I swear cellophane noodles are just edible mushi. Flavorless and translucent, just as you’d expect. On a side note, I think I’m going to re watch all of Mushishi before watching the second season. I also want to read the manga but I want to read it on physical copies and I can’t find it anywhere for not too expensiveee.

Cooking again

I tried frying Saifun aka bean threads. 
those super clear thin noodles. It was terrible.
I promptly boiled another batch and it was amazing
Now excuse me I have to go eat crunchy noodles because I refuse to waste my food

Production technology of 90 nanometers of world of core in Saifun purchases

July 2 America eastern time 4:00 (core world and Saifun semiconductor of China announce today, two companies have already reached an agreement, Saifun will obtain 90 nanometers to produce technological intellectual property right and technology from hitting the core world. It is the first step hitting the core world and Saifun took in development and cooperation that this intellectual property right is purchased, two company continue cooperation technically in the future generation future.

Produce technological first batch of China’s core ID (NAND) on the basis of 90 nanometers The products sample of the flashing memory has already begun to deliver, it is estimated that will enter the market later this year. The memory capacity of this batch of products is 2GB, has adopted SaifunNROM technology, the density maximum in adopting the flashing memory of the same technical data. The memory capacity of the product of future generation is 8GB, will adopt SaifunQuadNROM technology, it is estimated that will enter the market at the beginning of 2008.

(Source: Sina)