Yeah, I can’t believe somebody’s FAVORITE character IN THE WHOLE SHOW was saikhan either, but I said name your favorite character and I’ll draw it and here we are.

I put this one off for a looong time, but it ended up being pretty fun to draw him looking very serious at a desk. 

I hope you enjoy it, saikhantheloyal.

How I ship Lin Beifong...

Lin: Help. I slept with my ex boyfriend. And his wife. And his brother…and his sister. His student, his student’s girlfriend, his student’s best friend, the great uniter, my second in command, possibly more, I’m open to suggestions.

I finally sent out the contest drawings.

I’ll post them here individually, but not today. In the meantime, here is a badly tiled collection of all the drawings I did. I make no claims of correct model, or color palette, or martial arts accuracy. 

(I haven’t sent drawings out to the second-group-winners yet. I’ll do that tomorrow, most likely.)