Saidat Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign And New Single


‘Set the World Free’

Released December 3rd 2012

SAIDAT freeing the world from bullying with her new single ‘Set the World Free’. Hip-hop singer Saidat is trying to make a difference by spreading her inspirational message of anti-bullying through her fabulous music. Saidat’s goal is to help people feel good about who they are and know that they can make a difference in the world. Working with producer Kustom, Saidat’s new single Set the World Free was created to help people realize the power of love and to inspire and motivate kids. Saidat’s own personal stories of struggle and triumph presented in her music explain her motivations for spreading her message amongst a new generation. She knows all too well the effects of bullying, making her the perfect example of overcoming struggle and making a difference in her own life and now in other’s. Saidat has always been a help to the community - after high school, Saidat would work as a volunteer at schools, youth groups and community organizations to help young people.   Amongst Saidat’s new single ‘Set the World Free’ Saidat has been made a new ambassador for Free2Luv, a global movement non-profit organization.  Saidat will be amongst other huge celebrities such as Tom Arnold, Vanessa Hudgens and Lisa Kudrow! Saidat has also been involved with a DVD curriculum for schools that will help keep the anti-bullying message alive, a book release in the fall “Tadias And the Pitbully Tree” (children’s fiction book) and a short film “What Have We Done?”. All this is as well as having opened for Fergie in 2008! Listen to Saidat’s fantastic track:  


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