saiga 308


Saiga .308

Someone spent a lot of money turning a Saiga into a tactical main battle rifle. According to the owner/seller, they invested over $4,000 into the build, not including labor costs for the conversion. Everyone has their own dream build but with that amount of money, there are other platforms that might have been a better choice. Reality wise, who is going to buy a second hand Saiga in .308 for $4,000? (GRH)


Saiga 308

Subtle but customized Saiga chambered in .308 Winchester. There are adapters that allow for the installation of AK handguards. The Texas Weapon System railed dust cover is also a nice ergonomic touch. In spite all the other mods; shortened and re-crowned barrel, polished bolt carrier and gas plug, I don’t see anyone dropping $1,200 for this set up. It seems like the owner wanted it to be a hunting rifle but his price negates your average AK owner and average hunter demographics. (GRH)



Normally you see this bullpup chassis with the Saiga 12 installed but it will fit the Saiga 410, 5.45x39, .223, .308 and 7.62x39 models as well. It looks like you’d probably have some sort of interference with longer mags in 7.62x39, especially since you have to rock-and-lock.