sail souls

Do you ever think about what Steinberg and Levine achieved with this character and need to lie down for a while? They took an already iconic character and elevated him to something else entirely. He’s all of these things from Treasure Island throughout the story of Black Sails, to varying degrees, but he’s also so much more complicated than that, and the places where those variations and complexities meet are what make his arc and development so fascinating to watch. Every step of his journey is believable and, even though the man in episode one is almost unrecognisable in comparison to the man at the end, he already had several of Long John Silver’s most fundamental traits right at the beginning. He was almost more Long John Silver before he actually was Long John Silver. The complexity of Flint’s character in this show is clearly astonishing, but they were able to build him from almost the ground up. Their Flint only had to tie in with ghost stories. The way they created their John Silver, who is so recognisable and yet so different at the same time, will forever be amazing to me.

  • my brain, constantly, on a loop: James did not know what to do with his hands when Thomas kissed him. they cut to a wide shot for the sole purpose of highlighting how James slowly brought his hands to Thomas's shoulders after they'd already been kissing for a non-negligible period of time. that really happened in the actual show and it was the softest goddamn thing i've ever seen with my own two eyes.
Your eyes reminded me of the endless ocean. Overwhelming, deep, and swimming with life. They became my favorite color and I would gladly paint every single wall in my house to match them. So vast and yet so happily open. Even though you were unbearably nice, I still stayed with you and let myself plunge into the rich, glassy waters in those eyes. Your soul is the riptide. I was pulled under. I could not breathe. I drowned.
—  C.I. -I sail on your soul