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Heeeeey <33 Do you have any fave meta/theory blogs you could recommend to me? Captain Swan and/or general OUAT character ones would be great! How are you? I really want to know your thoughts on how they're going to introduce Eric in present time. Do you think he'll be with Ariel? I'd love for them to be separated but fighting to get to each other - I don't know if we've seen that with a couple yet? (That I can remember anyway!) Happy Halloween! xx

Hi! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. I mean, I agree with a lot of what Tricia and my wifey Hilary say, but I’ve recently discovered Tiffany’s blog and I could kiss her feet.

Otherwise, check the ouat-directory!

I can’t remember when you sent this to me–aka if it was before or after all the spoilers of the cast in Steveston came out–but I’m pretty sure Eric is in Storybrooke. He was wearing an adorable little fisherman sweater and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any sheep shearers in Neverland to make him his cozy.

I am already in love with Eric and Ariel and I haven’t even see their episode yet!