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the argument

tom holland x reader


angst, cursing, an argument, intimidation, break up

You got mad. Moments ago.

Tom was surprised when you did, because you never get mad. Even with the stupid things he does sometimes.

He’s still surprised when he yells back again. Even though he started in the first place.

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have you seen all of neo yokio? my friend told me it gets like really transphobic near the middle is that like actually a thing

I’ve literally only watched the 1st episode because it was so bad I didn’t wanna watch more. Someone else said that on my post tho

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Idk but they would guilt me into things and by the end of what I guess I would vaguely consider a relationship I was exhausted and made to believe that everything I said or did was wrong and assumed I knew we broke up before telling me about their new relationship I wasn't even allowe d to be upset with them because they played the victim and aaaand they wanted me to try to be friends with this person needless to say I was heartbroken and cried about it for days sorry to dump all this on you...

It’s not a problem m'dude, it’s good to let these things out. That sounds terrible and I’m really sorry you had to go through that. I’m glad that you can acknowledge that it was their fault and not yours though! That’s progress!
My messages are open if you ever want to talk.

I’ve seen a few people saying that they don’t want to see Black Panther because Marvel are erasing Ayo’s sexuality and like, as a lesbian, I get why people are saying that and I get that lesbian erasure is really frustrating and if it were literally any other marvel movie I’d agree but like.. this movie is about poc, specifically black people. If people don’t buy tickets Marvel are not gonna chalk it up to them erasing a lesbian’s sexuality, they’re gonna blame it on the fact that the cast is predominantly black which could mean less chance of a sequel, or for any more superheros of colour in the future. I understand wanting to send a message to Marvel about straightwashing but this is NOT the way to achieve anything.

In conclusion: Please go and see Black Panther

Dear neurotypicals, please stop making “autistic shrieking” jokes and using autism/autistic as an insult. It’s not funny and it never will be. When you use autistic as an insult you are implying that being autistic is something that is bad and that you should be ashamed of, which just isn’t true. As an autistic person I personally get really upset whenever I see an autistic shrieking joke or someone using autistic as an insult. Using autistic as an insult really shows how immature and ableist you are.

A couple of thoughts/theories from Rick and Morty S03E01

ok, so i noticed some things from the episode that made me connect some things

  1.  in the scene when morty takes summer to the cronnenberged dimension and some rick guards appear, morty tries to defend himself saying he’s Morty C-137

and the guard ricks just gave each other The Look

The Look says they know something, like something doesn’t fit with what morty says, something’s off… so, maybe the memory of rick’s wife and daughter dying isn’t totally fabricated, and the rick we know and love is indeed form dimension C-137, but “his” morty isn’t, bc there is no morty from that dimension to begin with.

2. The second thing that i want to discuss is this part 

bc well, he says a lot of emotionless and crude stuff, like that the real reason why he rescued morty and summer was to be accepted in the house by beth, and that his arc isn’t about getting over his dead family bc it was fake… but man… how do u explain this

like… i think he actually cares about his family, but maybe there’s a reason why he want morty to think he is a bad person, so when he finds out he’s not his original rick he won’t be as devastated as if he thought rick was a nice person

Okay so something was on my mind...

Just a thought, sorry if someone already pointed it out….

So remember this video from few month ago:

Yeah, they all became animated and it was so much fun. 

Well look at the thumbnail. 

We have Thomas, ofc he’d be there, it’s his video. And then yeah, Virgil and Roman, they were in it too, ofc he’ll put them in the thumbnail. But look who else was in the video. 

Butch Hartman.

He is not in the thumbnail. But we’ll let it slide. He isn’t usually around so maybe a new viewer could get confused, or something… And who else was in the video? Well I’m glad you asked. Patton and Logan were in the video too. Ya know, Logic and Morality.

I don’t see them in the thumbnail. They maybe even talked more than Virgil. And he didn’t put them in the thumbnail. No, he put Virgil and Roman, twice. Why?

I can see someone arguing that he wanted to show us what they looked like animated. But that’s why we watch the video. And it’s not like we don’t know what Sides look like.

Like, Thomas, sweetie, you could put other aspects of your personality in the thumbnail, not just your ship. Let’s not forget that this is ‘The fairest of them all!’ and “everyone loves the villain…’ video. The most Prinxiety video past the Valentines day video. 

Look me in the eye and tell me he doesn’t ship them. 

I dare you.

Someone Else

“Honestly, Ginny, it’s not you-” Harry stopped in the middle of his explanation, realizing how stupid he would’ve sounded saying ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. Ginny narrowed her eyes at him, and Harry rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. He had known that breaking things off with Ginny would be awkward, but this was simply unbearable.

“Then what is it, Harry?” Ginny asked imploringly.

“It’s… I don’t really know how to explain,” Harry said truthfully. How was he supposed to explain that his once intense, romantic love for her had turned into a familial, brotherly love for seemingly no reason. The past few months had just been different. Instead of spending his free time with Ginny like he used to, Harry would now much rather spend that time in his dorm room, or flying, or hell, even studying.

“Is there someone else?” Ginny said calmly. She wasn’t upset; she knew Harry would break up with her from the moment she saw the rooming assignments.

“I- yes,” Harry said decidedly, even though it was a lie. Maybe it would be easier to pretend there was someone else. At least that way Ginny would get a reason. “I’m in love with someone else.”


“Draco Malfoy,” Harry answered automatically, and then bit his tongue. Draco Malfoy? Where had that come from? He wasn’t in love with Draco! It’s true that they had moved on from being enemies since they were assigned to be roommates at the beginning of the year, Harry would even say they were friends, but love? There was no way. Or was there? After all, Harry found comfort in his late night talks with Draco when neither of them could sleep, and he invited Draco to go flying with him nearly everyday, and he relished those evenings he and Draco spent holed up in the library, studying and researching ways to remove tattoos made of Dark Magic. So maybe Harry did love Draco, just a little bit. But that didn’t mean anything, because there was no evidence that Draco felt the same.

“I thought so,” Ginny replied, her voice cutting off Harry’s thoughts.

Harry’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What?”

Ginny shrugged. “You two are always together, and when you’re not, you’re talking about being with the other.”

“Sorry, you mean, both of us? You think Draco loves me back?” Harry couldn’t disguise the hope in his voice.

Ginny sighed. “It’s quite obvious.” Harry didn’t respond, just stared in stunned silence, so Ginny went on, “Did you know that Draco, Pansy, and Blaise have been taking lessons from Hermione and I on how to cast a Patronus? Yesterday, Draco was finally able to cast one. And his Patronus, Harry- it’s a stag.”

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You see this girl?

This is Felicity Smoak.

She is soooooo beautiful.

I mean, seriously. Look at her!

I’ve been in this life for more than seventeen years and only now have I seen this amazing goddess.

I mean seriously. WOW.

Never seen anyone more beautiful than she is, and I’ve been around long enough to see almost everyone.

The actress playing her is Emily Bett Rickards.

Yeah. She’s flippin’ hot, right?

I have this frankly, ridiculous crush on her.

She’s too beautiful for words. But I’m trying my best.

She can wear anything and I’d love her.

Yes, even the Goth phase.

Yeah, I died during this scene.

This too.

She’s so precious my god

And it’s all thanks to Emily Bett Rickards.

She is Smoakin’ HOT.

  • Me: I ship Malvie
  • Someone: I thought you shipped Bal?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Someone else: I thought you shipped Bevie?
  • Me: Yes
  • Someone else: don't you ship Huma too?
  • Me: Yes
  • Someone else: wait what happened to Garry??
  • Me: ship it.
  • Someone else: what but what about Guma?
  • Me: ship it.
  • Someone else: okay but everyone ships Jaylos.
  • Me: tru
  • Someone else: wait I thought you said Janelos was cute?
  • Me: it is.
  • Someone else: but wait you said you shipped Benlos!
  • Me: I do.
  • Everyone: how can you ship everyone?!?
  • Me: they are all dating each other

okay so maybe irrelevant but anyone else notice how on the compass it only goes to 359 (when most compasses go to 360) 

and then at the bottom of the screen it says

(sorry tiny picture)

ANYWAY, they said that this comeback will be like debuting again….and theyre ALMOST making a 360….but not quite

idk what that means but ummm…yeah do what you want with this information


This probably won’t make sense to anyone who isn’t me, but let me try.

I was trying to explain my position the other day in a discussion about dusttale and Papyrus’s likeliness to be a willing co-conspirator in that kind of situation.

I was trying to express my opinion that even if there was an endless cycle of genocide runs and both brothers somehow remembered them, and even if all hope was lost, the second such a plan was actually vocalized, I felt like Papyrus would decide there had to be another way. He would never go through with it or support it unless he was completely corrupted beyond recognition (even if he was of sound mind but completely compromised morals). I was trying to express a very difficult to explain series of headcanons and analysis, which made this a personal exception, even though I enjoy Papyrus crisis-of-faith plots, angst, face heel turns, and the brothers actually being on the same page. I was trying to be both eloquent and elaborative. 

But instead all my mind could conjure up was a scene of sweet, sweet sibling hypocrisy.

I suppose that’s as good a reason as any not to murder everyone you’ve ever known and corrupt the very culmination of your being in a bloody, dusty final stand.

So last night I entered Green Day’s website into the “wayback machine” on a computer and found their first website layout! (Or so it says)

“Number of visitors since January 1995: thousands. Current time: on the clock on the wall” 😂😂