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*curls into a ball* don’t talk to me

Bonus pain: Hunk blocking all memories of his family by thinking of food; the perfect decoy because no one will question it

The reason I love the line “Thank you for keeping me alive” is that it means so much MORE than just Bellamy standing guard over Clarke while she was in the CoL. If that were the case, she could’ve said it when she woke up, or when they were in the tower. 


She said it after Bellamy had just given her a determined speech offering her guidance on what he thought they should do, after saying that they didn’t survive this long just to let the radiation kill them, and after telling that stupid joke about keeping her alive to ease the tension. Did yall see her face when he was finished talking? HER FUCKING FACE. It was like all her adoration for Bellamy was hitting her all at once.

What Clarke meant when she said “Thank you for keeping me alive” was also “Thank you for being there, thank you for taking this burden with me, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for making me feel like we can do this. Thank you for making me feel alive.”

Cute Whump Things

• Character B bleeding heavily while Character A tries to staunch the blood but Character B is more concerned about the fact that stoic Character A is sobbing and panicking

• When help is a few hours away and Character B has to stay awake, Character A rambles loudly about random stuff, trying not to break down and cry and to keep them awake

• Character B’s head hurts and Character A fusses as their thighs are used as a cushion, saying that it’s probably not comfy and Character B says that it’s perfect because they get to stare up at their face and it has a great view

• Character B is in so much pain and Character A knows it, so they let Character B hold their hand as tight as they want, even when it hurts and it feels like a finger just broke

• That moment when stubborn Character B feels awful and Character A notices and makes their day easier by giving them easy tasks and watching over them with concern to make sure they don’t pass out

• When stranded together, Character B is cold and Character B begrudgingly agrees to cuddle with them only so they won’t die, but ends up enjoying it and refuses to budge, saying that it’s for survival purposes only

• After falling into ice-cold water, Character B is shivering and Character A takes off their shirt and does skin-to-skin contact, trying to keep calm because Character B is their crush and cannot die

• Character B gets stabbed and Character A quite literally rips up their favourite shirt to make a temporary bandage, Character B protests and Character A tells them to shut up it’s just a shirt

• Character B has a bullet wound and tells Character A to take it out, but they’re afraid of blood so Character B soothes their tears and panic as they take it out, patting their arm in assurance as they hide their grimaces

• Character B is recovering from an attack meant for Character A and searches for them, only to find them in tears and crying that it should have been them how dare they scare them like that and having to comfort them

• Character A and Character B were both injured, but Character A sneaks in and cuddles up next to them because they were lonely and both being afraid to hurt each other, settling for nose kisses and cheek pecks

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