sailing blind

Not only is Silver slowly becoming Flint, taking his place in the narrative both as a pirate king and in the reversed Hamiltons and McGraw relationship, but he’s also slowly taking over parts of Flint’s role as Odysseus. 

Silver, stuck with a strange brutal man, alone and afraid for his life, when asked who he is, refers to himself as no one. The man in question, Israel Hands, is also specifically pointed out as being disfigured below the eye. This due to a fight he had with Teach - a role which Silver is now stepping into. 

Israel Hands in this case plays the role of Polyphemus, the Cyclops, in the story where Odysseus refers to himself of no one. 

It’s not perfect, there are of course many differences. But it was something that struck me the moment Silver called himself ‘no one’ or ‘nobody’. 

(Silver is also the one who in the end will find peace away from the ocean, or at least attempts to seek it.)

I shouldn’t have drawn this during class….good job blind!Sans, you made him change colour xD Also, those hand holes are awfully convenient when tying UC!Sans up, heh.

Undercoat Sans is very self-conscious without his coat, not sure how blind!Sans managed to talk him out of it xDD

blind!Sans belongs to @eggie210 and the idiot blushing belongs to me.