sailing along

  • Dazai: If you stand for nothing Chuuya what do you fall for!?
  • Chuuya: Not your bullshit, for starters.
You know it’s never fifty-fifty in a marriage. It’s always seventy-thirty, or sixty-forty. Someone falls in love first. Someone puts someone else up on a pedestal. Someone works very hard to keep things rolling smoothly; someone else sails along for the ride.
—  Jodi Picoult, Mercy
He’s saltier than the Atlantic Ocean.
—  Dazai Osamu about Chuuya Nakahara

“You haven’t changed, Mimi-kun.”


“I thought…I thought we had a connection.
Maybe we did but we never had a chance.
I trusted Josh. I know he trusted me too.
I don’t understand why he didn’t tell me.
He’d usually come to me for comfort.
If I only knew earlier…

I could’ve saved him.”

{I was hoping there was more to Sam’s dialogue regarding Josh during the police interview but there was only a few so I tried to make one two months ago}





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Sam and MM. DONE. They are a couple!!!

But wait:

“Looks like a hug between friends.”
“A uncle/niece hug.”
“She doesn’t give him a boner, so I am still sailing along.”

These are seriously comments I’ve seen from the ES. It will NEVER be enough for them. 🙄

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I don't understand that OF fan. I started watching the Flash with no knowledge of the comics, but I expected them to follow the source material, assuming it's why said comic was successful in the first place.

Some of them just want to feel persecuted because WA is sailing along happily, and Barry is talking about how he loves Iris is in the damn intro (which I don’t Felicity has gotten in 5 season). They want us to be as miserable as they are. Even if we lose this poll, and we probably will ~shrug~ we are still winning. 

He belonged to the sea. The crashing waves owned him more than the house that he came from. The creaking of wood and the wind in his hair and in his ears was his, it was all his. Like how the sea meets the sky, he passed her by softly, ripples in the water, gradient colour change. He was wild and rough on the edges, a shield of a man, but she created a storm that left him gasping for breath. He was a sailor, he was always running but was halted now, stunned as the hardness fell away to reveal so much softness underneath. He was a sailor and she was the North Star, maybe he was sailing towards her all along.
—  ~Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #62


I see you there, kiddo. You’re about to give up, aren’t you? I’ve seen it before. I’ve BEEN there before. But listen to me when I say this… you just can’t give up. Not yet. Did I ever think about giving up when I was livin’ on my own, in a car, on the run from cops and thugs every day? Did I ever think about giving up when I couldn’t find the other two journals to operate my brother’s nerdy machine and bring him back after 30 years? You bet I did! 

But did I give up? No, sir! I kept on going! Whatever it is… whatever is troublin’ you and giving you hell right now, you can make it through! Don’t give up, and don’t give in! You’re stronger than that, even if ya don’t know it yet.

Keep on fightin’ and one day, you’ll push through your problems and you’ll keep sailin’ along without a care in the world!



G/t idea.

Imagine someone who lives on a boat, fishing with a net they trail behind their vessel as they sail along the oceans.

One day they notice their net thrashing wildly, a dolphin or something must be caught in it!
They rush to free the creature, cutting the nets ropes- only it’s no dolphin….

A leviathan-sized Mergiant had their tail fin stuck in the net and now is towering above the little boat, sea water dripping off their many fins and scales as they stare curiously down at the absolutely terrified person.

Obviously the person fears this huge sea creature is going to send them down to davey jones locker, but instead they peacefully swim alongside the boat and keep a watchful eye on them- in fact even thought they’re completely free of the net they don’t seem to want to leave!

Turns out this huge Mergiant is actually only young and has in fact imprinted on the human, so now wherever the humans boat goes the Mergiant is sure to follow- of course they soon grow up into an even bigger and stronger creature but still, they wouldn’t leave their human ‘parent’s’ side no matter what!

The human soon grows fond of their large fishy companion and is always making sure to keep them safely away from nets and other boats, sharing their catch and sometimes diving into the water to swim alongside the gigantic creature!

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Which other member of the crew does each crew member gets along with the most? And the least?

Fortunately, no one absolutely hates anyone else, which would be awkward and tricky in the limited space of their ship…

Nyota gets along best with Lumen and, prior to this mission, Oldarva. She doesn’t really not get along with anyone (she’s had a lot of practice being diplomatic), but Sonny and Hadley sometimes exasperate her (do not make a “documentary” of the captain while she’s eating breakfast). She tends to argue with SAIL a lot.

Namina likes Sonny best because she’s green and glowy! He calms down around her. Arjun has a tendency to come off as lecturing when Namina breaks things (accidentally or otherwise) so he and the mechanic do not get along. He’s also not fond of SAIL.

Lumen gets along with pretty much everyone. He and Sonny simultaneously get along best and worst. They always look out for each other, but she always makes him worry. They get in a lot of arguments (and then either forget what they were arguing about or move on because it’s not worth really fighting over).

Sonny gets along fine with almost everybody, though she sometimes drives Lumen nuts with her insistence on being fine when she’s, say, missing an arm. Hadley is her best friend and partner in crime.

Arjun actually likes Sonny’s company most. The green Novakid is so curious. He loves being able to explain things and have someone willing to listen (at least until her attention span drops). Better yet, she remembers what he tells her! Namina drives him up the wall, though. The Floran is not careful.

Oldarva loves Namina’s company. She was scared of him at first, but the toothy plant is really cuddly and Eldie’s a bit attention- and affection-starved. She’s currently (understandably) afraid of Nyota…

Hadley has irked nearly everyone at some point or another, but she’s quick to make amends if she pushes too far. Sonny is her favorite crewmate. She simultaneously respects and resents Nyota’s authority; sparring matches are the usual way the two of them work out tension between them.

“When the Snark sailed along the windward coast of Molokai, on her way to Honolulu, I looked at the chart, then …”
Okay, Jack sailed on his “Snark”.
My “Snark” tomorrow will be a Cessna of Mokulele Airlines.
And while Jack London sailed towards Honolulu, my Snark will bring me to Kahului on Maui.
Think I won’t see Kalaupapa as London did, but hopefully Halawa Valley.
Wait and see :-)

PS #14 - First Kick

Calum: He laid between your legs, letting his hands roam around your bump. “When is she supposed to start kicking?” he asked, looking up at you. “Any day now,” you smiled softly. “Maybe if you sing to her?” you mentioned, biting your lip softly. Calum chuckled and pursed his lips. “Okay… uhm… carry on… let the good times roll, sail along… let your path unfold…” he sang and you could feel something starting up inside of you. There was a pressure against the surface of your stomach. “Cal,” you said quickly, grabbing his hand and putting it over the area of the movement. He quieted down and looked up at you with wide eyes. You laughed softly and bit your lip softly, keeping your hand over his. “There she is… our little girl.”

Ashton: You moved your hand around your bump, lounging back on the couch and waiting for Ashton to get home from work. As you mindlessly slid your hands around your belly, you felt a sudden jolt of pressure against your hand. You gasped slightly, not really expecting it at all. Your eyes widened when it clicked what it was. It was one of the babies. You laughed out softly and pressed over the spot, hoping to feel it again. Sure enough, you felt the kick and laughed out softly, biting your bottom lip. The front door opened and Ashton came in, furrowing his eyebrows at your gleeful expression. “Ashton, quick, c’mere,” says quickly, waving your hand over. He furrowed his eyebrows and walked over, looking at you as he sat down. You grabbed his hand and placed it over your bump. He could feel the kicking against his palm and his eyes widened at you. “Is that..?” he drifted off, and you nodded your head. “I don’t know which one but there’s one of the babies…”

Luke: As you loaded up the dishwasher, Luke wrapped up food from dinner, putting it into the fridge. It happened suddenly, the sudden movement and pressure against your stomach making you gasp out and press a hand over the spot. Luke looked up quickly at you, setting the plates down. “What’s wrong does something hurt?” he asked quickly and you bit your lip, shaking your head. “No, no I think they’re kicking,” you said softly, looking up at him. His eyes widened in excitement instead of worry this time, coming around the counter. “Where?” he asked softly, looking down at your bump. “Give me your hand…” you said softly, and he held his hand out for you. You took it and placed it over the general spot of the movement. Waiting for a couple seconds, it happened again and his eyes widened. “Oh my gosh…” he breathed out softly. “This just became so much more real…”

Michael: “C’mon baby, just one kick for daddy?” he said softly as you sat on the couch with your shirt pulled up under your chest. You smiled softly at him and stayed focused on trying to feel for any movement. “Wait lemme try something…” says softly, finding a random spot and pressing down gently, almost like you were showing the baby where you were on the outside. Sure enough, you felt the thudding against your stomach and bit your lip. Michael could feel it to when he slid his hand next to yours. You pulled away so he could feel it more. He chuckled softly and leaned down to press his lips to your skin, closing his eyes for a moment. “Hi baby girl… so nice to feel you finally… We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to this world… we can’t wait until you get here honey…”