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When I saw the teaser for Moonrise I actually started tearing up. I think it has finally hit me that this is the last month, the last release, the last concerts for this project. This year has been amazing for Day6. They grew so much as artists and I get so proud of them whenever I see them enjoying themselves on stage because finally, they are doing what they love. Not only that, but they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’m so happy jyp let them do this project to help them to not only grow their fanbase, but to share more of their music across the world. Yes I don’t want this to end, but creating songs and performing them every month must have been so tiring for the boys and honestly I can’t wait for them to just rest next year and bask in all the lobster, pizza and other fine cuisines. 

I’m still salty that Hallow didn’t animate this scene

My girl Lou Fa being cute AF and finally seeing her crush after such a long time and being so happy!! And then there is Rikei and Lenalee

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49 with Moira from the fluff/angst list bc that's me jAM

Thank you for the request darling 💕(this is all done on phone so sorry for the formatting)

49: “Who hurt you?”
“Tell me,” Moira demanded.

You winced at both her harsh tone and the alcohol seeping into your wounds as she dabbed them.

“Who hurt you?” she pressed after you refused to answer. Her sharp order sliced through the silence and you didn’t know which was worse at this stage.

“I’m fine!” you protested, trying to shrug her off. But the red head was stubborn.

“Obviously,” she replied sarcastically as she healed you. “Whatever bastard has done this to you will pay, this I swear. We’ll make them pay together.”

Even the thoughts of anyone hurting you was enough to ignite a burning rage within her. She thought of ways to avenge you but she would need to know just who’s eyes exactly she was to claw out. She would heal them, of course. Just to hurt them again and again in every way imaginable. And her imagination had no limitation.

Moira’s heart skipped a beat as she worked on one particularly deep gash. If you had perished… she shook her head to rid herself of the vile thought. But it plagued her every time you were out of her sight.

“I didn’t exactly stop to ask them their name,” you told her with a weak smile hiding gritted teeth.

“Then we burn all the weeds until we find the right prickly nettle,” she told you. She began bandaging you up and took a deep breath as she finished. It could have been so much worse. But even the slightest bruise on your perfect body and she’d fret. Never before had she felt such concern. Her fingers gently brushed your cheek before lifting your chin so that she could look into your eyes.

“I will not even give them the option to surrender, mo croí.”

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why you act like it’s vip’s fault that seungri doesn’t have a solo album? maybe you should ask him to think about his life choices. because lately he choose to boil ramen noodles than working on a song in the studio.

are u a gd stan you’re probably a gd stan

Hm. Maybe I can’t fathom why policing stupid shit like fandom ships and fictional characters sexualities (that really AREN’T canon unless stated in a series itself, so it’s still HEADCANON regardless of what you say, dude) because outside of tumblr and my hobbies with fan art and writing, I have a life. And I also don’t feel a need to tell people what they can and can’t do or like when it’s not my business.

Maybe if you actually got off of tumblr and went outside and made some friends (which might be impossible for someone who has a personality like yours), you’d find that letting people have m/f ships is pretty okay, and that a canon male character being shipped with a female oc character got popular and it’s not a big fucking deal because it’s not actually hurting anyone.

You getting pissed off over fictional characters isn’t gay rights activism you fucking joke. You’re honestly really funny.

I like to play video games a little overleveled because I’m not in it to grind, I just like to go through and have a good time, but unfortunately in Borderlands 2 all the gun chests have guns scaled to the level you’re supposed to be at so I can never pick up any of the guns that are supposed to be rewards

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The fact that Matthew could be going blind is concerning

It did sound a little scary, but I wouldn’t be too distressed over it! Neither Matt or Stephanie seemed especially freaked out or upset, and I believe they did mention there is a treatment for it (laser eye surgery I think is what Steph said and I’m certain, since he’s said he’s terrified of the idea of lasers meeting eyes, Matt loved to hear that). I think the idea of him going partially blind is more if it’s left untreated, which I’m sure won’t happen! All in all, I think it’s a little early to be worried on his behalf and I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Callie tells me she’s hungry by ambushing me with face-kisses then nibbling on my nose. when she has to go potty, she grabs me with a paw, clawing harder if she REALLY needs to. and if she’s in the mood to be pet and fussed over, then she sits in front of me and stares until i give her a nice massage.

i just really like that she tells me when she wants or needs something, and that the signals are different depending on what it is. 

back when she was a puppy, i had a stool near where i kept her food. she started putting her front feet on the stool when she was hungry, and i realized rewarding behaviors like that could make life easier for both of us.

 later, after i moved, the stool was by the front door and not the food area–and she started telling me she really had to go outside by putting her feet on it! neat that she generalized what she learned to “if i need something near this object i stand on it,” not just “i get fed for doing this.”

“they” is shorter than “he or she”

“they” is more inclusive than “he or she”

“they” flows more naturally than “he or she”

I don’t want to see “he or she” ever again


Couple of assorted haikyuus