saikyo ginga ultimate zero

Theories: Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero

Sorry about the bad english, i’m brazilian…

Here’s some theories about Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero:

1) Miroku: One of my favorite characters, i believe that Miroku become jealousy because Rei and Kiriga have ultimates while Miroku doesn’t have one. This lead Miroku to insanity, believing that the Ultimates destroyed your life and summoned the 12 Reverse Zodiac Braves to avenge Rei and Kiriga, erasing their memories, and nearly killing Rei in the process, luckily, two ultimates saved Rei and take him away from a unknown location, where meet Mugen.

2) 12 Reverse Zodiac Braves: Since 2 Reverse Zodiac users were revealed. I believe that’s impossible (or not) to show the 11 remaining users (including Ophiucus) in less of 20 episodes, unless that Triumvirate become the Reverse Zodiac users or Laila, Rikuto and Salt ended to be brainwashed by Miroku.

3) Ultimate Battle Spirits: I believe that is something that control the Ultimate Battle Spirits or the god of the Ultimates.

What think about this?