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Do you ever think about the fact that Zak is probably the first person in Doyle’s life that’s ever looked up to him? That thought he was more than just a delinquent or rugged mercenary? When Drew realizes he’s her brother Zak’s immediate reaction is “Cool, I have a really awesome uncle that can teach me how to do dangerous stuff!” 

When they have their underwater dispute in “Van Rook’s Apprentice” Zak doesn’t try to insinuate that Doyle is a bad person for working with Van Rook and Argost. Instead, he tries to convince him to stop working for the bad guys by telling him Argost’s true intentions. At first it seems Doyle doesn’t really care (”I don’t ask questions from the guy with the money”) and I still laugh when Zak’s like “Wait, I think I was getting through to him!” but like…he kinda did considering Doyle went into Van Rook’s files and decided he wasn’t going to help Argost anymore. 

Maybe it’s because he’s an innocent kid (before season two ouch) or maybe he’s just got a heart of gold but Zak immediately, without a single hesitation, believed Doyle was a good person and embraced him as part of the family. The fact that Doyle saved him during their last encounter is enough for him. Zak’s the one that sticks up for him against his parents and tells him he doesn’t have to be alone anymore.

This eleven-year-old is the one that says (and I quote) “We’ve all made mistakes but we have to forgive each other. That’s part of being a family.“

Do you ever think about the fact that the Saturdays value family arguably more than anything and family is something Doyle has wanted his entire life?

Moffat, Gatiss and ACD.

There more I think about, the more what Steven, Mark, Ben, Martin, Amanda, Loo say - what any of them say - don’t matter. Just like what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said didn’t matter. 

Sherlock Holmes was a never ending nightmare for ACD. One he desperately wanted to get rid of. From his overall attitude towards the character, it comes off as if he genuinely hated everything to do with Holmes.

And yet he wrote through the eyes of someone who absolutely, unwaveringly and without any reservation adores Sherlock Holmes. John Watson’s love for Sherlock Holmes shines through every line of the stories and it is so obvious. Whether you choose to see it as romantic love or platonic love is up to you but it is undeniable that Watson loves his Holmes very deeply - in a way most of us will never be fortunate to experience. ACD could have easily made Watson less enamored of Holmes in his later work. He could have easily made Holmes seem unlikable even to Watson and yet no matter how much ACD might have disliked Holmes, he wrote a character who will adore Holmes forever. This is why I think the actual content - what it written and what is shown - matters a whole lot more than whatever the creators of the content say.

Steven and Mark say that they never intended for Sherlock and John to be in a relationship. But anyone with eyes can see the very obvious hints and subtext peppered through out the show. We see two characters desperately in love with each other and that is how I will always see the Sherlock and John from Sherlock

ACD thoroughly disliked Holmes and yet gave us a character who adores every fiber of Holmes.

Moffat and Gatiss kept denying the presence of a love story and yet they gave us two characters who are unconditionally in love with each other.

Bottom line is, what is written and what is shown, is far more important than what the creators think or say. 

A small encouraging note to everyone still clinging on.

Why is TFP called TFP? Out of thirteen episodes spanning seven years, this is the only episode whose title is the exact same as the title of a Sherlock Holmes story. And it’s not just any story. 

While neither TRF or TFP sticks too close to the original TFP, it is safe to say that TRF is the BBC Sherlock equivalent of Conan Doyle’s TFP. It comes at much the same time chronologically, involves much the same characters, the major plotline is the same and the following episode/story is also the same. In fact, the only place where I can find any similarities between TFP and Conan Doyle TFP is in the appearance of a last minute super villain who was never mentioned before, but is somehow still the world’s biggest baddie because the author/authors needed to justify everything blowing up.

The point is that there is no reason storywise for why TFP should be called TFP. The only reason I can think of lies beyond the actual story and has to do with the overall project that Moftiss have with this show.

When TFP came out in December 1893, there was an absolute outrage. I mean, more than twenty thousand people cancelled their subscription to The Strand magazine after TFP. Numerous people wrote to Conan Doyle and some even called him a brute. Londoners wore mourning clothes. That’s how upset people were with TFP and especially with the way it ended.

Sound familiar? Right now, people are reacting in much the same way as people did in 1893/1894: cancelling subscriptions, calling the creators brutes (or in this case misogynistic, pompous arseholes) after having just praised their work as some of the best ever made like a week before TFP came out and making hour long videos of why it all sucks on YouTube (maybe not that last one, but I assure you it would’ve happened if YouTube had been around in 1893).

This is all intentional. Mark has flat out stated that he and Steven aren’t making a show that is straight forward, but rather one that you have to analyse in order to understand. Amanda said that s4 was going to be television history. What was she referring to? Nothing really groundbreaking happened in s4, quite the opposite actually. TFP’s ending seemed pretty final and the only thing they’ve said about s5 is that “it might happen”, but that TFP was designed in order to work as an ending for the show. This was essentially the exact same thing that Conan Doyle said after TFP.

What Steven and Mark are doing is recreating TFP. Not just in the show, but in the real world as well. Right now, the Sherlock fandom is almost identical to the Sherlock Holmes fandom in 1893. Everyone is sad and disappointed, a lot of people are angry and a small minority don‘t believe that this is the end and continue theorizing in order to make sense of what’s going on. Doing this, recreating something like this in the real world, that is something that no television show I know of has ever attempted. That would truly be television history.

If this is correct, it also has some immense consequences in relation to Johnlock. If s5 is made in secret and published as this big reveal (The Empty House-style), that would be astonishing in itself. But if Johnlock is then made canon, that would be even more incredible. It would really hammer home

  1. that the love between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson has always been what it was all about
  2. that Sherlock dying (Conan Doyle TFP) and the series ending without John and Sherlock getting together (BBC TFP) are equally tragic endings

That would truly be “love conquers all” - death, false endings, hate, resistance, decades of misrepresentation.

So hang in there, everyone. Remember that after The Final Problem comes The Empty House.

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You know what ? I would 100% watch a tv show starring this two badass women and their adventure. Solving crime, fighting misogyny and homophobia during Victorian time.
(Note that in this very episode Mr. Simeon said that Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes based on their adventure, the episode was written by Steven Moffat himself)

Thanks Doyle



Prompt: the reader is Alex’s niece. She and the team try to get you and Spencer together.



You were walking out from the office where you worked when your phone rang.
When you saw the screen of it, you could read your aunt’s name.

“Hi aunt Alex!” you said excited.

You loved your aunt and every time you talked on the phone or met her, happiness came from nowhere.

“(y/n), sweetie. How are you?”

“Tired. You know, just finished to work. But after all I am fine. What about you? Just got back from a case?”

“Yes, you guessed.”

“Was it hard?”

You knew she loved her job, but once she told you that sometimes it was too hard to think to go back and teach again in Georgetown. You could only imagine how horrible it could be to see dead bodies and other stuff.

“It is always hard, but fortunately this time ended well.”

“I am so happy about this, aunt.”

During this little talking, you already got in the car.

“Listen (y/n), would you like to have a drink? The team and I were thinking about to go in that little new bar in city, and I was wondering if you’d like to join us.”

You thought about it for a moment. You were not sure to be in the mood for a bar night, but you could hear a hint of hope in her voice.

“Mmh… ok, but just because you asked. I will be there in 30 minutes. I wanna take a shower before, ok?”

“Great! See you later sweetie.”

Even if she called and asked you out, it was not a her idea. It was Derek’s one.
After Alex told the team about you, everyone could see that Spencer was interested in you. She said you loved to read, to write, to do crosswords puzzles, to play chess and other things that hit Reid. He showed to be fascinated by you, even if the two of you had never met. He just saw a photo of you when Alex showed it and when he did, he definitely fell for you. But he couldn’t find the courage to ask Alex to give you his number, it would be strange for him.
So Derek and the rest of the team just thought about this surprise meeting.

Everyone met at the bar and Spencer arrived for last. That night he was not in the mood too, but his friends begged him to come over.

“Hey Pretty Boy, you are finally here.” Derek said as soon as he saw him walking toward their table.

Then they ordered drinks. For Spencer was just a night out with his friends, but everyone knew that something would changed soon.
And that soon was 10 minutes.
When he heard a female voice just a few centimetres away from him, he looked up.

“Hi again aunt. Is that your team?” You asked, standing in front of everyone.

Alex stood up and hugged you, happy of you being here.

“(y/n), they are Jennifer, Derek, Aaron, David, Penelope and well, he is Spencer.”

You looked at the last man. He was good-looking and captivated by your eyes.

“Hi everyone, it is nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too! Take a seat next to Boy Wonder.” The skinny, blonde-haired woman told you with a cheeky smile.

“Boy Wonder?” you asked in confusion.

“It’s- it’s me.” Spencer’s voice left his mouth as a whisper.

So you took a seat, starting to chat and answer every question the team asked.
Everyone was talking except Reid. He didn’t know what to say without sounding awkward, but David seemed to understand him, so he tried to start a chat between the two of you.

“So (y/n), Alex told us you like to read.” the Italian man said.

“It is true. You can’t even imagine how much aunt spends to buy me books for my birthday or Christmas. ”

“Who is your favourite author?”

You heard the young doctor’s voice ask, happy to hear him for the second time that night.

“Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.” you said firmly.

His eyes lighted up.

“No way! He is my favourite too. Favourite book?”

“Of course ‘The narrative of John Smith’. Who doesn’t like that book by Doyle?”

“A lot of people don’t even know about the existence of this book. Do you remember when he wrote…”

He now started to talk like you two had always known each other and you were glad that after 2 hours of speaking, he asked you out for a coffee date.

You were getting in the car to go home for the second time that time, when he said something that made you laugh and blush at the same time.

“I should thank Conan Doyle for allowed me to talk to you and ask you out.”

Father John Misty Talks Seeing Taylor Swift on Acid, Why Love Is 'Radical' in Rolling Stone, 18 April 2016.
  • Patrick Doyle: You've said before that LSD can be a tool.
  • Father John Misty: Certain ideas that you'd be quick to dismiss can be viewed with the significance that they deserve. The last time I took a hero's dose of LSD was at a Taylor Swift concert in Australia. She was playing in Melbourne, and I met a bunch of people from her crew at a bar, and they invited me to the show. I got my tour manager to get me some acid: "This is written in the stars. I'm supposed to go take acid at this Taylor Swift concert."
  • Patrick Doyle: So what's it like seeing Taylor Swift on acid?
  • Father John Misty: I experienced the show like an eight-year-old girl – as much as that's possible for a 35-year-old man. It was holy. It was psychedelic. She fully impregnated my dilated soul with her ideology. I remember laughing uncontrollably. I remember going outside for a smoke and thinking, "I need to get back in there." But there was a disturbing aspect – this insistence on telling girls, "I'm normal, don't let anyone tell you what you should be." Meanwhile, there are 60-foot-high images of her on screens. If you wanted to curate an evening with the Grand Leader, this is what you would do. It's a very, very false normal. And that's dangerous.
  • Patrick Doyle: But you also released several Taylor Swift covers online, right after Ryan Adams did, where you sang her songs in the style of Lou Reed.
  • Father John Misty: I was taking this dude to task for what I saw as a grotesque stunt and matching it with another grotesque stunt. It ironically became the biggest publicity that I've ever received, and that grossed me out. I had to take them down. Which then, of course, made it even bigger. It was such a comedy of errors.
Dylan and Bullying at Columbine

Columbine Report:

Page 736: “Josh [Chavez] was asked about his knowledge of Dylan and he stated he had Gym class with Dylan last semester in Period 1, 7:30 A.M. to 8:20 A.M. Josh stated everybody made fun of Dylan in class. They even called him “stretch” because he was so tall. Josh stated Dylan would always wear black. Although in gym class everyone would wear the school gym uniform of blue shirt and gray shorts.”

Page 770: “She [Danielle Danford] said she never had any conversation about him being picked on, but she knew that the jocks had been giving him trouble. She said that on one occasion he spoke about how the jocks were giving him trouble but he didn’t elaborate any further.”

Page 785: “She [Patrice Doyle] said Dylan and Eric were teased because they wore black trench coats, but the teasing was very minor [probably because they looked badass and nobody wished to mess with them].”

Page 2961: “She [Amy Evans] said she did know both Eric and Dylan were made fun of because they wore their black trench coats even on hot days.

Page 3896: “She [Angela Nelson] said she also knew who Eric Harris was, because every now and then the jocks would harass both of them [when referring to both Dylan and Eric].”

Page 4350: “She [Sara Schweitzberger] advised that some of the kids would tease him [Dylan] because of his height, as he was the tallest person in class. Sara continued to say that Klebold would just ignore them.”

Page 4750: “He [Steve Trujillo] said that he did hear that some jocks “slammed them [Eric and Dylan] into lockers.”

Page 6577: “Dustin Harrison said that when Eric Harris and/or Dylan Klebold would get harassed or picked on in their school classes, the teachers did not care if they got harassed or not and would not ensure that this harassment quit.”

Double Time (9/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: I’m so sorry to everyone for the exceptionally long wait! I had finals and surgical assessment last week and was traveling a lot at the beginning of this week. But! Better late than never! We have this chapter primed and ready for you all ; ) 

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An Apple a Day

For reasons that probably spoke a lot to his general psyche, Washington opened his eyes half expecting to see the inside of a dumpster. And it was only a little disconcerting that he found himself a little disappointed when that was not the case.

Still, he felt like he had hit the broadside of someone’s getaway vehicle. And that wasn’t a feeling that was going to get old any time soon. 

“Oh, goodness! It looks as though you’ve finally decided to join the world of the waking!” 

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lessons in polyamory; f o u r

lessons in polyamory masterlist & info sheet (SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT [if you care] CLICK THIS FOR PICTURES OF WHAT BENJAMIN AND ROMAN LOOK LIKE) 

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chapter f o u r: roman

words: 1,789

“Roman Elwood is a high level mob boss. He is intercontinental known. He hides nothing of what he does. Hence why multiple agencies overseas and in the United States decided to put together a task force to take him down.” Emily began her briefing. She handed the team tablets (and Spencer a box of files) containing all information.

There was countless of information about Roman. Thanks to you.

You sat at the head of the table not needing to look at the files. You didn’t need to. You lived it.

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You know what else is repeating itself? The fact everyone now thinks Moffat and Gatiss hate their own creation. People think Doyle hated Sherlock Holmes, too. But do you know who doesn’t think Doyle hated his own creation?


He said that at the UK convention. He said Doyle was just crotchety about it because he’s Scottish and loved to complain. But he kept writing Holmes stories after The Final Problem because he secretly loved it – this is Moffat’s opinion.

Do i think Moffat and Gatiss hate their own creation? No. I think they love it so much it verges on lunacy. I think they’ve gone mad with power and are following in Doyle’s exact footsteps because they’re psychotic about their love for the original canon.

No matter how hard I try I can’t predict the future, even though I thought I could. So what now? Well, it’s back to the drawing board!

The game is on.

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I love what you do here! I was wondering if I could see your sources for Sherlock and Jake English being Aro? I found the Sherlock one particularly interesting!


JAKE: But yeah thats pretty much what the doctor ordered for old jake english. No romantic stuff. No platonic stuff either!
JAKE: Ill be like… Mr nonrom sansplat… Or… Oh horsenoodles there has to be terminology that more effectively consolidates my present understanding of myself into a coherent identity i can get enthusiastic about.
JAKE: Maybe the troll lingo has the answers. Or maybe im pioneering some sort of… shadow quadrant system?? Ooh lordy wouldnt that be a swift kick in the netherdumplings.
JAKE: What do you think tavvyboy should i take my idea to the troll patent office and make a mint?


He has said that he doesn’t under the appeal of women or romance multiple times.

Arthur Conan Doyle said he was as likely to fall in love as a machine.

Holmes also straight up says he has never loved.

For the times these were written this is very obviously aromantic.