EEEEE!!  ♥♥♥

I received a gorgeous package from saijanide today!! When I say amazing, I mean like every detail of this package was awesome. XD The extras, the box itself, the stickers, and the doll…oh my gosh.

Thank you so much! She’s absolutely amazing, and the amount of detail work is blowin’ my mind. ^_^

She is totally going up on my MH custom shelf, and I think I need to spiff up a special stand with some pearls and matching flowers. ♥


My camera has been on the fritz for a while, and using my forest diorama (finally) also took a bit longer, which is why I am a liiiiiittle late with these photos. However, meet…

Wisteria the Dryad! She is a customized Cedar Wood doll with quite the makeover. Available on and etsy shop here


Last for today, we have Chloe! Just like Tabitha, I have been saving this burgundy beauty of a dress from lovelywoodsboutique​ for a very special lady!

Chloe and the rest of the cat crew are now on etsy here and my shop here if you want a tiny discount!


Well, these two are long overdue here on tumblr! This is Witch Doctor and Voodoo Vixen :) I had an incredible amount of fun with these two, even if their inspiration totally hijacked all other doll plans when I worked on them! Witch Doctor already is on her way to her new home and friends, but Voodoo Vixen is still up for adoption.

Other than the dolls I’ve worked on or finished up this week, we are all up to date with photos!


There are still a few other new girls whose photos I am still working one, but I am excited to finally share the two commissioned ladies I have been working on the past few weeks! I shared a few of Cheshire’s details a while ago, but here she is in all her glory :)


Meet Buttermilk and Sweet Pea, the two peacock divas! Buttermilk had some new updates, and I finally got around to finishing Sweet Pea last week… I swear these two have in progress for like 2 years haha! Also, making headdresses seems to be my thing this year, including these two I have another 2-3 in the works already!

I don’t normally use any sort of filters with my photos, but since I will post individual pictures of these gals later, I decided to just have a little fun when shooting the two of them together :)


This one is for spacepegasus who had sent me an ask on the subject……         and  I happened to be doing a doll with piercings so… Part two of my tutorial on doing doll piercings, but with pictures! I had a lengthy written post on it, but thought some visuals might be helpful. I recommend opening the pictures to better see some of the details if you are interested :)

Piercings take a bit of practice at first if you aren’t familiar with the tools, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty fun and simple. To me this is the most foolproof way of doing piercings without any risk of damage to your repaint!


Just some details from my current commission :) I held her in the photos just to angle the wet paint aware from the glare, but I guess it also is a good measure for scale…. Soooo tiny.

(And can you tell I freaking love my new paints and wearable magnifying glass? LOVE THEM!)


I got so excited with Patient Zero, and other ongoing projects, that I completely forgot to share some of the other pictures I took! Belladonna I shared some progress pictures of, but Wild “One-Eyed” Rose is only up on my flickr so far. These girls are my first custom EAH dolls :) So much fun to paint, it was interesting with them having such different faces from monster high dolls…


This here is Abigail, who is pretty sweet looking…. but she still has a fun bridge piercing and little stars on her cheeks! I also found her a pair of matching shoes to go with her adorable blouse and skirt made by

Abigail is up for adoption on my etsy and, ready to ship to her new home!


So I am super excited to share these photos, as it has been a commissioned project in the making for quite some time now….. meet Jillian Kramer! She was created in collaboration with artist chunk07, who came up with her original design. It was so much fun bringing her to life :)

To see more of Chunk’s work check out his deviantart : and of course follow him here on tumblr too under chunk07!


Just a little of what I’ve worked on the past few days! I got exchange student Draculaura last week, and ended up finishing her today… Including her customized accessories and hand sewn kimono. Thank you requiemart for the pattern and tip for preventing fraying! I tried unsuccessfully over a year ago, so it was great to get it right this time around haha.

Geisha girl Risa just needs her hair styled and a little more gloss now… To join her Oni friend! I also got the base layer done for my second Sirena, who I’m trying something new with.

There’s still 4-5 dolls that I’m working on slowly at the same time, we will see if any of those get done this week too!


Apologies for being so super behind on photos again, I have been meaning to send a big group of ladies to the States but commissions and moving prep have taken up all my life the past two weeks. But better late than never!

This here is my geisha girl Risa, who you might remember from a few weeks ago… she looks even better all put together! Thanks again to the lovely requiemart for the great kimono pattern, I can’t wait to sew some more of them in the future <3

Risa will be shipping shortly to the States, and will be up for adoption sometime around mid-April. Contact me if you want her put on reserve for you until then!


Today was my first time using my wearable magnifier and high flow acrylics, so I included some extra pictures to try and show the difference it made with details. It got to be pretty dark by the time I was done, but I think you can still see :)

Anyways, this is Scheherazade from start to almost finish; she was one of last weeks rerooting projects. If anyone is curious, she used to be a Cerise Hood. Tomorrow will be a sewing day, and hopefully Thursday I can get pics of her with sister Dunyazade (thanks katescreations for the initial idea!)