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OFF Fun Fact

So, the plastic administration building in Shachihata has 99999 floors, right?

Well, floor 99999 is the roof, which just has the Judge hanging out. Floor 00001 has exactly 20 Elsen. Floor 10258, the postal service floor, has 2 Elsen that you speak with, though other burnt Elsen pop up in random battles. Dedan’s office is on an unknown floor, but we know it occupies a floor other than the definite ones we’ve identified. So on four specific floors of the building there are 22 Elsen total. However, 99996 floors of the building are still unknown

Now, if we go to any random floor of the building and count the Elsen there, we get 25 of them. Let’s make the assumption that all random floors of the building are basically the same. So that would make 99996 floors all holding 25 little Elsen each. This would make 2499900 Elsen on those floors.

And 2499900 plus 22 is 2499922.

THERE ARE ABOUT 2.5 MILLION ELSEN IN THE PLASTIC ADMINISTRATION BUILDING ALONE. Not to mention the rest of Zone 1. Goddamn, no wonder Dedan’s such a cranky motherfucker. He’s got his hands full!

You gotta do the cooking by the book~


(I’m answering this way so Tumblr don’t screw the qualities)


First child (adopted): Sunny Flare, element of fashion. First off, the moment I came up with her name, I didn’t remember the canon character Sunny Flare existed. I’m keeping the name because sorry but it fits my OC better. So yeah Rares and AJ adopted Sunny as a baby and raised her pretty well. She’s kinda sassy but very mature and hard-working. She helps both at the farm and the boutique and equally loves her parents and all of her little siblings.

Second child (biologic): Ginger Gold, element of sass. By the time AJ and Rares could adopt Sunny, Rares was already pregnant with Ginger, so she isn’t a lot younger than Sunny. Ginger is pretty much like Sunny, but less nice. She grows up to be kinda the bussiness mare in the family, and quite ambitious, like mum Rares. Ginger used to look up at Sunny a lot, they were like bbf. Momma, mum, Sunny and her, the perfect family, until the third child arrived, since then, Ginger started to feel like she was getting less love, and all her parents’s pride, was only directed at the new kid and the big sis. Ginger became but just a shadow of her sisters, and that made her grow kinda colder with Sunny and Autumn. Sunny feels bad because she doesn’t know what happened, or if she did something bad.

Third child (adopted) Autumn Glory, element of bites. AJ and Rares adopted Autumn as a little, kinda problematic filly who came from a not very good family. At first, she wasn’t really eager to be a part or another, stupid family, but Applejack and Rarity’s love, sympathy and effort gained Autumn’s trust and love. She’s still very unfriendly, rude and moody with almost everyone, but it’s pure facade and her family knows it and understand it. Autumn is deeply grateful of the family she has, despite she won’t openly admit it. Her and Ginger butt head like all the time.

Fourth child (biologic) Rough Diamond, element of fluff. He was born a little after Autumn’s arrival, so he grew up under her protection. Rough and Autumn have a pretty strong relationship, and as Sunny and Ginger were a duo of besties, so they are. Rough is very sweet boy, the sweetest by so far. He’s playful, curious, sensitive and kinda oblivious, sometimes. He adores to play with his sisters and help her mothers with their work, even if he’s not always useful, they appreciate a lot his efforts.

Fifth child, Gold Heart, element of generosity and sixth child, Silver Soul, element of honesty. (Both biologic) Twins, and just born by a few seconds of difference. Gold and Silver were first Rarity and Applejack’s “oops”. That’s what happens when you go in a wild party with tons of alcohol and Discord. Applejack gave birth to them, nice job out there Rares. But it was a kinda happy “oops”. Gold and Silver brought a lot of fun and trouble to the whole family, they’re like the dinamic duo who’s always planning something. Gold is the friendly and sweet one, but a dangerous prankster and liar too. So don’t let that innocent smile trick you, she’s probably up to something… Silver is kinda harsh and a little too honest for her own good. She doesn’t always measure her words so she can come off as rude when you first meet her. She’s more serious  and the voice of reason, but she always end up being dragged by her sister into her crazy plans.

Seventh and last child, Jackeline Junior aka J.J., element of dorkism. Given birth by AJ. She’s absolutely the most spoiled one of all the kids, but that’s what occurs when you happen to be the last cute child of a very, very big family, everyone just loves you! JJ is energetic, playful and always running around. She’s incredibly smart for her age, and would easily fool you to give her some sweets or gifts, she knows how to get what she wants~ but means no bad at the end. She likes jokes too and is usually dragged by Gold and Silver into their plans.

I didn’t have time to think of better bios and personalities for them, so that’s all  can write ^^”

“She could hardly really walk. Fred was dripping. He’d changed his shirt five or six times. Every time we would get almost to the finish, something would happen. It got to be like a block. We’d say, ‘What’s going to happen now?’, and it would. We were just at our wits’ end. Finally the director, George Stevens, said, 'Let’s quit for the night. It’s late. Everybody’s tired.’ Fred and Ginger said, 'No. Let’s do it while we are hot. We’ll do it if we have to kill ourselves.’ So we said, 'Alright, one more time.’ So they got to the top of the stairs, and everybody was holding their breath. And he caught her the first time in the spins. He caught her the second time… I think it’s about four times. The last time, he caught her, she whirled off down the steps. It was perfect. Everybody shouted – the crew said 'Hooray!’ And you look at it today, and people say, 'Oh, isn’t that pretty. They’re having so much fun.’” – Hermes Pan in a 1986 interview for BBC Four, recalling the night Fred and Ginger danced until dawn broke to get one perfect take of Never Gonna Dance.


Wow! Yes, this is a short story because I really need this space to say… wow. Thanks for the supporting my others two posts, I’m stunned with your reaction. Thanks again!!

Imagine you being a normal girl, who found yourself backing up to Jerome’s speech on GCPD.  

The bar was full that night, even if the Maniax attacked once more, now the police department.

“Hey, pretty baby! Where’s my coffee”

As I said, the bar was full, and “I’m only one, wait a bit”. My boss hated when I “do this with your eyes… roll them”. But when the bar was full (sounds like tonight), it was impossible not to do such mania. Mainly when the “pretty baby” felt like knives in my intestine.

But, well, the coffee wasn’t ready, the usual cops were dead (thank god) and my boss left the TV on.

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Another OFF fun fact.

This is the “Explanations” book from the Bismark library, but the French version. As you see, one chapter is titled “Le roi crapeau et le marchand”. “Le roi crapeau” is the Toad King. However, to non-French-speakers, I’d like to point out that “le marchand” does NOT mean “the masked man”. It does, in fact, translate to, “the merchant”. THE MERCHANT. Confirmed 100%, Zacharie is the masked hero from the story of the Toad King.

No Money - Archie Andrews

listen to the song here

Sorry I ain’t got no money I’m not trying to be funny but I left it all at home today

You can call me what you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

You might knock me down, you might knock me down, but I will get back up again

You can call it how you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

What is most important to you? The question was bold, standing out against everything else on your page.  It was sitting there blank, the only question you had skimmed over.  Sure, at first glance it was easy.  My friends, you thought.  Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin… Archie.  But that was easy.  Every other applicant trying to score a job at Pop’s was bound to say the same tedious answers.  My family, my friends, my education… blah blah blah.  You wanted to stand out.  Every other question you answered above and beyond (Jughead tutoring you for free in English was just about the best thing that ever happened to you) and wanted to make your application a star among clouds.  

You were currently sitting in a booth alone at the diner you visited oh so frequently visited.  Normally you were here with at least one of your friends, but today you needed some peace quiet and french fries to get you through this paper.  You’d been tapping your pen against the tabletop for the last ten minutes, eyes reading the words over and over.

“You want your usual milkshake doll?” You looked up to see Pop there, smiling kindly at you.  “Filling out my job application for here?” You nodded.

“Just one left” You pulled a smile, as he scribbled down your order.  Chocolate milkshake, as always.  He looked over the empty lines on your form.

“Tricky one for ya?”

“Too easy” You replied with a sigh.  Pop chuckled, sliding his pen behind his ear, and his notepad into the pocket of his apron.

“Friends comin’ tonight? You’re never here all alone”

“Yeah I came here by myself.  Needed some calm”

“Your one pal’s real quiet.  Not the loner one with the laptop, the one who comes here.  Probably writin’ poems or somethin’ he’s always singing” You laughed quietly at his mention of Archie.

“Yeah, Archie’s looking to be a singer now”

“Really? Pro athlete all star boy? Wants to be a musician?” You nodded, still smiling softly.  “He any good?”

“He’s great” You said genuinely.  “Really great.  He has some serious talent”

“Is that a blush I see creepin’ up your face?” You looked away quickly.  “Wow, it’s redder than your boyfriend’s hair”

“Oh he’s not my-”

“I’m not her boyfriend” You jumped, turning as Archie had just walked in, wandering towards your table and sliding in the booth across from you.

“Boy how did you even know-”

“We have this conversation all the time” You said, cutting off Pop.  Because it was true.  Everyone always asked ‘what the lovely couple would like to eat’ or ‘how long have you been dating?’ or ‘you have a lovely girlfriend sir’ even your grandmother once asked if you and him were together yet.  You’d laughed and shook your head but looked away, trying to hide the slight frown on your lips.

“I’ll have a burger” Archie said with a signature grin to Pop.  He winked, and walked off.  “So.  Why’d you come here all alone?” Archie asked, folding his hands together, and putting his arms on the table and leaning towards you.  His eyes flickered down to the paper between the two of you.

“It’s my job application… to work here” You told him.  No one knew, just your parents, and Pop.  So you weren’t actually sure how he would react.

But you weren’t expecting him to break into  a grin the size of the moon, and clap his hands together before holding yours firmly.  Your eyes widened slightly at the gesture, and he was still smiling.

“y/n that’s great!”

“I-it is?”

“Yeah you love it here! Plus free food! And extra cash!” You giggled softly and nervously at that, looking down at the table so he wouldn’t see the blush that rose to your cheeks upon his hands clasping onto yours.

“You’re right” You said, and gently pulled your hands out of his.

“Took you long enough to admit it” You smiled a little, already going back to your paper.  “Need help?” You shook your head, and Archie nodded, watching you intently.  You were quiet, this didn’t go unnoticed by him, but he knew it was because you were in a deep concentration.

Your eyes were swallowing the words on the page, wide and full of curious thought.  Every once in awhile your nose would crinkle up, and your lip would curl at the end.  When it wasn’t curled, your bottom lip was being tucked in between your teeth.

He thought it was utterly beautiful.

After an hour, you’d finished up the form, and your meals.  Pop had gleefully taken the application for you.  Telling you that the odds of you getting the job were highly in your favor.

“Thank you so much Pop” You said with a big grin as you pulled on your hoodie.

“No problem toots” The man said, before walking back behind the counter, and going back into the kitchen to finish up his orders.  Archie walked up next to you, and you smiled up at him

“You want to go to the drive in?” He asked, and you nodded, letting him put his hat over your head, until your ears were covered.

“Thanks” You mumbled, and you both walked out of the diner.

“I drove the truck” Archie said, revealing his keys before grinning.  “And I brought a bunch of blankets too so we can set them up in the back and stuff” He unlocked the doors, and you both climbed in.

“It’s been awhile, since we’ve seen a movie here” You said.  “You should text Betty, and Ronnie” You said.

“I did” He replied quickly.  “Veronica’s figuring out stuff with her mom and Betty’s staying back in the projection booth with Jughead” You nodded.

“Well that just means one on one time for me and my favorite ginger” You said with a giggle as you bumped your elbow against his arm.  Archie rolled his eyes, but smiled genuinely towards you.

The theatre wasn’t very busy, there were so manyother things that tenagers found to do than go sit outside in the cold watching old movies.  But you still saw the magic and was always entertained being at the Twilight.

You couldn’t remember the last time that you were there though, it seemed like it had been ages.  But you’d been so wrapped up in the anxieties offered by life, that you had barely spent time outside of school, and your room.

“Hey, hey y/n” You jumped slightly in your seat, looking over at Archie.  “We’re here.. You alright? You pulled a tight smile and nodded.  Then unbuckled your seatbelt, and heading to the back of the truck.  You stared up at the screen, playing trailers and ads as Archie laid blankets over the back bed of the truck.

“Hey Archie?” You called, and he looked up at you.  Both of you on either side of the car.

“Yeah?” You bit your cheek, thinking for a moment.  But staring at him and his green eyes, you couldn’t find the right words.  Suddenly, ‘I’m sorry I’ve pulled away from us’ just didn’t feel right.  “y/n?” Archie gave you a concerned look, but you shook your head, tucking your hair back behind your ear.  “Hey… what’s going on?” He straightened out the end of the blanket and walked over to you.  “And don’t say nothing, cause I know that’s a lie”

“I don’t wanna lie”  Archie nodded, hands curling on your wrists and tugging you to the end of the truck.

“Alright, well I’m here to listen… whenever you want to talk” You nodded your head as he pushed himself up onto the bed.  Then turned around, wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you up too.  “Do you want to?” You nodded, crawling back towards the the mountain of pillows.

“Yeah I just don’t know how to start” He nodded, and you pulled your knees towards your chest.

“Well… I’ve got all night” Archie said, and you nodded, wrapping your arms around your legs.  “Come here, lean over” Archie held his arm out, and he could see the deep blush creeping up your cheeks.  But you did, leaning your head onto his chest, and letting his arm drape around your shoulders.  “It’s okay” His hand rubbed circles on your waist.

“It’s not”

“It is” He grew quieter, as the movie began to play.  “No matter what, it’s gonna be okay” You took in a shaky breath, and watched the movie silently for a few moments.  You tried to calm your thoughts, and slow your rapid heart beat.  “Would this have to be about Grundy?” You scoffed.

“No, no it’s not”

“Okay well anything that could result in me being mad at you is out the window so now there’s really nothing to be worried abou-”

“I had sex with Chuck” His head turned to you so fast, it was just a blur of red hair in front of you.  His eyes were wide, a hard green that sprung tears in your own.

“Did he-”

“No… no it was consensual” His green orbs instantly softened.  “Two weeks ago I was at the Blossoms, for Cheryl’s party?” He nodded, prompting you to continue.  “Add uh… Ronnie was off making out with Betty… and I was just around Chuck and Reggie cause I don’t know…  they’re your football friends and um…”

“I’m not upset” Archie assured you, cupping a hand around your cheek, trying to comfort you best he can.

“He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs… and I wasn’t drunk or anything I knew what he wanted and I just wanted to get over… I told him I wanted to”

“What were you getting over?” You shook your head, looking away and causing his hand to fall from your face.

“Just life” You said weakly.  Alright, so maybe him and Grundy has been eating at you a bit.  You let out a sigh.  “I don’t want to lie to you Archie”

“Then don’t, you don’t have to” He responded.

“Okay then- then I have to be really honest about something” His brows raised momentarily, but nodded, silently telling you to continue.  “I uh- wow this is embarrassing”

“Trust me, I’ve done some weird things I doubt you could say anything that could shock-”

“Archie I’m sorta in love with you”

You proved him wrong in an instant.

“Sort of?” You blinked at his response.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say I just told you like, my biggest secret ever and that’s all you have to say-?”

“I only ask because I really like you” You stopped talking.  “So if you only sorta like me then I don’t want to push you to do something you don’t want to do” You stared at him, trying to get a read from his expression.  A gentle look, soft features, the slightest ghost of a smile on his lips.

“So it might not be sorta… it might be a lot” You told him, and Archie pulled up a smile.

“I can work with that” He said, and leaned forward, eyes flicking from your lips to your eyes, as though asking for permission.  You nodded, and met him halfway.

It wasn’t like anything you’d experienced before, or heard or read or watched.  It wasn’t fireworks exploding behind your eyes.  But it was magical, in some way.  In the softness, the sweet and gentle touch.  It was his warm hands cupping your face and it was his vanilla tasting lips on yours.  It was his rapid heartbeat against your chest, out of sync with yours but just as fast.  It was your shaky breaths when you’d part for the shortest of moments.  It was the way you laid down on the bed of the truck, in a comfortable, and non-prompting way.  (you were in public this couldn’t escalate any further anyways) But you could just lay there on your sides, kissing softly and lightly.  It was like you were both experimenting with your feelings, relishing in how good it felt to touch the other.

“Knock knock hookers” You jumped, seeing Kevin standing next to the truck.  Instantly your face flushed a red pink color, and Archie just groaned as he sat up.  “Thought I’d come join you, but I don’t want to be a cock block so say the word and I’ll be on my merry way” He smiled cheekily, and you rolled your eyes.

“Get up here Kev” You said to your friend, sitting up next to Archie.

“What’d I miss in the film?” He asked, climbing up to sit next to you.  You looked at Archie, having no idea.

“Don’t look at me I wasn’t paying attention” He shook his head as he whispered.

“That’s alright, watching you two swallow tongue was entertainment enough for me” Kevin said, causing you to roll your eyes again.

“We didn’t even-”

“Don’t even bother” You said to Archie, letting your head fall onto his shoulder.  “It’s Kevin we’re talking about.  He only speaks dirty” Kevin winked at you, and seductively swiped his tongue over his top lip.  You rolled your eyes (again) and slapped his arm.  Then settled back against Archie.

There were probably still conversations to be had and questions to be discussed, but you could put that off till later.  You were far too comfortable where you were now to ruin it by talking.

But it was you and Archie.

How bad could it be?

This time, this time

This time, this time I ain’t gonna run, run, run, run…

Not this time, not this time

😊He’s Sick (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Love your writing! Can you write a Gray imagine where he’s got a stomachache and you guys are laying on the couch and he is all pouty and asks you to “rub his tummy” and you agree and start rubbing his stomach and he gets really nauseous and you help him to the bathroom and rub his back when he’s sick? Thanks darling

Warnings: None

A/N: I was just talking to a friend of mine today about this when I received this request so I hope you like it! Requests are: OPEN

Originally posted by justanothersanctuary

“Baaaaaaabbbbeeeeee.” Grayson groaned as I was getting him a ginger ale and a cold wash rag. He’s been sick all morning and I’ve been taking care of him, which I didn’t mind at all because I love him and I want him to feel better. He was wearing black sweats and a gray hoodie. He kept complaining he was cold, but I know he’s going to be whining about being hot later.

“Here here.” I said handing him the ginger ale. I pat the cold rag on his temple and soon I rest it on his forehead.

“I’m never doing a blind folded eating challenge with Ethan again.” He whines exhaustively.

“I don’t know why you did in the first place. You know how he can get.” I laughed as I sat next to him on the couch. I took the can from him and I sat it down on the coffee table in front of us.

“I was thinking he would feed me sardines or clam juice. I wasn’t planning on my own brother to feed me sushi he found in the fridge when I can’t even remember the last time I had sushi was.” Gray said leaning up off the couch throwing his arms in the air trying to prove a point. As soon as he leaned up I could see he regretted it as his arms wrapped around his stomach and he slowly fell back against the couch.

“Shhhh babe I know. You can be mad at him later, but right now you need to rest or else you’ll make yourself more sick. Ethan said he would edit the video so you can rest okay?” I said holding his hand. He stuck his bottom lip out like he was pouting.

“Babe can you rub my stomach? Maybe that will help me feel better.” He asks sweetly. He looked so innocent. He normally fluffed up hair was now all flat from his sweat. Normally we would be cooking or going to Starbucks, but right now he needed me. I smiled and I leaned in to kiss his nose.

“Of course baby.” I cooed to him as I gently slid my hand up his hoodie and rubbed small circles on his tummy. I took the cold rag from his head and I sat it on his stomach hoping to cool him down some more. I soon hear Ethan walking down the stairs, probably coming to check on his brother. I knew he felt bad for making Gray sick which is why he’s been upstairs editing instead of down here because he knew Gray was angry with him.

“Hey bub how are you feeling?” Ethan asked walking towards the couch. Gray’s eyes slowly flutter open to see Ethan and I in front of him.

“Don’t touch me.” He says hoarsely. I press my hand against his face and I feel he’s still burning up.

“Okay babe I’m going to grab you another cold rag. When I come back please take your hoodie and sweats off you’re making it worse for you.” I stood to my feet and Grayson grabbed my hand.

“Baaaaaabbbeeee don’t leave me.” He whines. I bend down and give him a quick peck on the lips.

“Ethan can you help him? I’ll be right back Gray don’t worry.” I said as I wandered off to the kitchen. I heard Grayson protest against having E’s help but right now I didn’t care. He was burning up more and more. I grabbed a rag and ran the cloth under the kitchen sink in cold water. I grabbed a small blanket from the closet and I walked back in the living room. Grayson was in his boxers and a blue t-shirt. He was still groaning and moaning. I placed the rag on his head and I checked the rag on his stomach. I removed it and started to rub small circles again.

“I’m going to go finish editing. Thanks for taking care of him Y/N.” Ethan says and I smile to him.

“She wouldn’t have to take care of me if you wouldn’t have poisoned me.” Gray leans up but then falls back against the couch groaning.

“No problem Ethan. I love him so I get to spend time and take care of him so I’m not upset you got him sick.” I smiled to Grayson whose lips were curling into a smile. Ethan just rolled his eyes while smiling. Ethan ran up the stairs and I continued to rub Gray’s stomach.

“Babe?” Gray asks looking to me. “I love you too.” He says and I smile. Grayson’s smile soon drops to a pained look.

“Babe? Babe what’s wrong?” I asked and Grayson stands up but stumbles a bit. I stand and grab his arm. I can tell he is going to be sick. I walk him into the bathroom and he immediately goes to the toilet and starts throwing up. I get a wash rag ready and I gently rub his back as he keeps throwing up. He stops for a quick second and sits on his knees before he starts up again. I soothingly keep rubbing his back as I hum trying to calm him.

“I’m so sorry Y/N.” Grayson apologizes.

“Shhhh babe it’s okay don’t worry. Are you done?” I asked still rubbing his back. He slowly nods and I help him to his feet. I flush the toilet for him and I dab the wash rag on his mouth to clean him up a little. I grab a little dixie cup from the medicine cabinet and fill it with water and hand it to him to wash his mouth out which he does and spits in the sink. I lean in and kiss his nose. “Come on let’s go lie down.” I said as I walked Grayson out of the bathroom and I helped him upstairs. We stumble to his bed before I lie him down. I grab his trash can and place it by his side of the bed. I lie down on the other side of him and I face him.

“Thank you for taking care of me babe. I love you.” He says kissing my nose. I smile and I wiggle my nose. “I mean it.” He says grabbing my hand.

“Of course babe. I love you too. Now get some sleep! You’re sick.” I said as I run my hand through his hand. He takes my hand off his head and gives it a kiss. I roll over facing away from Gray only for him to pull me into him and hold me tightly against his warm chest. I feel him kiss the base of my neck as he cuddles into me.

“We practised it very slowly in rehearsal. In performance it was faster, but in rehearsal we did it slowly. Ginger said to me, ‘This… is… awfully… slloowww.’ And I said, ‘Yes… that’s… how… I… think… it… should… bbeee.’
And she said, ‘O…kay…’ We laughed a lot.”
– Fred Astaire, in a 1974 radio interview with the BBC, discussing the choreography and rehearsal process behind ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’ for the film Roberta.


Requested by mutantsandproud

“Where’s the popcorn?” Raven asked as you plopped down on the sofa. Everyone was getting ready for movie night but for some reason your main snack was missing.

“Sean’s hogging it all” Hank said pointing to the ginger who sat on the floor in front of you. You all shot Sean a glare as he stuffed his mouth with popcorn.

“Go get your own”.

“Shut up and hand it over” Alex said smacking Sean in the back of the head before grabbing the bowl from his hands.

“Now you all behave” Charles sighed. Erik however snickered.
“Let’s just start the movie, shall we?”.


Truth or Dare (Riverdale, Pt.4)

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe), Kevin x Reader (platonic), Archie x Reader (platonic), Betty x Reader (platonic), Veronica x Reader (platonic), Cheryl x Reader (platonic)

Beta-ed: No

A/N: Holy hell… episode 10 was really something, I don’t know whether it’s perfect or not that I decided to wait until now to post Y/N’s speech about Cheryl… I think some Cheryl fans might appreciate my nicer interpretation to our ginger after what we just saw… so obviously Cheryl’s gonna be a bit ooc tonight, enjoy!

Also let it be known I’m not a Cheryl defender, she is pretty downright manipulative, I had most of this written before the fifth episode even came out

Part 1, Part 2Part 3


Previously: Betty went over to each of the boys and hugged them as she whispered something to each of them, before making her way over to me. I stood up and met her halfway as she gripped me in a tight hug, both of us letting out a few tears. “You’re the greatest friend I could ever ask for Y/N” She whispered in my ear as she squeezed me tighter. “I meant everything I said Betty.” “I know you did, that’s what makes it perfect.”

We broke apart and sat down at our spots, wiping a few tears away. I noticed Veronica wipe her eyes quickly before she cleared her throat, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Well, I think that concludes Y/N’s interpretation of our lovely Betty Cooper here. So,” She turned to me, mischief in her eyes. “Who’s next on your hit list Y/N?”

“Cheryl,” I said, turning my body to her as we gave each other a playful glare. “If I had to compare you to an animal, you’d be a viper, beautiful and dangerous all at once. You strike with speed and precision, and you always know how much venom to use when you’re in a fight. You also have a tendency to be a bit spiteful at times too.” Cheryl mock-gasped as she swatted my arm, I giggled before continuing.

Honestly the only reason I still put up with you is because I know you can be a nice person. I’ve seen you be kind, sweet, and caring, I’ve seen you be those things, so don’t tell me that you’re not.” I emphasized before she could speak, Cheryl shut her mouth and glared. “You’ve always put up this negative front to block people out and keep them away, you do this in self-defense, just like how a viper will give a dry bite in the hopes of scaring off potential predators, Chery.” She groaned at my nickname for her. “But I know deep down you’re just like the rest of us, you have fears and insecurities and you’re stressed as all hell because of your parents; because for some reason no matter what we do we’ll never be good enough for them,” Cheryl grabbed my hand and squeezed it, I squeezed hers back before continuing.

“I know you’ll always have my back, even when we fight over the dumbest things, I know you’ll be there for me. You know me inside and out. You can always tell when something’s wrong and exactly what’s bothering me, sometimes before I even know myself. You always know the best way to cheer me up, even if it means pissing off your hellspawn parents.” Cheryl chuckled before quickly coughing, obviously trying to cover it up. Everyone else grinned at her, pleased to see a nicer side to the ginger for once. I snickered before taking in a deep to continue.

“You may be a bit aggressive at times, but I understand why. With everything that’s happened here since July,” I saw her flinch slightly, I scooted closer and turned her towards me. “It’s been horrible, and I’m truly sorry, I know how close you two were, how close the three of us were,” A few tears fell down my face as I spoke the last part a little quieter, I wiped it away and cleared my throat before continuing. “I know you need support now more than ever, and you have every right to lash out at everyone and anyone… to an extent though,” I stressed, looking at her. “There are times you need to lash out in a less destructive manner, which is where I come in.” I grinned at her.

“You’ve been my friend ever since we were five Chery, you and Jay were so nice to me that day we met at Pop’s.” We both smiled at each other, remembering that day. “I’d only just walked in when you two came up to me and asked my name. You said my hair looked pretty while JJ complimented my outfit. You two asked our parents if we could sit in our own booth while Jay flashed them a grin and took our hands to go look for one, not bothering to wait for either of our parent’s responses.” We both chuckled at the memory. “You two told me that from then on we were going to friends no matter what, you even had me sit right in between you guys, do you remember why?” I asked as I raised an eyebrow. Cheryl flushed slightly and pouted. “Yes Y/N, I do.” She sassed. “Well good, you can tell everyone here why then.” I said as I gave her a smug look.

Everyone turned their eyes to the ginger as her face flushed more. “Really Y/N, why can’t you say it?” “Because the others need to see why I chose you to be one of my friends Chery! Hearing me defend you all the time isn’t the same as seeing why I defend you so much and consider you one of my closest friends, now pluck up and tell them what you told me that day!” I laughed as Cheryl got ready to speak. “Fine,” She sighed before looking around at everyone. “I told Y/N that we were gonna be triplets from now on, because she looked so lonely and I didn’t want her to feel left out. I told her she was going to be my sister and Jason was going to be her brother.” Cheryl looked down as she tried not to cry, her bottom lip wavering slightly as she drew in a shuddering breath.

“Jason said it didn’t matter that Y/N looked a little different from us, he said that since I said we were triplets, then that’s what we were, that’s what we’ve been.” She murmured the last part as she wiped a tear away, a choked laugh coming out of her. I squeezed Cheryl’s hand and she looked up at me. “I remember we couldn’t stop asking you questions about your life,” “You said if we were going to be triplets we had to know everything about each other.” I cut in, smiling at her. She smiled back before continuing.

“We also asked if you’d made any other friends already, I didn’t want to share you with anybody else.” “You two were so clingy when we first started hanging out Cher,” I spoke up, mirth in my voice. “You and Jay always tried to keep me away from everybody else so that I would only focus on you two.” “Yeah,” Kevin spoke up. “I remember that! You and Jason would take turns keeping all of us away from Y/N!” Archie, Betty, and Jug nodded in agreement, remembering the first few weeks I moved in.

“In our defense you guys would do the same thing to us!” Cheryl argued, a playful glint in her eye as she looked at them. “Only because you started it!” Archie cut in, a smile forming on his lips. Before anyone else could say anything Veronica jumped in. “As wonderful as it is seeing Cheryl interacting with us positively, we’re gonna keep working on that don’t worry,” She directed to said ginger, I don’t think Y/N was done here.” She smiled at me as she motioned with her hand for me to continue. I thanked her before starting up again.

“As I was originally saying, you two kept asking me questions and telling me things about yourselves. We were there for hours, and when I had to leave you and JJ practically begged our parents to let me spend the night. You were so close to throwing a fit right there, and J wouldn’t even look at your parents the first time they said no. When they all finally agreed you were jumping up and down and just so excited, we didn’t go to sleep until close to 4a.m. that night.” I shook my head, laughing at the memory. Cheryl had a bittersweet smile on her face as her eyes started to water up, remembering that night as well.

“The three of us were so close growing up, you two always making sure I went to all your family events, especially the tree tapping ceremony.” We grinned at that, remembering it was coming up soon. “You and Jay always made sure I felt welcomed and loved by you two, you’ve always been there for me, whenever I’ve needed it, and I love you for that. You can always come to me when you need to get rid of anything on your chest Cheryl, I know everything about you anyways, so there’s no reason not to come to me.”

“I know how you like to dress on any given day, what your favorite movies and food are, your celebrity crush, your school crush-” Chery hit me with a pillow as she shushed me, her face blooming red all the while. I put my arms up and laughed before continuing. “I can also tell your emotions by one quick glance at you, I know what works best to make you feel better almost instantly, what songs help to calm you down…” I gripped her shoulders and shook them slightly, making sure she was paying complete attention to what I was saying.

“While you may not always be a “nice person” Cheryl, you are a good person, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. More importantly, you are your own person. You’re allowed to make decisions solely for yourself, just because you want to. You are allowed to think for yourself, despite what your parents want you to believe. You are in control, not them.” I took a deep breath, my eyes starting to water up as I gave a bittersweet smile before continuing.

“I love you Chery, and I’ll always be here for you, no matter how mad I may get at you, ALWAYS hun. You can always come to me for help, you know that. Especially if it involves those disgusting creatures that dare call themselves something as nurturing and caring as parents.” Cheryl let out a little snort at that as her eyes watered up. “Who cares what they think, they’re monsters, everything they say about you isn’t true. You’re so much more than what they tell you. You’re worth more than what they want you to believe. I’ll face their wrath with you whenever you need me to, and know that if you ever need to get away you are always welcome here. You’ll always have a family with me Cheryl, please don’t ever forget that. You’re my sister Cheryl, I love you.” I finished, my voice shaking by the end of it.

When I looked at her again Cheryl was trying so hard to keep her tears in, and when I opened my arms she practically jumped in them and started sobbing. We clutched each other for dear life as we let our tears fall freely, knowing that the others wouldn’t judge us. I could hear everyone starting to cry as well, I peeked up to see Betty and Veronica holding each other in a similar manner, crying on each other while Archie was rubbing Betty’s back as he wiped his own tears.

Kevin glared almost viciously at me through his tears as he angrily wiped at them, willing himself to calm down. When I looked at Jughead, I noticed how red his eyes were, filled to the brim with tears that surprisingly weren’t falling. Jughead got up quickly and left the room, returning a minute later with his arms full of tissue boxes. He went around the room and gave us each one, all of us mumbling something that sounded like a thanks as we graciously used the tissues to help calm ourselves down.

“You were my first real friend Y/N.” Cheryl whispered as she pulled away enough to look at me. My first real friend besides Jason, probably my only real friend. I’m sorry that I get defensive and that I can be vicious most of the time, especially to your other friends. I’m sorry I try to push you away sometimes too, just…” She paused as she drew in a quivering breath. “Just please, don’t leave me too.” I pulled her back in immediately and somehow managed hug her tighter as I whispered back. “I would never do that to you Cheryl, never.” We stayed like that as everyone around us started to calm down. Eventually we pulled apart, but we sat right next to each other, our sides practically melding together as one.

We wiped the last few tears away as I chuckled and looked around the room. “So, how’s everyone feeling?” As soon as I finished speaking Kevin threw a pillow, by the time I registered it flying in the air it hit me square in the face, Kevin growling something unintelligible (probably for the best) as he looked away from me. “Why do you keep making us cry Y/N?” Betty asked as she wiped her eyes, before I could respond Kevin jumped in. “It’s because Y/N hates us Betty!” He accused.

“If anything Kevin,” Archie spoke. “We should be blaming you, after all, you were the one who dared Y/N to do this.” He said with a sly grin. Everyone spoke their agreements as Kevin blanched. “Woah woah wait, how was I supposed to know Y/N would get so emotional and sappy, honestly I was expecting more of a “Hey Betts, you’re so sweet and innocent I love it. Cheryl, you’re fierce and a little crazy. Ronnie, you’re an amazing fashionista, and so on and so forth. I didn’t expect Y/N to go all Shakespeare on us!” He cried. We all started laughing as Kevin’s face bloomed red. “You guys are jerks.” He muttered. “Anyways… Y/N, whose next?”

A/N: So, this was fun to write. I actually had this part pretty much done since part 1, and I guess it was a good idea that I decided to wait until now to post this. I feel like it wouldn’t have been right to do a fic about Cheryl without having Jason in it as well, and since we don’t have an accurate idea about Jason’s personality, I decided to take a little creative liberty with him. Let me know what you guys thought about it!

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Girls Like Dollies chapter 3 (trixya) - lale

I’m so totally blown away by the response to Wingwomen! Thank you so much for all of your support. Here’s the next chapter of Girls Like Dollies – this one’ll be a bit longer, and will continue to update every weekend. If anyone’s curious, the title comes from the soundtrack to the incredible game ‘Life Is Strange’, which if you can play you definitely should and if you can’t you should definitely watch a playthrough on youtube! Anyway, enjoy!

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ash and smoke - bughead (1/?)

summary:  A civil war is brewing between the north and south sides of Riverdale, being fueled by none other than the mayor Hal Cooper. When Betty meets the mysterious Southside Serpent Jughead Jones at a party, the revolution is only just sparking. It isn’t until the town is burning to ash around them that they confess their love, but by then it might just be too late.

excerpt: “He’s bad news Betty, probably just as bad as his dad,” Cheryl finished, turning back towards the road.

“Well then, thank God we’re never going to see any of those Serpents again,” Veronica sighed. “I haven’t seen people that drunk since I was back in New York.”

“Yeah,” Betty said softly, her mind still lingering on Jughead Jones’s eyes.

author’s note: hello, I’m back! unfortunately, I do not think I’ll be continuing Out Of My Leauge for a while, therefore putting it on indefinite hiatus. but this fic is one that I’ve been thinking about starting for a while, especially after ep 13 with Jughead and the Serpents. hope you enjoy this fic as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

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Jealousy - Slash

Originally posted by siaadrose

Pairing: Slash x Reader

Words: 1.500+

Request: Hey, i love your imagines, if you are taking requests at the moment could i please have a Slash x reader where slash gets jelly of axl cause the reader hangs out with him alot? Again i love your work! Xxx

Warning: Reader gets tied up.

Category: Smut.

A/N: I found out, I am horrible at titles, enjoy.

Slash’s blood boiled as you, once again, laughed at something the ginger said. The two of you hadn’t separated in the whole day, leaving Slash third wheeling.

He tried not to worry too much, he trusted you, and he trusted Axl too, despite how often you and him had been hanging out lately. He knew that you weren’t going to cheat on him, but deep down Slash worried if maybe, just maybe, you and the singer had something going on.

Sighing, he ordered another shot, not taking his eyes from you and him, drinking his shot before standing up and making his way across the bar to you. The sound of you voice, once again, laughing and the smile on Axl’s face making his nose crunch up. He wrapped his arms around your shoulder and you lifted your gaze from Axl to him, smiling as he finally joined you.

“What’ya talking about?” Slash asked, and with a smile, you shook your head, “Nothing too important babe, just joking around”, Slash looked at Axl, he was nodding, agreeing with her.

A few hours later, you started to grow tired and let Axl know that you were going home, Slash mentally cheering, standing for the bar stool and holding you by the waist, determined to leave with you, but just as you were kissing his cheek goodbye, Axl had the best idea, he thought he should leave with you guys, which you had no problem with, and Slash nodded, showing his I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

During the ride back home, Slash didn’t say a word, not that you or Axl would notice, since the two of you were really into your conversation, leaving Slash out of it.

You weren’t doing it on purpose, obviously, you just didn’t notice you were leaving him out of it.

Axl, or Ginger, as you called him, had gotten close over the last days. As it turns out, the two of you had more in common than you though, and you guys were determined on finding out more things.

As the taxi stopped at the entrance of Axl’s house, he paid and waved goodbye to Slash, him only nodding, while he kissed your cheek and made sure to tell you to have a goodnight.

Slash rolled his eyes at the action, and didn’t say anything for the rest of the car ride, making you furrow your eyebrows, but didn’t mention it.

You took your heels off when you entered your place, Slash closing the door as he stared at you.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” you questioned with you hand on your hip and your eyebrow raised.

“Nothing” he said, already making his way into your bedroom, leaving his shoes behind.

“You barely said anything today!” you exclaimed, following him, “And don’t you think I didn’t see you rolling your eyes earlier”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, it’s not important” he said, taking his tank-top off.

You scoffed and started undressing too, “I mean, you could always ask Axl, he might know” he added.

You smirked at his comment and looked at him, “What?” he asked, already sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Could it be, I don’t know, that maybe, you’re jealous of Axl” you smiled and walked towards him, he laughed, “Yeah right” he mumbled.

You stood up in between his legs while in your underwear, and took his face in your hands, making him look at your face, “There’s no need to be jealous baby” you said and giggled and sat on his thigh, pecking his lips.

“I’m not” he said, “He’s your friend, and mine, I trust you” he added. You smiled and nodded, kissing his lips again.

“By the way, he invited me over to his place tomorrow” you lied, wanting him to admit that he was lying.

“He did?” he raised his eyebrow, you nodded again, “Something about, having a good time” you added.

“You planning on going?” he asked, his hand tracing your thigh.

“Yeah” you replied.

At your answer, he snapped, throwing you to the bed, yours hands pinned above your head by one of his, while the other pressed against your core, making you whine.

“You think he can give you a good time?” he growled, his lips against your neck, roughly biting and sucking, leaving hickies all over and your hips buckled against his fingers, looking for friction.

He laughed darkly, “You want ‘em?” he asked, you nodded frantically, “beg” he said.

You stared at him in disbelief, “I’m not gonna beg” you stated, to which he simply pulled his fingers away from you, and you whimpered at the loss of contact.

“You want ‘em?” he asked again.

“Please Slash, I need them” you started, and he smirked at the sudden power he had over you.

“What do you need?” he asked, ripping your panties off.

“You, I want you, and your fingers” you begged, “baby please”

He started tracing slow circles on your clit, making you sigh and the pleased sensation, “Oh Slash” you moaned.

His eyes lit at the sudden idea, quickly standing up, making you whine. Going through your drawers he found what he was looking for, a scarf.

He came back and tied your hands, “Hope you don’t mind” he said, tying both your wrists on the headboard.

“Now, were where we?” he asked, “Your hand was on my pussy” you said, opening your legs and letting him have a good look as you bit you lip.

His boxers suddenly becoming tighter at the sight of your wet pussy. He palmed himself through his boxers, getting some friction his dick desperately needed.

“You gonna do something?” you asked, his lusty eyes meeting yours.

Hovering over you, he slid one finger inside of you, slowly pumping it in and out, causing you to moan, he added another one and made sure to hit your sweet spot every time.

Your moans became louder as you felt your climax approaching, clenching your walls around him, desperately wanting to touch him.

And just as you going to orgasm, his slit his fingers out, making you groan.

“You thought you were gonna cum just yet?” he teased, “I want to have to fun too” he said, pulling his boxers off.

Sitting on his knees, he spits into his hand and his took his cock, moving his wrists up and down, tracing his thumb over the tip, low moans leaving his lips.

You got wetter at the sight, closing your legs tight, getting little friction, “You like what you see?” he said, his hand moving faster and his hips involuntary trusted upwards.

“Slash, please” you whined.

“You want something?” he asked, his movements coming to a stop.

“Yes, fuck Slash, I want you”

“What do you want from me?” he said, already hovering over you.

“I want you to fuck me”

His tip was already at you entrance, “baby please” you pleaded.

He slammed himself inside you and you moaned, he groaned “oh you feel so good around me babe” he moaned as he began trusting.

“So tight and wet for me” he whispered in your ear, causing you to whimper.

You moaned, “I bet he can’t make you feel like this” he said, his trusts becoming harder, “tell me” he said.

“No, Fuck! Only you can make me feel like this Slash” you moaned.

“What’s my name?” he said, “Who’s making you feel this way?” he asked.

“You, fuck, Slash”

“Wrong name sweetheart” he said trusting harder.


“That’ right baby”

You once again clenched around him, shutting your eyes close as you felt them get teary, your body tensing, “Babe I’m so close” you moaned, “I know babe, I can feel it” he groaned, “Cum y/n, cum for me baby” he groaned, his dick focusing on making you climax.

When your back separated from the mattress, and a loud yell of his name came rolling out of your tongue, Slash felt satisfied with himself, but didn’t stop trusting, riding your orgasm out as your whimpered and moaned, his dick twitching at the pressure and becoming undone inside, cursing and moaning.

Rolling off of you he sighed, trying to catch his breath, “I love you y/n” he said.

“I love you too Slash, but, will you untie me?” you laughed, causing him to chuckle too as he untied your wrists, laying down again, opening his arms, silently telling you to join him, which you did.

“You know, I was just messing with you about the whole Axl inviting me over thing” you admitted.

“Why?” he asked.

“Just wanted to prove something” you answered.

“What were you trying to prove?”

“just the fact that you are jealous of Axl”

“I am not” he defended himself.

“Totally” you laughed.

Pictures - Josh Pieters imagine

A/N: the Josh Pieters imagine I promised a few days ago is finally online! I hope you enjoy it :D

{Requests are open}


“We should really do something with that wall.” Those were the exact words you spoke out loud a few days ago, while staring at the empty wall in your bedroom. You had recently moved into a new apartment with your boyfriend Josh, after being together for roughly a year, and you were both trying to make this place into a home.

“I remember having a wall full of pictures when I was younger. All memories that I didn’t want to escape, that I wanted to carry with me forever.” You said with a smile on your lips.

“Then why don’t we make our own?” Josh suggested while wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. We’ve got so many beautiful memories together already that I never want to escape. I want to be able to remember them every day.”

And so it came that you had  lots of photos processed of memories you had together, as well as a few from the time before you knew each other. So here you were, with a stack of photos in your hand, admiring how your boyfriend carefully put them on the empty wall of the bedroom.

You smiled seeing the photo that was up next: it was a picture of you and Josh both fast asleep in an airplane, your head resting on his shoulder and his head resting on yours. It was the first time you two went on a holiday together and it had been your favourite one yet.

“I remember that day. Must be one of my favourite so far.” Josh said planting a kiss on your forehead, before putting the picture on the wall. You sat down on the bed thinking back to the day this picture was taken. Josh put himself next to you, staring at the next picture on the pile, also taken on that day. It displayed you and him on the beach sitting next to each other, his arm wrapped around you, your head on his shoulder, both watching the sunset.

“That day was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever had. What a struggle getting there though.” Josh chuckled and you laughed, because the road to that day indeed wasn’t an easy one. “All thanks to the Maynards. Got to love them” and you both cracked up laughing.

Your relationship with Josh had had quite a rough start. About a year and a half ago, you had moved to London to study there. Being a cousin of the Maynards and having a relatively good relationship with them, they suggested that you moved into the same building and that’s also how you met Josh. Your apartment was basically next door, so you could pay visits to your cousins regularly and the other way around. These visits gave you the ideal chance to get to know Josh better and that’s how you started having feelings for him, and they ended up being mutual.

But the fact that you were a cousin of the Maynards, ended up being a huge disadvantage. Apparently, the boys had imposed a rule in their group of friends that dating family members was out of the blue, so there you were, both having feelings for the other, but unable to be together. “Let’s just sneak around” Josh had suggested one day and that’s how you two started dating, without anyone knowing, for three whole months. Until that day.

Conor, Jack and Josh had decided to go on a holiday as roommates, and as you had been practically living at their apartment for the past months, they had invited you too. You agreed to coming, even though it would not be an easy task to hide your feelings for Josh for two whole weeks and sneaking around there wouldn’t be as easy as it was back home. To make the matter even worse, they had booked your seats next to each other on the plane, and Jack and Conor were sitting in front of you. You tried to avoid touching your boyfriend, even tried to avoid looking at him, but drastically failed when you fell asleep on his shoulder and he fell asleep on your head. Of course the two brothers couldn’t do else than take a picture and mock the two of you with it.

“We have to tell them”, you said to the ginger boy as soon as you had a short moment for the two of you. Up until now, he had always refused, because he was scared for their reaction, but there and then he simply said “Okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“More than ever. I want to be able to enjoy this vacation with the person I love without having to hide. We’ll tell them at dinner.” He said with a smile before quickly pecking your lips, making sure the brothers weren’t looking.

A few hours later you were sitting in a restaurant having dinner, trying to find the right moment to tell the Maynards. So between the main dish and dessert, you looked Josh in the eye and started talking.

“Conor, Jack, euhm… there’s something I have to tell you. Well, that we have to tell you.”  The boys stopped talking and looked at the two of you.

“It’s okay, we know.” Conor started laughing.

“You do?” Josh and you both asked in unison.

“It’s kind of obvious: Josh stopped hitting on girls at the club, the way you two look at each other, the way you were sleeping during the flight…” Jack continued.

“Plus, we saw you kissing earlier.” Both brothers started laughing and all you did was sigh in relief. You took Josh’s hand and gently squeezed it, trying to make him feel more comfortable. He gave you a smile and kissed you on the forehead, relieved as well.

“Oh look at you two cuties.” Jack started making kissing sounds.

“So you two are really okay with it?” You asked to be sure.

“Of course, after all it’s a stupid rule, and we’re both really happy for the two of you.” And with that dessert came and you could all enjoy the rest of your meal, relieved that you no longer had to hide. Afterwards you all decided to watch the sunset on the beach and that was where the second photo was taken by one of the Maynard brothers.

“We should actually thank those two for taking two of my favourite pictures of us.” You said with a chuckle, as Josh put the picture with the sunset on the wall.

“Yeah, we should”, and once again you were both laughing.

“I love you, Josh Pieters.” You softly whispered as you hugged him.

“I love you too, Y/N.”


A/N: Thank you so much for the support I’ve been having on all the imagines I’ve published so far. It’s almost unbelievable for me that so many people enjoy reading my work and I appreciate every single like, reblog, comment and follow

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Aye, so real talk, I need hiatus to go by slow as hell so I don’t have to dye my hair again. I love playing Archie, but come on. Did he have to be a ginger and make me have to go through such a damn process to just become him?