. You knew her song well, as it was one of the most powerful songs in the seven seas. No sailor could escape the grip that her voice left on them. Not even the most stubborn and persistent sailor could resist her temptation. You ducked back into the water, where you could swim faster. When you returned to the surface, Vernon already had his legs in the water, and was slowly easing down into the dark ocean. “Stop! Vernon!” you called in urgency, hoping to distract him just for a moment. Just a small moment out of her trance would give him enough time to place his thoughts in something else. It seemed to work quickly, since Vernon’s gaze searched around to look for the source of your voice.

You hadn’t anticipated his clumsiness. Vernon lost his grip on the edge of the boat and fell into the ocean. Cleo used this to her advantage and jumped onto his shoulders. She pushed him down quickly, propelling him deeper into the water using her tail. You moved quickly and swam after them. Vernon’s movements were getting more chaotic and less frequent the deeper the two of them went. You struggled to catch up to them. Once you did, you used your tail to slap Cleo out of the way. She angrily swam away, not up to fight for a human that might already be dead.

Vernon was sinking fast, his hands limp above him in a lifeless fight for freedom. His eyes were closed shut, but not forcefully so, so that he looked peaceful. It was as if he was simply sleeping, save for the bubbles that fled his nostrils and open lips. Without hesitation, you grabbed under his arms and swam up as quickly as you could, having no idea how quickly a human could die after losing so much oxygen. Once you reached the surface, you hoisted Vernon onto the deck and rolled him onto his back. Then, after hoisting yourself into a sitting position beside him, you began to try and resuscitate him.

After minutes that felt like hours, Vernon finally inhaled shakily before sitting up. As he coughed up the salty water of the ocean, you hit his back roughly. His chest heaved up and down, and you could see his muscles tense through his shirt, which was soaked all the way to the skin. His fists clenched unknowingly as he struggled to breathe again. “Stu… pid… siren… What… just happened..?”

“Don’t speak right now,” you told him. Your hands went up to rake through his bangs, hoping to push them off of his forehead and stop the water from dripping into his eyes. “You need to rest. You also need fresh water, if you can get some quickly.”

Vernon stayed still for a moment. Then, after catching his breath properly, he shakily stood up and make his way across his ship. He returned quickly with a leather canteen. As he drank (hazardously, by the way), you watched the dark horizon in search for any more of your siren sisters. There was no way any sailor was gonna die on your watch, especially not a nice one like Vernon. Still, you feared that they might come.

“Y/n?” Vernon’s meek voice called out.

You turned around and looked at him in anticipation.

“Did… Did you bring the shells?”

Laughter bubbled out of your mouth at his question, and a shy smile suddenly adorned his face. “You almost died and you want to look at shells?”

Vernon shrugged and looked at you cheekily, “You were there to save me, weren’t you? Now I don’t have to be afraid.”

You bowed your head in embarrassment and lifted the rest of your tail out of the water. As you untied the string that was wrapped around the base of your tail, Vernon leaned forward and gasped. “What is it?” you asked. You jerked up quickly, half-expecting Cleo to return for a second try.

“Your tail is really pretty,” Vernon said instead, causing you to turn back to him. “Purple looks really nice on you.”

“Thanks,” you beamed as Vernon inspected your tail with wonder. When he reached out to touch it, you noticed his hands shaking. “Hey, you’re cold.” You grabbed his hand and turned it over, palm facing you. “Why are you cold?”

“Oh,” Vernon’s teeth chattered lightly as he spoke. “Humans get very cold when they’re wet. Cold water isn’t good for us.”

“Are you okay? What will warm you up?”

The cold wind that carried through the night seemed to push Vernon to answer quickly. “I supposed I should get in some dry clothes and find a blanket. I’ll be right back, okay? Don’t go anywhere.”

“I won’t,” you said. While waiting for him, you opened your bag and took out your seashells, each differently colored and patterned so that no two ever looked the same. You lined them in rows and admired the mere beauty of them all.

Vernon returned, warm cotton pulled around his shoulders, blocking the wind from his slender body. He noticed the shells you had set out. “Wow! Where’d you find those? Any shells I find are ugly and gray.”

You picked up a green conch shell and smiled, “You can’t find these on the shoreline. You have to go deep into the ocean or you’ll never be able to get beautiful shells.”

Vernon picked up a purple clam shell and turned it over. “This one looks like your tail.”

You held up a black murex. “This one reminds me of your eyes.”

Vernon narrowed his eyes at the shell. “It’s striped, though.”

“Yeah, but—” you were suddenly cut off by a loud cry a few miles away.

“What was that?” Vernon asked in alarm.

The water began to stir. You answered Vernon with fear evident in your voice. “That was the leader of the sirens. She must’ve found out about me helping you. You have to go.”

“What? No. What about you?” Vernon stubbornly inquired.

“Go,” you insisted, “If she starts singing I won’t be able to save you from her. She’s too powerful. You have to go before she finds you. If she sees you, she’ll hunt you down. I’m sorry, Vernon. This is all my fault.”

Tears began to flood your vision and soon you felt the rough pads of Vernon’s thumbs brushing against your cheekbones. “Hey, don’t cry. We had fun tonight, didn’t we? Maybe we’ll cross paths again.”

You shook your head in his hold. “You don’t understand. Sirens aren’t allowed to help sailors. I’ll be punished. I-I won’t return.”

Shock seemed to reverberate through Vernon’s body as he pulled you into his arms. “Please don’t mean what I think you mean.”

You buried your face in his shoulder, hoping you would forever remember his warm scent. Just for tonight, if it could stay in your head as a reminder of him. “She might kill me Vernon. I didn’t think Cleo would tell, but I guess I made her angry enough to tattle.”

“But I like you,” Vernon argued, as if that would stop you from being punished. “You were just being nice. This is all my fault.”

“Hey,” You pulled away from him in time to see a few tears trail down his own cheeks as well. “I chose to save you because I like you as well. It’s my fault, and I’m okay with that.”

“I’m not,” Vernon said, his voice deepening into somewhat of a growl. He held your bare waist and pulled you flush against him, capturing your smooth lips against his chapped ones. Your hands went to his hair immediately, running through the curling strands. His scent was enticing, and his lips were gentle as they coaxed yours into rhythmic movements.

Another scream made the two of you jump. “Vernon, you have to go.”

He bit his lip and pressed his forehead against yours. “I just found you. I don’t want to lose you, Y/n. It’s too lonely here. How can I go on knowing you won’t?”

“You have to,” you insisted. “You have to choose to forget.”

“What about you? Aren’t you afraid? How can I leave you alone?”

“A little,” you whispered, “but I’m more afraid of them catching you. You have to go. Goodbye, Vernon.” You pressed a kiss against his forehead and with one flick of your tail, you were back in the ocean, ignoring his pleas to return and instead swimming back to your community to answer your leader’s calls.


Through tears, Vernon pulled his anchor back onto the boat. He hoisted the sails and set his course towards home. Well, where he figured home was, since he still couldn’t figure out how to use a sextant. Allowing the wind to push him to safety, he curled up on the deck and watched the stars as they began to disappear.

He focused on Cassiopeia, and found himself sobbing again. The constellation looked brighter as the sunrise began. In fact, the stars stayed visible in the sky until midday, which was a rare sight in itself. Vernon couldn’t help but think it was you, returning to your rightful place in the sky. He couldn’t help but hope it was a sign that you were okay now, no longer forced to send men to their doom. Instead, you could watch over them and guide them to safety.

You were safe now. You were okay now. Vernon, however, wasn’t sure how long it would be until he was okay again.

~the end~