sailboat decor

A/N: An extra late gift (part two) for Charlotte.

It is set near Christmastime, so if you’d just maybe imagine lots of pretty lights and snowy weather in a San Francisco-like setting, that’d be just about right. Happy 2015 in advance :)


Just a little taste.

Emma Swan was well-known, famous, and even scorned for her often incredibly negative reviews on the top restaurants in town. Her short, snappy and delicately worded articles appeared every Sunday morning in The Sunday Chronicle, the city’s most read weekend paper.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like the food, or that she was internally pessimistic 120 per cent of the time. No, it wasn’t that at all. It was more like she didn’t quite find most of the food to have a balance of both creativity and familiarity.

(She didn’t really want to eat another escargot dish in spicy herb butter with parsley, only to find that its exotic taste was all there really was to comment about.)

It was a weekend near Christmas when her editor unbecomingly booked her into two restaurants, effectively making her work double her usual hours at a time so close to the holidays. She was going to object, until she realised that one of the restaurants was a new one, a new place that was apparently getting rave reviews from even the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Anthony Bourdain (not that she found their opinions valid enough to affect her initial impressions of this restaurant).

This new fine dining place was known as The Jolly Roger (what an abomination of a name, she thought – it sounded more like a kid’s play house) and it was opened by a completely unknown, self-taught, supposedly brilliant upcoming chef named Killian Jones.

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