A Visit Overdue | May 4th, 2106

It was getting dark. At the rather grim, albeit somewhat amusing realization, a slight sigh escaped his lips. He had been forewarned against challenging the back roads late, but a handful of nuances at work had kept his hands effectively tied and off the wheel for the day’s better portion. After that delay had been coupled with several wrong turns and an essentially non-existent GPS connection, well, here they were. Well, good job. Admittedly, despite Saiga’s advising, he may have underestimated exactly how rural the area was. In that regard, he supposed it served him right. His old professor didn’t tend to be wrong about many things. 

Shinya exhaled, slender digits drumming lightly over the steering wheel as he rounded another curve. A bleeding sunset crested the distant glimpse of horizon, primarily obscured by the generous forest-scape, splashing the sky beneath a soft glow of assorted colors. A forest this dense and overgrown was another thing you didn’t see every day. It may not have been a subject he tended to consider all that often, but it was a sight refreshing to the eye. If you wanted an escape from every-day society, away from all the scrutiny, intricacies, and fabrications, this looked like the way to go. Although he had failed to picture it like this, Shinya wasn’t the least bit surprised that Saiga had opted to move out here.

He regretted that it was a visit was overdue at this point; it had been on his mind ever since he’d first received word that the other had relocated. But, until today, he’d failed to set aside time for it. Well, better late than never, he supposed. Although thanks to his own insufficient planning and some unreliable technology, he’d managed to botch this attempt as well. Shinya sighed, casting a less than pleased look at the built-in GPS function. He should’ve just printed out a map and been done with it. Paper didn’t tend to glitch, lose connection, or spout repetitive and decidedly unhelpful things. 

Oh, thank god. The next bend revealed his destination, which was quite possibly the only house he’d seen for miles. He eased his vehicle into one of the marked spaces before the residence, and then turned off the ignition. About damn time, geez. In general, he didn’t mind driving, but this had added up to a little more time on the road than he usually cared to spend. But, he’d made it one piece, and with a smidgen of daylight left to spare, so he supposed there was only so much to complain about. Shinya opened the door and stepped out of his car, pausing to stretch every muscle he could locate for a moment. Then, he approached the residence and came to a stop at the front-stoop, ringing the doorbell with a tap from his index finger. 

“Professor? Can’t say I have much of an excuse for the hour, but I made it here.”


     “…Saiga-sensei. I can tell you’re going to make fun of me–I don’t have anyone close to a lover, so please drop it.”

     Akane set the bag on the coffee table and took out a box of chocolates. It was a sleek brown box with a bright teal ribbon adorning it–it looked awfully fussy to wrap. “Obligation chocolate–for you,” she held it out sweetly, smiling. She’d been running around all day, distributing her chocolates to everyone–it took a toll on her energy. Her makeup was slipping a little bit, the dark circles becoming much more pronounced than they were.

     She let herself take a seat on the nearby couch, sinking into the comfortable cushions. “Have you gotten chocolates like this in the past before, Sensei?”