sailing is what they do best

Singapore Sling

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader

Rating: NC-17

Character count: 35,696 / Word Count: 6,521

Your duties as maid of honour were fairly simple: maximise alcohol and minimise stress, keep an eye on the bride-to-be, and above all else, have things under control. You’ve promised yourself to keep this wedding a fuckup-free zone, anticipating smooth sailing from the moment you land in Antigua. When danger emerges on the horizon in the form of a denim-clad devil dressed in Gucci and gold, things take a turn—nothing in the MOH handbook has prepared you for what to do in the event that you unwittingly sleep with the best man.

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We are proud to present to you NoiAo Week 2017!

On the week of May 21-27, 2017, we will be celebrating all that we love about the Noiz and Aoba’s relationship!

Without further delay, here are the prompts:

Day 1: re:miniscence (Childhood)

If anything they learned from their ruptured childhood, it’s how to be stronger than they already are. What could’ve happened during those childhood years? What was lost? What was gained? It’s for you to express on this day.

Day 2: re:union (Acquaintance)

There’s always something special about that not-yet-boyfriend feeling. Express how it feels to be not quite there, with that tiny hint of affection and that frustrating confession moment – the bond they both shared in Midorijima before Noiz disappeared for three months.

Day 3: re:connect (Connection)

Their beginning was rugged, but no one relationship worth embracing could ever be smooth sailing after all. Share the domestic memories Noiz and Aoba embrace on this day – good or bad, sweet or bitter, painful or happy.

Day 4: re:assurance (Marriage)

On this very day of happiness, we would like to see how we can express our heartfelt wishes to Noiz and Aoba, both very strong, very beautiful men who deserve all the happiness in the world.

Day 5: re:joice (Family)

Being family doesn’t mean being connected by blood. It also means feeling bond so deep that surpasses what blood connection is able to do. On this joyful day, let’s express how every family member – including children, brother, father, mother, grandmother, best friends – had added more striking colours into the life of these two men.

Day 6: re:birth (After Life)

If two persons are meant to be, they’ll eventually find their way to each other. And on this fateful rebirth day, we would like to see yet another fateful encounter between Noiz and Aoba, in whatever alternate universes possible.

Day 7: re:ward (Free End)

There are many definitions to happiness, there are many definitions to unhappiness too. Give them the best end you think they deserve, the best selves you think suit them and simply just – celebrate their very existences in our life, the way you want!

For inquiries, please visit our FAQ page, but if your concern is not listed there, don’t hesitate to ask us directly!

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FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

(I’m going to cover Iris and Aranea in this post. Will get around to Cindy and Luna soon!)


  • Their first interaction:
    • Iris: *Calls while Gladio is replacing one of the Regalia’s tires*
    • Sora: “Gladio, it’s Iris”
    • Gladio: “Answer for me, would ya? Tell her we’ll be in Lestallum tomorrow”
    • Sora: “Okay.” *Answers phone and delivers Gladio’s message to Iris*
    • Also Sora: *Ends up talking to Iris for an hour about fun things to do in Lestallum*
    • Gladio: *Big brother instincts conflicting with his understanding that Iris has been though a lot and it helps to have someone closer to her age to talk to*
  • Sora and Iris hit it off!!
    • Fast friends!!
      • Go shopping together!
      • People-watch together!
      • Make moogle plushies together!
        • Sora’s sucks
    • When Iris wants to come with them on a hunt, Sora is the only one who has no problem with it
      • He trusts that she can handle herself, and knows that she’ll be totally safe with them
      • This pisses Gladio off
    • She reminds him of Kairi. So spirited and independent and spunky! :) 
  • When Iris goes to get her Amicitia family tattoo, Sora tags along with Gladio
    • The conversation goes:
      • Gladio: “Don’t you have something better to do?”
      • Sora: “Uh NO. Iris needs emotional support”
      • Gladio: “Isn’t that why I’M going????”
      • Sora: “You’re an emotional-support pool floaty. I’m an emotional-support raft stocked with a week’s worth of provisions”
      • Iris: “Sora was great when I needed someone to vent to after Kravyn broke up with me”
      • Gladio: “AFTER WHO DID WHAT”
    • Sora goes into that parlor fully expecting to be there if Iris wants someone to hold her hand
      • But he ends up trying to hold HER hand because WHOA WHY IS THERE BLOOD I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WOULD BE BLOOD
        • (Sora is moderately hemophobic)
        • Gladio slaps his hand away when Sora reaches for Iris’s hand. The tattoo artist is working on the shoulder attached to that hand
          • Gladio: “Watch it, kid! Let the artist do his work!”
          • Also Gladio: *Lets Sora hold his hand instead*
            • (Also Gladio: “Don’t tell the guys about this, or I’ll punch you so hard you’ll travel through dimensions and end up back on your home planet”
            • Sora: “Uh ok”)


    • Her first interaction with Sora:
      • She literally drops from the sky and lands on Sora’s face
        • Yes he is more or less incapacitated during the group’s first encounter with her
          • But he wakes up near end of the fight and uses Graviga to yank her out of the sky and slam her face-first against the ground
            • She manages to get away but her nose is broken as shit
      • Ignis examines him at camp that night and discovers that Sora has a mild concussion and a broken nose
        • The first thing these two do when they meet each other is break each other’s noses
          • This is a WEIRD RELATIONSHIP
    • When she joins the group during Gladio’s temporary absence:
          • Sora: *Upon seeing something cool in the tomb* “Whoaaaa… what do you think that is?”
          • Aranea: “Well, it’s—”
          • Sora: “I was asking the people whose opinions actually matter to me thank you bye you can literally leave”
        • Sora falls in battle. Aranea slaps him across the face to snap him out of it. Sora casts Aeroga and sends her flying across the room
          • They are like cats and dogs okay these two do not get along at first
      • After they go their separate ways, Sora is still pissy but unsure how to feel about her. She helped them, yeah, but she works for the bad guys. If she was really so good, why would she be helping them?
        • Sora more or less ignores her whenever she jumps into the party during random encounters 
          • Beats the sass, I guess
            • This boy is confused and this lady tried to hurt his friends. He doesn’t know what to make of her
    • During Chapter 12:
      • Sora is a complete emotional wreck. Prompto’s in trouble and everything is just so awful. He finds a spot on a hill near a field of sylleblossoms, away from the guys
        • Areana finds him and walks over. She keeps her distance, but she talks to him
          • Sora is resistant at first.
            • But he’s so upset… he can’t help it…
              • He bursts into tears. Aranea doesn’t say a word. Just stays with him as he cries
                • When he’s done, she says, “There. You’ve had your time to cry about everything that’s gone wrong. Now it’s time to get the hell up and do something about it.”
                  • Sora: “Aranea… I-I… you…”
                  • Aranea: “Save it, kid. Don’t you have somewhere to be right now?”
                    • Things are different between them after that
    • During the long night
      • Sora names his chocobo Highwind and Aranea WILL NOT LET HIM HEAR THE END OF IT
        • Sora: “Gimme a break, Ara, it’s what my best friend wanted to name a raft I built when I was like 12 that we wanted to sail to another world”
        • Areanea: “That you wanted to what”
      • The two of them team up on hunts and they’re actually a pretty damned good duo
        • Aranea striking from above to catch an enemy by surprise, pinning them in place while Sora rushes up behind and delivers the killing blow
        • Sora using Aeroga for the forces of good this time by launching Aranea even faster around the battlefield than she could go on her own
        • They’re fucking devastating okay
          • RIP anyone unlucky enough to face them at the same time
Jily- she said fine, when?

James Potter was persistent. But this year he had practically given up. Lily was no longer getting the huge acts he would do to ask her out. Or the weird but cute pick up calls. He was nice and that was all he was.

She didn’t realize how much she missed his constant flirting until it was gone. Or so she thought.

James Potter was even more in love with Lily Evans than ever before if that was possible. But he also had matured and decided that it just wasn’t meant to be. He would be her friend, Prongs, but nothing more, nothing less. It killed him, it almost did everyday as he watched her in class or in the great hall or in the common room. His heart hurt and he felt like he was slowly dying watching the red headed girl he loved just be his friend. Friend.

It was Tuesday, they’re third class of the day when Lily had gotten the thing she didn’t think she was hoping for all semester long. A note. With perfect script that read Lily in blue ink, flown over to her in the shape of a butterfly.
She almost destroyed the paper trying to see what he had written.

*Evans, will you do me the honor of going out with me some time?*

She stared down at the note, her heart actually leaped in her chest. It was a small question, but finally she was going to say yes.

She scribbled in her chicken scratch *fine, when?* Trying to sound as disinterested as she could.
Unable to fold it into anything special she crumbled up the ball and threw it towards his head when the professor wasn’t looking.

James tried not to watch her as she read his note. This was the last time, he had sworn to himself as he sent the note. The last time he would ever try and get Lily Evans. If she shot him down this last time he would, now it was over. They were not meant to be Mr. and Mrs. potter or Lily and James but just Evans and Potter. Friends.
He distracted himself by watching Sirius try and read the contents of the textbook and stiffed chuckles at his creative swears.

“In the name that is all holy,” he muttered “and merlin’s left ballsack help me understand this bullshit.”

That’s when he the crumpled ball hit him against the head. He looked at Lily who was busy writing notes and looked down at the crumpled ball that sat neatly on his desk.
He was practically shaking. Terrified of what this little ball of paper held.

*Fine, when?*

He couldn’t believe this. He took of his glasses and cleaned them to make sure he read the words right. And after that gave it to Sirius to read who also gave him the ‘I can’t believe it’ look.

He looked back up to see Lily red in the face and holding her quill tightly in her fist.
He quickly wrote *Sunday?*
Trying his best to make a decent show of it, folded the paper into a small swan and sent it back her way.

*Sunday* it read. There was no Hogsmeade trip that weekend. She wondered what he was planning. Taking her quill she noted back, *And what exactly will we be doing on this particular Sunday?*
This time she did try to fold the paper into something, something that resembled a boat and let it sail threw the air.

James was surprised to see the little boat settle perfectly on his current notes. It was crumbled and a bit lopsided but still a cute as intended.
Reading her new note he scribbled in not so neat hand writing.
*I don’t know. I never thought I’d get this far.*
He quickly folded the now very crumpled piece of paper into a rose and made it land perfectly in her hair like a decoration.
He couldn’t help the grin he had when he saw her reach for the flower and pet it affectionately before opening it up.

But when he saw her cover her mouth with her hands to stifle her laughs he knew that he would never give up trying to hear that laugh.

The Uniting Power of Love Triangles! Midlife Dance Crisis!

(So in this party, the male human rogue, the female fetchling mage, and the elf princess are slowly dancing the romantic “will they/won’t they?”. All three are charming, high charisma characters. the mage has been trying to fight years of repression to figure out what her orientation is, the rogue likes the mage but is willing to bow out and play wingman if she decides she’s not into him, the princess is a friendly lass whose natural stoicism makes her hard to read, and both the rogue and mage are wondering if they have a chance with her. This has actually solved more problems than its caused.

Example: The party decided to attend a village dance. The rogue had his dance with the mage, where they both admitted they didn’t know how to dance. Then the princess grabs the mage and hits the dance floor. While the rogue’s taking a break, an incredibly handsome man walks up to him…)

Stranger: Are those two lovely ladies free?

Rogue: …I think they’re taken with each other, if you get my meaning.

Stranger: Well, I’ve been looking for a wife, and the desire for prosperity will change that, I think.

Rogue (Squicked out): …Oh really?

Stranger (Too proud for his own good): I’m the Marquis. I can provide a dowry of 10,000 gold.

Rogue: …Who do you think I am, their dad?

(After he has his fun playing Prince Charming (and getting an admittedly impressive diplomacy check) He eventually backs off.)

Marquis: It would be a blessing to see you again. (leaves)

Mage: Well, I’m going to get a drink.

Princess: [Rogue], would you care to dance?

Rogue: I’d love to. Did you get a look at that mozzarella cheeseball?

Princess: He seemed nice.

Rogue: Yeah, less nice considering he came to me offering a dowry of 10,000 gold.

Princess: Oh you’re joking, I’m not worth that much.

Rogue: Clearly you have a poor estimate of your worth, but seriously, do I look old enough to be your dad?

Princess: Ha! You’re barely old enough to be my baby brother.

Rogue: Heh. Well, (overdramatic bow) “T'was a blessing to share this dance with thee, milady.” (kisses her hand)

Princess: You know he’s gone, right?

Rogue: Eh. *shrug*

(The mage said he looked more like a roguish gentleman than her dad. Jury’s still out on what ship will sail, if any. But all agree that the standoffish paladin dancing with the lustful halfling thief by swinging her around like nunchucks was the best 300 gold ever spent.)

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Sometimes a cup of coffee can offer comfort even the best of friends cannot. Unfortunately, coffee cannot drive you to the airport.

Taurus: No amount of truisms can substitute for experience. We learn through failure.

Gemini: Though both rely on the cover of night, the hunter and the hunted have vastly different opinions on the experience.

Cancer: Know that in every mind there is a door that will never be unlocked. 

Leo: The people who make those chocolate boxes fill at least one in every box with toothpaste just to see if we notice. Point is, like what you like.

Virgo: We sail through the dark, legions upon legions, all you need to do is speak and we will hear.

Libra: Can you imagine how much it would suck for there to be a path to enlightenment? Imagine being the last person to real enlightenment. What a party pooper.

Scorpio: Tales of the strange and arcane are still popular today. Know why? Everyone has seen something they cant explain, something they hope to god was a dream.

Ophiuchus: You grip so tightly to what you fear. Rabbits do not concern themselves with the hunters moon.

Sagittarius: Where does soap come from? Is it mined? Manufactured? Grown? It matters not. Wash your butt.

Capricorn: If something is truly done for the best, it will not weigh heavy on your heart. 

Aquarius: Take a bath. Wear women’s underwear. Build a fence. Kiss the rain.

Pisces: With those who have harmed you, be forgiving but merciless. Savor the revenge and move on. 

Assassin Preference: S/O is pregnant


At first, you were quite certain that Altair was indifferent when you told him, until he staggered and almost passed out in your arms. He was so happy and proud and maybe a bit nervous (Especially if it was the first child) and he’d go around and ask others what he should know to better take care of you and your future child. He’d hope for a boy, but he wouldn’t mind having a daughter. He would be patient with you during your pregnancy, but don’t expect him to make late night runs to get you a bunch of random combinations of food.


Oh man, young Ezio never thought he’d be this HAPPY when he learned that you were pregnant. He had thought about it, but he always figured that life would keep him from having children in some way. He becomes protective of you and he’ll get you anything you want, without question. You’re carrying the baby, not him, but he will silently judge you for what you eat. He would want a daughter, one that looks like you.


Step one) Make sure he is sitting down when you tell him.

Step two) Keep a bucket of water around for when he inevitably passes out.

It will be a big to-do around the homestead and Connor will still be in shock when people congratulate him. Him? A father? He can only think about his own relationship with his father and feel determined to be a better dad than him. Which he is (For one, he actually stays with you and takes care of you). He doesn’t care what gender the child is, he just hopes that the child will love him as much as he loves them.


Haytham assumes you’re just trying to get a rise out of him. Why else would you tell him so early in the morning? Nope, you’re dead serious. He’d spit out his tea once you told him you weren’t joking. Assuming he doesn’t leave you, he’d be the grounding force for when your emotions get out of hand. He would hope for a son to pass his knowledge on to, but if you have a daughter, he will treat her like the princess of fairy tales.


Aveline was surprised and for the rest of the day she kept saying “I’m going to be a mother” to herself and smiling. She looks forward to holding your baby for the first time. She’s discussing baby names from the beginning, and she goes through countless names before settling on one that the two of you liked. She practices and learns lullabies to sing for when the child is born. She doesn’t care what gender the child is, but a daughter would be nice.


It would take a few minutes until you could get Edward’s attention after you tell him. Then the worry sets in. Would you be in danger if he left? Would he be a good father? Would he be able to support you both? You’d have to constantly reassure him that yes, you’d be alright as long as he stayed with you. He would find himself sailing a lot less and staying at the manor on Great Inagua more, investing some more into making it safer for you and the baby. If he had to go, he would make sure that there was at least one person (if not more) who he trusted to care for you in his absence.


Arno would do a double take, “What? I’m a father-” He would smile so widely and pull you into a tight hug and start babbling on how this was the best news he had heard in so long. He had almost forgotten on what it was like to feel so happy, with the rather dour atmosphere of Paris and his own personal struggles. Arno would begin saving money so he could positively spoil you and your child. He might be a bit too worried, always helping you everywhere even when you told him multiple times you could do it on your own. He just wants you to be safe and happy and comfortable.


Jacob would blink a few times, dumbfounded. Once he finally lets it sink in, you tell him that you can still manage on your own and he doesn’t need to look out for you all the time. He promises not to smother you; he crosses his heart and everything. Next thing you know, the Rooks all know and suddenly you can’t turn around without hitting a Rook who was “just making sure” you were ok. If any Blighter even coughs near you, they’re gone. You try to confront Jacob, but he either changes the subject to how you’re doing or he simply says “Well, we wouldn’t be a very good gang if you didn’t see us everywhere.” You tell him that it’s not the same thing, but he doesn’t seem to listen.


Evie takes this news calmly, but you can definitely tell she’s happy. She would rather you stay at the train hideout, doing mild activities that were still productive, but she would be more than happy to accompany you if you wanted to go out and walk around. If you wanted your space, she would try to comply, but she often pops in and checks on you every hour or so. It’s rather sweet and you can’t possibly get mad at her for making sure you’re ok. She wants a girl to teach and love and mentor, but with her luck, you’ll have a kid who acts just like Jacob (Probably because uncle Jacob was an influence on the kid). She isn’t worried about being a bad mother- she’s kept Jacob alive for this long, how much different could it be?


Desmond begins sweating and breathing heavy and holy shit are you serious!? He is in utter disbelief, and he’s thoroughly convinced he’ll be a bad father. Once you manage to calm him down, and once he comes to terms with the fact that he is a father, he’ll start shopping around for everything. You often find him pacing up and down your apartment hall, unable to fall asleep because he’s so anxious. He doesn’t really care what gender the child is, he just wants to be a good father.

I interrupt your daily dash-scrolling to present you the idea of a PIRATE AU FOR MIRACULOUS

(brought to you by maddy, who just watched the new pirates of the Caribbean movie which was amazing by the way)

okay but gUYS

-the baker’s daughter Marinette, loved by all, adorable, yeah yeah
-but all she wants is to travel the world and sail the seas
-her best friend Alya, the newspaper girl of the town, adores her more than anyone
-she’d do anything for her
-she’d ESPECIALLY love to be part of her crew
-but in this town, girls aren’t allowed to be captains of ships
-it pisses Marinette off so much but she’s the little innocent one she wouldn’t do anything right?
-nope. nope, she- she just stole a ship. she just stole a huge boat.
-Marinette what have you done
-now she’s on the run, with Alya by her side
-and a crew of Alix, Nathaniel, Kim, Max, Ivan, Mylene and Aurore
-the mayor of the town is so damn angry it’s actually hilarious
-he sends local heartthrob and son of the world-famous retired captain Gabriel, Adrien Agreste, to find her and bring her back to be executed
-so he does
-mayor’s daughter finds out and casually brings up that she’d like to be a part of the investigation
-‘girls can’t be on the ship, that’s why we’re chasing down miss dupain Cheng in the first place’
-yeah well Chloe doesn’t like that
-she sneaks on board pretending to be a guy
-chaos ensues, but the best part is when Chloe and Adrien come across the hot pirate known as Capt. Ladybug two years later
-hopeless romantics Chloe- no, dammit, she’s supposed to be a boy, her name is Keenan- and Adrien abandon their mission
-Chloe reveals she’s a girl
-'hell yeah welcome to our crew’
-they like to steal from their old town
-Alya, Adrien and Chloe have fights over Mari
-quiet and brooding Nath, who carves intricate patterns into the boat, finds out and joins in
-so does Nino
-until Nino and Nath end up falling in love with Adrien
-Nath totally forgets about Mari
-Nino doesn’t

Canon Queer Fiction Part 4/4 (updated 4/27/17)

15) Some Like it Hot: Nobody’s Perfect. 

Some Like it Hot is about two musicians who go on the run after witnessing a mob hit. In an attempt to escape, they disguise themselves as women and join a women’s band heading down to Florida. And as the ancient scrolls say, hilarity ensues. 

  • Pros: one of the best comedies ever made. 
  • Cons: ???

16) Check Please: *The echoing sound of a boy singing Beyonce in the shower*

@omgcheckplease I’m embarrassed I didn’t add this sooner! Welcome to The List.  

Check Please is a webcomic about a college hockey team. Its also really gay. Good stuff. 

17) Black Sails: *Kicks down your door* yO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RUM!

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GAY PIRATES. Suggested by @mangopuffs Thank you based mangopuff.

  • Pros: Gays pirates. 
  • Cons: The nudity is a bit excessive in the first season. Like, game of thrones excessive. So don’t watch it with the kids.

18) Genghis Khan: No relation to the Mongolian warlord. 

Just watch it. Trust me. 

  • Pros: It makes me … happy. In this vale of tears, what more can we ask for?
  • Cons: Its a music video and not a feature length film. 

19) Tobias and Guy: The one with the Bara demon. 

@tobiasandguy Again, I don’t know why I didn’t add this much sooner. 

Its a comic about a guy who dates a demon. Come for the lulz, stay because you can’t click away for the way your hands are shaking and the tears.

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For folks who are feeling bad because of the “Prinxiety is toxic!” thing, I’ll just offer a few thoughts: 

1) When I read a good Prinxiety fic, Prince is never the same characterization he is in the series. He’s always more developed and has a greater understanding of Anxiety’s purpose. So just remember, you can always develop characters beyond their source material. That’s a legit thing to do! You are not bound by canon. 

2) I’ve also read a LOT of stories that play with the idea that the sides themselves write and perform these videos - that they’re acting out parts and working off a script. So all of this was put together BY the sides, including Anx, and they’re all playing slightly Flanderized versions of themselves anyway for the sake of a story arc. You can easily hc that. In fact, there’s some great potential there: Prince can check up on Anxiety before and after shooting because he knows this particular story script might dredge up some stuff for Anx and he wants to make sure he’s still okay. (Actually someone please write that?) 

3) Speaking from a purely literary point of view, this arc is most DEFINITELY headed toward Prince (and the others to a lesser extent) reconciling his views on Anxiety. So even if you DO want to interpret everything that happens in the videos as pure canon, I promise you, this story arc will end with the pair of them coming to some kind of an understanding. Because it’s Ego and Sarcasm we’re talking about here, it may be a snarky understanding, but it WILL be an understanding. There is zero doubt in my mind on that.  

(Mini side disclaimer: There’s definitely nothing wrong with NOT shipping Prinxiety, or deciding not to anymore–for ANY reason–and I can certainly understand those who do not like the idea of a relationship that seems to be based in antagonism. If this video killed the ship for you, that is another perfectly fine and completely valid interpretation of the situation and the best part of fandom is you have freedom to change your mind! I vacillate on which is my fav ship on an almost daily basis, honestly. I’m currently on the Polyamsanders train. It’s crowded!)

But if you DO like and ship Prinxiety, and you’re worried about what this video is doing to your ship, don’t be. Your ship is definitely not destroyed. It is beautiful and there are many ways to make it sail. Prince and Anxiety offer a fascinating dichotomy and it’s definitely one that’s interesting to explore! You’re not bad for wanting to do so. :) 

I love you all, you beautiful people! 

~Your friendly neighborhood shipper of ALL the ships who has also been in over 40 fandoms in the past 15 years and has Seen Many Things (i’m ooooold)

Singapore Sling - Part II

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader

Rating: NC-17

Character count: 28,923 / Word Count: 5,202

Your duties as maid of honour were fairly simple: maximise alcohol and minimise stress, keep an eye on the bride-to-be, and above all else, have things under control. You’ve promised yourself to keep this wedding a fuckup-free zone, anticipating smooth sailing from the moment you land in Antigua. When danger emerges on the horizon in the form of a denim-clad devil dressed in Gucci and gold, things take a turn—nothing in the MOH handbook has prepared you for what to do in the event that you unwittingly sleep with the best man.

Part I /

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james/thomas appreciation week

∟ day three: favourite kiss

help i’m in love with captain flint. he hasn’t once let me down since beating a man to death with his bare hands in the first episode. 

like. what sea nymph fucked a prince of the fair folk and gave us this passionate lunatic? 

starting this series is the best life decision. i’m mostly through S1 and i love every one of these trash human beings and their trash pirate king. but i mean seriously i’m not even mad captain badass just straight up murdered a dude who i really liked. not even a little. what kind of fairy magic bullshit is this???

I am thankful that i do not decide my future. God does. Left to myself, my journey would have been smooth sailing in spiritually shallow waters. My life would have been filled with temporary pleasures and perpetual emptiness. So today, when i think back over the instances when God said no, despite my begging, i am thankful. Though some refusals have left an ache in my soul, i would not seek to reverse them because i often see purpose in them, but more importantly because i know that He will always do what is best for me. Even when i don’t understand why, i trust that God has a purpose in my pain.
—  The Scars That Have Shaped Me
The White Owl (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Prompt: In which the reader turns into an owl and Newt is absolutely oblivious.  Also includes a sassy!Frank.

Word Count: 3111

A/N: I wrote this entirely to spite my sister who is taking forever on writing her Newt x reader.

I first met him when the Goldstein sisters invited him over.  Now, I was his assistant.  He took me in when he started writing his book and became so busy with it that he needed help with his creatures.

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The signs as quotes from Uncle Iroh

Aries: “Prince Zuko, pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. True humility is the only antidote to shame.” (Bitter Work)

Taurus: “You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.” (Avatar Day)

Gemini: “There’s nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity. I suggest you think about what it is you want from your life, and why.” (Lake Laogai)

Cancer: “You are not the man you used to be. You are stronger and wiser and freer than you ever used to be. And now you have come at the crossroads of destiny. It is time for you to choose. It is time for you to choose good.” (The Crossroads of Destiny)

Leo: “You sound like my nephew. Always thinking you need to do things on your own without anyone’s support. There is nothing wrong with letting people who love you, help you.” (The Chase)

Virgo: “While it is always best to believe in oneself, a little help from others can be a great blessing.” (The Tales of Ba Sing Se)

Libra: “It’s time for you to look inward and start asking yourself the big question: who are you, and what do you want?” (Lake Laogai)

Scorpio: “Protection and power are overrated. I think you are very wise to choose happiness and love.” (The Crossroads of Destiny)

Sagittarius: “It is usually best to admit mistakes when they occur, and seek to restore honor.” (The Tales of Ba Sing Se)

Capricorn: “Are you so busy fighting you cannot see that your own ship has set sail?” (The Waterbending Scroll)

Aquarius: “It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale.” (Bitter Work)

Pisces: “Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel. You can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.” (The Crossroads of Destiny)

I finally watched Moana and the entire movie is great but you know what? the Rebellious Teen™ not only coming back home and ~showing her village a new way to live~ but actually teaching them was the best thing I’ve seen in years. like we saw her instructing her mother in tying sailing knots. it wasn’t just “oh she did this so maybe we can do this” it was “wow she’s learned so much we don’t know, she has important skills she can teach us”. that last scene added 27 years to my life.