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incongruentlevelsofpolysynthesis  asked:

Looking for specifically manga that takes its yuri slowly as opposed to being too fluffy or having too much of playing misunderstandings as comedy; something like Sasameki Koto, Octave, Aoi Hana, or Kashimashi, perhaps?

It sounds like you’re interested in yuri with a lot of chapters, but I think Sasameki Koto, Aoi Hana and Kashimashi are the longest yuri I can think of, haha. Other not-too-fluffy, not-too-jokey manga, hmm…

Here are some other nice long yuri manga that are completed:

The thing about long manga is that a lot of them are still in progress! Here are a few that are ongoing:

And some shorter series that I think still capture the feeling you’re looking for:

I hope that’s enough for ya!