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how jinki interviews kibum.

idk but I kind of like when I get a tan in some places and in others not? (here we call it “nucita” because of a candy we eat here) bc my skin does not get reddish or something it just gets a lil more brown-ish so you can see like… darker lines that others and i mean i’m already a lil caramel like so it looks soft

I think is kind of cute

hob makin det face when namjoon said they weren’t fluent,, bitch i about dropped thru di floor its like when u in public w ya ma n she shit talkin u like u aint there n as soon as u make a face or tryin say sum she grab u n tell u fix ya face b4 she fix it for u n im sorry but its the funniest shit i seen all week


“wild world communications combines practicality with innovation flair and ever growing in stature” “wwc tackles a major problem: the future” “we supply to all the worlds major trade environments colours (blue, yellow, red, white, and black), yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen” “there are not more than..” “here for you wherever you are” “an international reputation second to..”

About a week ago, I met with this lady who wanted to see my portfolio and possibly hire me to work for her studio. She decided to task me with creating an ocean inspired design for a hallway carpet to see how well we work together. I just finished and emailed my design to her and I’m so nervous, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

ok here we go

nobody is supporting floriana. i’m honestly so not amused by the fact she was cast instead of an actual latina, because i am latina and that was a bitch move, and also dating casey is in itself absurd and something i cannot understand

bUT sanvers in one of the very few healthy, happy wlw couples on tv or stream right now. wlw representation is absurdly recent, and we literally have to fight for the little screen time we get. we don’t have many canon ships, and very few of those that are canon are actually healthy

so when you’re saying “clink clink bitch” to sanvers shippers because floriana is no longer a regular, you’re just being an asshole to people who are enjoying a wlw healthy relationship for once, you’re not in any way hurting floriana because she couldn’t care less about any of us

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man i want so badly to lay across dat chest

❛ is that right? ❜

❛ it must be hard to hold back ❜

❛ i’ll try not to tempt you. ❜

Pro tip (if they ever do this again, prolly won’t but just in case) don’t take pictures videos don’t even talk about stuff u saw that wasnt already in the show don’t talk about storyboards about characters about redesigns I kno u want ur tunglr followers to know but really ur benefiting no one and people will more than likely get fired for the shit


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There’s something that does bother me about DA…

In the moment you find out something obscure that you don’t approve about a character you’re free to change opinions in the same way you are free (innocent) when you like the character without being aware of their negative particularities or whatever trigger the disliking. We are all always figuring out lore, don’t be ‘worried about end up liking’ a character for this, the process of perspective change is always interesting (I agree with the critic over the ‘method’ of sharing lore tho,–

Yeah, in an ideal world people wouldn’t be harassed and run off this website for being ignorant about obscure lore and authors’ comments, but Tumblr is not ideal. So I do worry. Hasn’t happened to me yet but I’ve seen people on my own dashboard being ripped to shreds because they like Michel de Chevin and haven’t read The Masked Empire.

And I am not in the mood for anon hate and smear campaigns if I end up liking the wrong character because I didn’t know that said character was confirmed to be a creep by their author in an interview that took place seven years ago.

After The Trial airs I bet I’ll have a lot to say about how the historical use of the courtroom to examine the Other against a dominant/exclusive set of ideals is reflected in SU…

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@raendown Omg, no it was totally cool to write an essay! Iโ€™m going to do the same. Us mulitshippers have to resort to such lengthy things.

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Yeah Vilde is ignorant but she's not stupid. I just think Sana can come across as bossy or brutally honest sometimes and even if we praise her for it Vilde doesn't like it and vice versa how Vilde seems to Sana. Point is the comments about Elias wasn't about Sana but Elias. And yesterday she did point out to everyone how the excuse Sana gave for not being on the bus was strange hinting that their must be something else. I'm just gonna wait until I've seen it all until I hate Vilde.

YES true, the way sana removed vilde as bus boss really wasn’t nice of her. also, a good (not even good, but decent) friend wouldn’t talk about your brother like that.

but yes, im going to hold my judgements until we know what is up with vilde. she’s still cancelled though