Emma: because parcour

Jules: me, a single parent trying desperetaly to raise 27 fictional characters and 4 dead revolutionaries

Cristina: sometimes I feel like telling people they contribute about as much to society as a bag of shit. But I don’t because I’m a good person

Mark: how does one technology? Seriously help. I’m a 70 year old lady stuck in the body of a teenager

Kieran: I feel like blue is just the best haircolor… it’s just so blue you know…

Livvy: I could be sociable if I would get a damn opportunity for once

Ty: if you keep pineapple in your mouth without eating it, it will start eating you

Kit: but is it in any way related to food???

Dru: people just don’t appreciate me enough… (or ‘my enemies all seem to die for some odd reason’)

Tavvy: Lirp sounds fun. It’s a word now. Okay?

Zara: most people think I’m annoying. Tbh most people are probably right


Anon ask: Remember when Emma and Regina left Storybrooke to find the author, what if while out they also find Emma’s first child when he/she attempts to steal from them but gets caught.

Warning: swearing

(A/N): Okay so I tried to keep it neutral , if you see any mistake with the pronunciation, don’t hesitate to tell me. You can also kill me if you want to Anon because I SHOULD HAVE FINISH THIS A LONG TIME AGO SO SORRY LOVE

I also don’t know how old is Emma , she’s like what? 30 something now? let’s stick with 30 something okay? okay.

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Emma wasn’t having the best time of her life. First was Lily and now her car needed a new tire

“you okay?” Regina said while she close the door

“this has happened before” Emma said “the wolf on the road and the accident- the first time I tried to leave Storybrooke”

“Stop overthinking” Regina said giving a look to Emma’s car “it’s not fate, it’s just a flat, we need a new tire” Emma wasn’t actually listening too much what Regina said.

“unless fate wants us to go to the coffee mug diner for help, I’d chalk it up to ‘accidents will happen’… I’ll get a new tire, you get some coffee”

And with that the started walking away from the car, little did they know that it wasn’t just an accident. A young thief was planning to steal the car. I know what you are thinking, How can a little kid steal a car? even more specific, a car with a flat tire? Well, this kid is not just an ordinary kid, this young thief has magic on their side and a pretty rough history, but most importantly, magic. With a little flick of their wrist, the flat tire got replace with a new one. A little smirk was now plastered on their face.

“easy peacy” they exclaim. Now all they needed to do was start the engine. with another flick of their wrist, the car started growling. “hell yeah, let go for a ride sunshine” They started driving around to test the car, it was a pretty cool car, it was yellow a color that Y/N loved. Y/N stopped near the coffee with the intention of searching through the yellow beetle, to see if there was something of value.

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saidemma-deactivated20131127  asked:

Heeeeey <33 Do you have any fave meta/theory blogs you could recommend to me? Captain Swan and/or general OUAT character ones would be great! How are you? I really want to know your thoughts on how they're going to introduce Eric in present time. Do you think he'll be with Ariel? I'd love for them to be separated but fighting to get to each other - I don't know if we've seen that with a couple yet? (That I can remember anyway!) Happy Halloween! xx

Hi! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. I mean, I agree with a lot of what Tricia and my wifey Hilary say, but I’ve recently discovered Tiffany’s blog and I could kiss her feet.

Otherwise, check the ouat-directory!

I can’t remember when you sent this to me–aka if it was before or after all the spoilers of the cast in Steveston came out–but I’m pretty sure Eric is in Storybrooke. He was wearing an adorable little fisherman sweater and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any sheep shearers in Neverland to make him his cozy.

I am already in love with Eric and Ariel and I haven’t even see their episode yet!