Happy 27th Birthday Kelley Maureen O’Hara!
August 4th, 1988

Pour yourself some chocolate milk, we’ll be here a minute. Here’s to KO’s dedication, her beep test record (52 shuttles), her unwavering determination to come back from reconstructive ankle surgery, her infectious goofiness off the field, equally matched by her seriousness and professionalism on the pitch. She’s down to earth and humble; a world class futbolista with unmatched versatility. Whether she’s in the starting XI or subbed in, KO will, without a doubt, bring every ounce of energy and passion she has to the game. It’s tough to pick a favorite USWNT player, but KO makes it easy.

Love what you do and practice as much as possible and surround yourself with whatever you love.” - Kelley O’Hara


Yes, last weekend was all about checking in at places where the hip young things hang out these days. Double desserts at Đen Đá: Hong Kong milk tea (that slightly roasted bitterness - so delish) and Matcha Madness (matcha ice-cream with shaved ice, matcha sauce, coffee and herbal jelly, milk and matcha panna cotta cubes). The coffee jelly cubes were so good. The place definitely lives up to the hype, just don’t go during rush hours.


You know how sometimes you discover magical little places you almost don’t want to share with anyone? Les Saigonais might just be my new best kept secret in the city. Half fashion boutique, half tiny café on the second floor of an old apartment building, Les Saigonais is an intimate, beautiful space where you could lose yourself for hours in quiet conversations or the pages of a book. The super chic fashion designer owner has an incredible eye for details.

I spent the afternoon watching the rain and the world go by from the tiny balcony, first trying the hibiscus mocktail then a beautiful set of rose black tea. Sometimes I say I crave Saigon’s fast and reckless pace, but sometimes I miss how the summer rain just puts the city on pause.