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Hello! Hope your day is going well. So, I've never seen "Black Sails" - what is really enjoyable about the series and what do you think is not so great? Would you recommend I binge it or take my time with the series?

Hello! Oh man, that’s a big question. I think for me the best things about the series really boil down to the characterisations and the care and fore-planning that goes into the writing. They really should be the bare minimum requirement in any show, but they’re often so lacking. With Black Sails, none of the characters ever stagnate. They’ve all had clear and defined arcs over the 4 seasons. The things that happen to them, or the things that they choose to make happen, all have consequences, both to the story and to them personally. When snippets of their backstories are revealed (sometimes 2 or 3 or even 4 seasons in) they add so much depth to what we know about them already. Things that already made sense are suddenly so crystal clear. Why is he so obsessed with making his name famous? Why is she so emotionally closed off and angry? Why is he so desperate to see Nassau made strong and legitimate and freed from the hypocrisies of civilisation? Every one of them has a different reason for becoming what they are, but they all add so much to the wider story of how very uncivilised civilisation was at the time. 

When it comes to the planning of the larger narrative and the character arcs, there’s so many instances of things which were set up with multiple hints and references as early as episode one, that aren’t cashed in on until full seasons later. It makes the rewatch value so high, because every time you notice something else that was hinting at a plot point they hadn’t got to yet. It’s incredibly deftly done. 

And the dialogue too is beautiful. It can be quite a wordy show, but the words never feel superfluous or wasted. They all mean something significant to the progression of the story, and they can all be pulled apart and analysed and compared with other instances where similar wording was used. Ultimately, this is a story about stories (in the creators’ words), so it’s fascinating to watch literary characters like Captain Flint and John Silver weaving their own stories, quite deliberately, to achieve a purpose. 

Oh, also! It’s super gay. There are at least 5 non-straight characters, and two separate and quite different poly relationships (one m/f/f, one m/m/f). All of those relationships are handled so well and they’re compelling to watch.

What’s not so great is some of the first season. It took a good few episodes to really find its feet and work out how to tell the story it was trying to tell. There’s also a rape plot which is pretty grim, but again they at least wrote it in a way that meant it wasn’t then just brushed aside and forgotten. It had multiple ramifications for both characters and storylines, even a full season on. Some people haven’t enjoyed S4 (the final season) as much as the previous ones either. Some of it has felt a little rushed, but I’m still enjoying it a lot. It does progressively get darker though, which may or may not be to everyone’s taste. But given we all know how we find Billy Bones in Treasure Island, how terrified he is of Long John Silver, and how intensely the frightening presence of Captain Flint looms, it’s not that surprising that the show had to stray into darker territory.

I think S1 (at least up until ep 4 or 5) is worth watching pretty quickly. There’s a lot of important stuff set up there, so it can’t really be skipped, but the weaker parts might be off-putting occasionally. It really does get stronger in every respect as it goes on though. S2 onwards might benefit from a slightly slower watch to digest it all? Though I don’t think it would suffer from being binged.

This got very long, but hopefully it’s somewhat interesting! Thank you for the question. And thank you for putting up with all my pirate stuff on your dash! :)

The White Owl (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Prompt: In which the reader turns into an owl and Newt is absolutely oblivious.  Also includes a sassy!Frank.

Word Count: 3111

A/N: I wrote this entirely to spite my sister who is taking forever on writing her Newt x reader.

I first met him when the Goldstein sisters invited him over.  Now, I was his assistant.  He took me in when he started writing his book and became so busy with it that he needed help with his creatures.

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It’s Kels and Sabrina coming to you again.

Kels is currently sailing the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise with family but this is super important.

By now you guys have heard the statements from the talking heads that are the executives at Fox. We didn’t hear the news we wanted today. We were hoping to be able to exhale for the first time since September 22. Unfortunately, we are still on the hook.

It is up to us to save Ginny Baker and Pitch. She may not “need a man to rescue her” but she needs to her fans to do it.

We are asking that each of you please follow our new Twitter account @PitchStreetTeam. We have work to do!

This is about saving a show that matters and NEEDS to be on the air. If things don’t go our way in May we need to be able to rest easy knowing we did all that we could. But we feel confident that if we put in the work now, things will go our way. This is gonna take work and persistence. Let’s remember it took Ginny five years in the minors before she got to the BIGS. What if she quit in year three or four even?

We can’t quit in January. Right now we are the Padres six games back in the wild-card race! Please follow @PitchStreetTeam where we will be running campaigns monthly until May. Remember how hard Ginny worked out in episode 2? Yeah that’s us right now. “We gotta get our work in.”

We love you guys and we love this fandom.

Let’s put in this work!

-Kels and Sabrina


Get to know me meme: [1/15] pairings → John Silver/Madi (Black Sails)

“The burden I wasn’t prepared for it isn’t the men. It’s him.”


“What he wants, what he needs, what he fears… the depths of it… they are profound and dark. I serve the crew best by tempering him, steering him where he’s needed. I’ve descended into those depths and connected with him so that I might be able to do so. But I am acutely aware that I’m not the first to have been there… to have been a partner to him in this way. And that the ones that have seen those depths before… they never surfaced again.”

“Maybe their mistake was in trying to do it alone. Maybe to go to such a place, one needs another to hold the tether and to find a way out.”


not so subtle anymore
  • [directed by me]
  • seokjin: [makes a heart with yoongi]
  • yoongi: [trying his best not to fall from his charm]
  • seokjin: [smiles and waits for yoongi to cave in]
  • yoongi: [tries his best and subtly smiles for the camera]
  • seokjin: what did i do? you're ignoring me.
  • yoongi: [whispers] the shippers have already busted our hide and sail technique.
  • seokjin: [makes a heart with his self] we need to lay low for a while.
  • notes: ummm so i see some of you shoving each other. be at peace let your ship sail :))))))

Since his last show had practically been a humiliating fiasco bringing him a total of twenty simoleons in ticket revenue, with three quarters of the audience leaving before the last act, Desmond decided to go back to what he knew best – tasteless cabaret performances. His guest star and cash magnet from the earlier days, singer/songwriter Rivka the Rabbit, was currently busy touring mental health facilities and prestigious kindergartens, which meant that Desmond had no choice but to prepare and perform the program by himself. For the next three months, his plan was to entertain the public with such never-fading musical pearls as “What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor“, “My Heart Will Go On“, the Love Boat theme and “I am Sailing“.

☆ NB Club Writer Asks ☆
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  • Gore: Most unsettling thing you've written?
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  • Sailing: Is "write what you know" good advice?
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  • Yearbook: Five writer friends (or contemporary writers) you'd recommend?
  • Jenny Holzer: Is your writing ever political?
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  • Rabbit: Do you feel successful as a writer?
  • Testimonials: How do others describe your writing?
  • Circadian: What's your writing schedule like?

For @uncensoredsideblog, cause I promised I’d fix it, so here it is:

Your sweaters barely smell like you anymore. It’s been over a month, I shouldn’t be surprised. It still hurts just as much. Why can’t the pain go and the scent stay? It fucking sucks. I miss you. I’m stealing your pillow.

Martinez walked into a door today. You would’ve loved it; It was pretty spectacular. None of us really felt like laughing. You would’ve laughed for hours.

God, I’m sorry. I love you. I love you so much it hurts. Or it hurt when you were here, now it’s just… I just feel numb. Or angry. Mostly angry. I wish I could’ve told you. I guess I could, I just didn’t. I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve a coward anyway, but… I wish I had told you.

It was your laugh. Honest. Unfiltered. You’d laugh and it’d instantly make me feel warmer. It made your whole body shake and your eyes crinkle, and the whole room brightened with it. We would’ve gone crazy without you here. I’m going crazy now. And I’m always cold.

Day108, Sol111
You’re alive. Oh god, you’re alive, and we left you there. I told them you were dead. Fuck. I’m so sorry, you have every right to hate me. I hate myself too. But god, you’re ALIVE, and they’re going to get you back, they have to. I need to see you again so you can yell at me and hit me and fuck, just hate me, I don’t care. They will get you back and then you can do that, hate me, just don’t die. I need to see you, I need you to hate me. Please, please don’t die.

Day132, Sol136
We got to talk to you, and it was the first time in months we’ve been remotely ourselves. I don’t think you ever realized how important you were. Are. God it still feels unreal, to know we’ll get to see you again. We will. And you didn’t hate me. You should, you definitely should, but you never blamed any of us and god, I think I love you even more. I can’t wait to see you.

Day201, Sol207
We’re coming for you. It feels like a goddamn dream. It also felt strange to laugh after so long, but I did, I laughed. I think I needed it. I’m coming for you, Mark. Don’t you dare die.

Holy shit.

He shouldn’t be reading these. Fuck, he knows he shouldn’t be reading these, but he can’t seem to stop. One look had been enough for him to realize that this was Beck’s handwriting, not his, but his own name written on the page had caught his eye, and well, astronaut or not, he’s only human, ok?

And Beck is going to kill him for this, he’s fully aware, but he still can’t. stop. reading.

Because Chris loves him. Chris loves him. Chris fucking Beck. The sweetest, cuddliest, most beautiful person on Earth and space loves him and has spent months thinking Mark’d hate him, has spent years thinking his feelings weren’t reciprocated before that.

Mark could laugh. Or cry. Or put on a spacesuit and willingly return to fucking Mars and spend a lifetime eating nothing but potatoes so long as Beck came with him.

Chris loves him and never told him.

Holy fucking shit.

He’s still trying to understand how this could possibly be real and totally not freaking out when door opens.

The notepad feels suddenly heavy in his hands, feels like it’s exerting its own gravitational pull, drawing all attention to itself. Chris, standing in the doorway, doesn’t have time to say anything, to even ask him what he’s doing here, before he notices it.

There’s a look of utter terror instantly creeping up to his eyes, and Mark wants to tell him a million things, I’m sorry and Vogel said you’d been taking stuff from my room and that maybe my notebook would be here and I swear it was an accident, but the words get stuck in his throat and Chris is already turning around to leave. Mark can’t let him leave.

He’s acting on instinct when he stands up. When he grabs Chris’ wrist. When he silently beckons him to come inside so he can close the door, not letting go of him. And Chris, shaking, still speechless, lets out a resigned breath, yields, too focused on bracing himself for the disappointment he thinks is coming to put up a fight, even when he’s now stronger than him.

He steps back into the room, not meeting his eyes, and Mark could practically laugh at the fucked up role reversal. Doctor Bossy Beck as the scared, sad, clueless puppy, and him having to be the grown-up, the voice of reason—he mentally snorts at that—, him having to reassure him. It’s certainly not how he’d expected things to go. Not that he ever really planned on fessing up, but whenever he’d allowed himself the fantasies.

They stay like this for a few moments, in complete silence, Chris trying to make himself small against the wall and Mark not knowing how to even start.

“You thought I’d hate you…” he settles for at last, simply because he has to say something, anything.

Chris eyes don’t move from where Mark’s hand is still wrapped around his wrist when he answers.

“You should. It was my fault.”

Mark sighs. “You know that’s not true,” he tries, but Chris’ only answer is an expected noncommittal shrug. It’s ok. Mark has a lifetime to convince him. He adds “You missed me,” and Chris does look up at that, snorts, says:

“Of course I did.”

“No, I mean… You missed me. Like, more than the rest. You stole my sweaters…”

“I gave them back.” He practically snaps now.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Then will you please just say it?” he says, and he sounds hurt and bitter and it’s so completely wrong coming from him, breaks Mark’s heart. “Say what you’re going to say already, so I can apologize and promise you I won’t make you feel uncomfortable and we can go back to being friends, like before—”


Chris looks like he’s been struck.

“So you can forgive me for abandoning you in Mars, but find the thought of me feeling like this about you so disgusting that you can’t let it slide?”

“God, no! No, you got it all wrong, jesus, come here” he says, and lifts his chin so he can kiss him.

Because he doesn’t really know what else to do, how to explain it. Because he was never good at this, but he thinks this might be enough, might make Chris understand. Because he too loves Chris, and he too was too chicken to ever mention it.

Chris gasps when Mark’s lips find his, and the sound is beautiful, feels just like an electric shock and sends a shiver down his spine, encourages him to take a step forward, to press still-too-bony hips against Chris’ and kiss harder, more desperate. It makes Chris melt into his arms. Pliant. Almost liquid.

Fingers dig into his shoulders for support when he welcomes him into his mouth, and it’s the best Mark ever remembers feeling. Warm and intoxicating and setting every nerve on fire. It takes him everything he is to pull apart, but he still needs to say the words. To make sure Chris knows.

He pulls back but leaves their foreheads pressed together, Chris panting as he slowly opens his eyes, tries to offer him a shy, wary smile. Mark beams at him, says: “Hey, handsome,” at that seems to help, fixes the smile in place. “This is what I meant.” He still explains, just in case. Chris lets out a nervous laugh.

“You should’ve started with this, you idiot. Would’ve spared me the freak-out.”

“Excuse me, but you were running away. I didn’t exactly have time to think this through, you realize.” It makes Chris chuckle, and Mark, too, realizes Chris’ laugh feels wonderfully warm. He pulls him impossibly closer, wraps pointy-elbowed arms around him. And Chris goes.

“I love you, ok? I’ve loved you for years.” He feels Chris’ exhale against his skin, his face buried into the crook of his neck. It’s a happy one, he thinks. “Sorry for not telling you sooner.”

Chris shakes his head.

“It’s ok. We have time to make up for it.” He laughs again. “And I love you too”.

Yup. Definitely warm. Scorching.

Probably even enough to keep him warm for a lifetime in Mars.

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you know what makes me sad? is that it seems that tv series writers don't know how to write nice heterosexual relationships. For them is almost: its a man, it's a woman = ROMANCE... thats why i think there are so many people shipping platonic ships

very true. honestly, i thought black sails was one of the few revolutionary shows that knew how to do it. i still think that. for the most part.

in my opinion, jack/anne, james/miranda, and thomas/miranda are still one of the best written and most compelling het relationships i’ve ever seen. absolutely brilliant. even vane/eleanor had something unique about them (however fucked up their relationship was).. but the s4 major relationships.. mm no

10 Reasons why you need to watch Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

1) The characterization is done superbly such that there’s no clear-cut black and white, good and evil, just like in reality - and the best part is that you know what drives each character’s motivations and why they think the way they do.

Originally posted by momokobel

2) Wang So and Hae Soo form one of the most beautiful love lines ever - instead of needing each other just for the sake of it, Wang So truly depends on Hae Soo to find love and acceptance, while Hae Soo relies on Wang So for protection as she navigates an unknown world.

Originally posted by beautifuliu

3) Wang Wook and Hae Soo’s love story is so tragic! I really wish this ship could have sailed but it sunk like the Titanic and I was sad. I want to hate Wang Wook but I can’t, and there’s something in his personality that really draws me to him.

Originally posted by xwangyoung

4) So. Many. Hot. Actors. Plus they’re not just handsome, they’re really great at acting too!

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

5) Taeyeon, who is, like, my favourite OST Queen of all time, sang the OST for the drama!! Plus her OST is kind of like Wang Wook and Hae Soo’s theme song and it hits me in the feels in all the right places.

Originally posted by kimp05

6) If you’ve watched the original Chinese version (bubujingxin) or read the novel, you would know how amazing this adaptation is because they managed to mould the storyline to fit Korean history, while at the same time preserving several key scenes/motifs/symbols from the original.

Originally posted by younqshin

7) Even the sub-characters are developed so well that you feel something for them when they die.

Originally posted by younqshin

8) Baek Ah and Woo Hee~ If my Wook-Soo ship can’t sail, at least let this cute couple get together. I’m really excited to see where this relationship will go.

Originally posted by xwangyoung

Originally posted by loveholic198

9) It’s rare for a historical Korean drama to go so far back into Korean history. The only one I can think of is Great Queen Seondeok and maybe Hwarang when it comes out later in the year (plus it features Taehyung from BTS! Much excites!). So this series is “new” in it’s own way and I guess that’s why some customs (like marriage between half-siblings) is weird to the viewers.

Originally posted by sleepingtide

10) Jisoo-Joohyuk bromance everywhere.

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1. Xiumin

“I-if that’s a mesh shirt?….Y-yeah…yeah, it is…”

2. Luhan

“What are you watching, baby? EXO’s Call me Baby?….Wait a second….is that…Xiumin… a mesh shirt…..”

*sail sail sail gotta gotta go go….to Korea*

3. Kris

“What is Suho doing? How the hell did he allow that much thrusting?!”

4. Suho

Y/N: You’re making weird faces again, baby…

“Me? I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

5. Lay

Y/N: Oh my…..

“You like what you see, baby?”

6. Baekhyun

“Wait, wait, watch this! This part! I choreographed it, baby! What do you think? It’s the best out of the whole dance, right?”

7. Chen

Y/N: Oh, but Lay looks really nice….

“I’m here….Right beside you….your boyriend…just sayin’…”

8. Chanyeol

*why is she so quiet? Did she die? Too much thrusts for her to handle?*

9. D.O.

Y/N: You look really well in this, baby, it’s amazing!

“Yeah, I know…”

10. Tao

“You like what you see, baby? You can practically see half of my body…”

Y/N: Yeah, and so can the rest of the world….

“What? Are you jealous now?”

11. Kai

Y/N: Why are you the only one without black pants, baby?

“It’s um….because I…uhm…I am the main dancer?”

12. Sehun

Y/N: Finally, baby, you have more lines!

“I KNOW, RIGHT?! With this pace I’ll be the first one to go solo, I’m telling you!”

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This might be a doozy, but do you guys have a best guess for what century/age of the real world standard fantasy RPG's take place in? (I'm thinking DnD 3.5, Pathfinder, etc.)

As a general rule, D&D is extremely anachronistic. It’s also not one setting. Third Edition and 3.5 both default to Greyhawk, (which, Ironically isn’t a setting I’m incredibly familiar with), which offers technology ranging from the 9th century up through the 18th, depending on what best fits the feel they’re going for. This results in situations where you have sailing vessels designed for broadsiding in a setting without gunpowder, and armor that never existed in the real world.

As a result, you can’t really tie D&D down, and this is before you start looking at the other campaign settings. Forgotten Realms is the one most people probably think of as the default D&D setting (it’s not, but that doesn’t really matter.) There’s Dark Sun, where magic drains life from the world, and the resulting environment is a barren wasteland. There’s Dragonlance, where, unsurprisingly, Dragons are the biggest threat (usually), and the world outside of fortress settlements is barely civilized as a result (incidentally, this is another setting, I’m not that familiar with). There’s Ravenloft, where the entire world is splintered across various horror themed mini-planes. There’s Eberron (one of the newer settings), which has a magitech/steampunk aesthetic going on. There’s Birthright, which is explicitly pulling from 13th century knights, and fairytale chivalry (though, I honestly can’t remember much about this setting beyond that.) There’s Spelljammer, where people fly magical sailing ships between worlds (including, potentially any of the ones I’ve listed here.) There’s Planescape, where characters wander between universes, including any of the ones I listed above.

If you want a D&D setting I can pin down to a specific moment in history, the only ones that come to mind off hand are Urban Arcana, Dark Matter and Shadowchasers, but those are both from D20 Modern, and by default they’re set around 2002 (give or take a year.) (Strictly speaking, there’s some Dark Matter supplements from back in the 90s, so that setting is a little older, but it’s tenure as a D&D setting starts in 2002.)

And, honestly, that’s okay. Fantasy is rarely designed to mimic specific moments in history. As a genre, it owes a lot to both J. R. R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard.

With Lord of the Rings, Tolkien was specifically pulling inspiration from the literary epics like Beowulf. He envisioned a forgotten version of Europe that existed in some forgotten dark age long before recorded history. The technology is an incoherent mix of different eras because, the idea goes, that much of this was lost, and then later rediscovered.

The result is: Middle Earth is usually read as a self contained world, with no relation to the real one. It’s treated as fantasy world, segregated from reality, rather than a piece of fiction that takes place in “the real world,” but this wasn’t Tolkien’s intent. Ironically, this actually sets Tolkien into a fairly small subgenre of fantasy, with series like Terry Brooks’ Shanara Chronicles, or Jack Vance’s Dying Earth (which became the basis for D&D’s spell casting system.)

Robert E. Howard just loved history. Really loved it. Apparently, to the point that he couldn’t pick a single favorite element, and simply grabbed pieces of whatever wasn’t nailed down. If you’ve never read the Conan stories from Howard, you really do owe it to yourself to take a look. More than Tolkien, Howard set the tone for modern Sword and Sorcery as a genre. So, while D&D inherits a lot of its ideas, like elves and dwarves from Tolkien, it looks to Howard, when the time comes to pick from a moment in history.

So the end result is a massive collection of anachronisms, and usually that’s acceptable. You have a fantasy setting, where different concerns gave rise to different technological priorities, and some of the things you take for granted in your daily lives just never happened.

It (sort of) makes sense that Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk don’t have firearms. Magic is very prevalent, to the point that convenient ranged weapons exist. Additionally, because of how gunpowder works, a single wizard or sorcerer could (theoretically) ignite your batteries with a stray fireball, which makes the entire idea of stockpiling powder a lot less appealing.

Of course, it’s also entirely possible you would have gunpowder in your setting. Warhammer pulls heavily from the 15th century Europe. Primitive firearms and all. Even with the danger of a Bright Wizard being able to detonate handgunner’s powder on a whim (or on accident).

The only times you’ll see serious criticism of D&D’s historical elements are when you try to do one of two things. Putting one of the campaign settings together into a coherent whole while accounting for the game’s rules and asking, “does this make sense?” No, the actual rules (particularly in 3rd and 4th edition) are designed to facilitate play for the party, and characters accelerate to godlike status (or outright godhood) with horrifying speed.

Or, when someone looks at individual technologies in a campaign setting and finds one that is dependent on a technology that never happened. For example: Forgotten Realms’ sailing ships, which are based on 17th century designs, which were heavily influenced by cannon fire.

When it comes to Pathfinder, I don’t know. What I’ve seen suggests it mixes 14th and 17th century technology together with gleeful abandon. I don’t know how fair that is, because I’ve never purchased or read a Pathfinder book or game.


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What’s your gender? ’ I Am’
Describe yourself? ‘timeless’
How do you feel? ‘Undone’
If you could go anywhere? 'Storm’ (?)
Favorite mood of transportation? 'Passenger’ (?)
Your best friend? 'Price’
Favorite time of the day? 'Coming Home’
If your life was a TV show? 'What if?’
Relationship status? 'Sail away’(?)
Your fear? 'Any more (don’t want to fight)’

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What he wants, what he needs, what he fears, the depths of it, they are profound and dark. I serve the crew best by tempering him, steering him where he’s needed. I’ve descended into those depths and connected with him so that I might be able to do so. But I’m acutely aware that I’m not the first to have been there, to have been a partner to him in this way. And that the ones that have seen those depths before… they never surfaced again.

John Silver (Black Sails, 3x06)

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Questions for me:

  1. What the fuck I don’t even know y’all.
  2. On a scale from 1 to 10 how fucked up is ur life Probs like a weak 3 honestly. I just really need to catch up on homework before Spring break.
  3. have u seen black sails and if so should i also watch ive already seen the first season i just lost it at some point I have not but imo if you are lost and don’t care for it you probs shouldn’t but if you want to give it another try, go for it.
  4. what kinda hair do u have and what do u want to have Beach waves and frizzy and I would like for it to not be a frizzy bitch anymore.
  5. fave pasta Like noodle? Penne?
  6. pizza or hamburger Pizza.
  7. am i going to fail my test tomorrow D+ at best if you don’t study.
  8. a country you want to go to Switzerland would be fun.
  9. music u used to listen to but makes u cringe rn Nothing I’ve listened to in the past makes me cringe. I may not go back to it but if it’s on I’ll jam to it.
  10. are u Yes I am.

My Questions:

1. What is the last lie you told?

2. Are you willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $40k?

3. Movie that you never get sick of?

4. Is there anything you want to do before you go to sleep tonight?

5. If you are taking medication, did you remember to take it on time? Please do!

6. What makes you feel afraid?

7. Sunset or sunrise?

8. Most embarrassing childhood memory?

9. Favorite mythical god/goddess?

10. What are your favorite lyrics?

11. Can you hula hoop?

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Sails, sea glass, aquamarine

Sails: describe your perfect partner.

kind, funny, patient with me, maker, hates the government, loves animals and being in nature, passionate about what they believe in, committed, doesn’t belittle me or try to control me. Supportive but also straight up honest. Loving and thoughtful. Someone that will grow with me. Someone that doesn’t fall in love with my best friend. 

Sea glass: What do you consider to be your best feature?

yikes I think all of my physical features are tied for last. I guess Ill take the easy way out and say eyes??

Aquamarine: Describe your dream date. 

Well as long as it’s not a first date (my luck Id get murdered) I would say sitting in the park talking or taking a drive or a hike. Maybe go to the beach. Just talk and feel each others presence in nature. If not in nature then to a museum or some place interesting. 

Thank you for these!!