said in reference to the twilight series

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DE is put on a pedestal by the writers because DE is the MAIN LOVE STORY OF THE SHOW. What's so damned hard for people to understand about that? It's not "fanservice". It's the actual story they've been writing for six years now and the majority of people watching actually realize that. It's only on this mecca for idiots known as Tumblr that people are so confused.

Actually no, this has always been and always will be Stefan’s story. I dont understand why this is a hard concept to grasp. Delena is just a 1/3rd of the love triangle yes i said triangle because that’s what it is. Despite the shitty ghostwriter books that were created Delena isn’t and was not endgame. Book Delena is like Jacob and Bella from twilight (god i hate using twilight references but yeah) despite all the team edward and team jacob shirts thirteen year old fangirls were wearing, at the end of the day we all knew Edward and Bella were endgame. You don’t go through a television series talking about the epicness of Stelena only to say lol jk Delena’s endgame. You don’t drop quotes like “Stefan’s your epic love” and “Crazy or not that kind of love never dies” for a ship that isn’t and wont always be your primary focus. Delena at the end of the day is just a way to create conflict, your couple has not been building for six years. Stelena has been “the couple” of this show forever. The writers just didn’t want to enrage your fandom so they gave you guys shippery scenes far before the narrative even proved they were earned. Elena went from rightfully hating Damons guts after killing her brother to wanting to be his friend and feeling sorry for him in the span of like two episodes. Your scenes are fanservice because this is Stefan’s story regardless of if he is with Elena or not yet he gets 10% of the screentime while Damon and Elena’s relationship gets 90% of the screentime. Your fandom is fanserviced because your existence on twitter demands it. So yes you get a cookie for throwing a temper tantrum but dont try to pretend that The Vampire DIARIES was ever intended to be about a toxic relationship that should have a cameo in Fifty Shades of Gray