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westallen + third time’s the charm


I needed to show you guys these socks I got from my Secret Santa this week because they’re FREAKING ADORABLE AND MATCH MY SPREAD. // It’s been super gloomy in cali the past few days but the sun finally came out today. This week had it’s ups and downs; I can gladly say that I survived my last week of school and I’m so excited to enjoy my very well deserved holiday break! 

no offense but people who are saying “we can survive four years of this man” are the people who could survive. who aren’t disabled and watching their chance to be able to pay for healthcare plummet. who aren’t worrying if they’ll be murdered by police. who aren’t wondering if there’s going to be a new wave of homophobic crimes, including psychological and physical torture labelled as a “cure”. who aren’t worried that a white terrorist will hunt them down and kill them for being a member of islam. who have a family that will be staying peacefully in our borders, who aren’t going to go back to countries that could possibly mean their death in some circumstances, who aren’t wondering what’s going to happen when they can’t afford to eat anymore.

i think there’s something so dangerous in the idea that we can blandly “survive” him. a calming wave that promises - oh, it’s not so bad, and we’ve lived through bad before. you lived through bad before. others did not.

don’t be calm. living, breathing, being alive in spite of this man is the best thing to be. our existence is a menace to him, and the idea that i could be causing him some small amount of discomfort is a small and bitter pleasure of mine. be alive, but fight. the only way out is through. he can guess again if he thinks we’re going to brace ourselves and hope we’re one of the ones who doesn’t become a statistic. there are those who cannot fight that i am protecting. there are those who must remain apart for their own safety. since i have the voice and the ability, i’m here. since i am able, i will be everything he hates and i will be it loudly, i will be it for those who cannot be. 

there are people who will not survive this presidency. there are people who have died as a direct result already. and i want him to feel every drop of blood he is responsible for. we cannot sit and pray we’re one of the survivors. as long as we are surviving, we must make use of our time because - god help me - we might be the next victim. and while everyone around us is placidly buckling down and bearing the load - we’ve already held up so much. and i want him to feel the weight. i want every ghost he gathers to swallow him whole. 

there are those who will not survive. there are those that did not survive. there is always hope, there is always the others who carry our light, there is always our own hands. but we cannot promise that there will be no loss of life. we cannot promise that the america we know will be somehow unchanged on the other side. 

we are alive for the moment. and i’m ready to fight.


*curls into a ball* don’t talk to me

Bonus pain: Hunk blocking all memories of his family by thinking of food; the perfect decoy because no one will question it


                                        the almost kiss and 
                                                    the almost “i love you”


It’s possible that we die here without being rescued. However, I’ll do everything to survive. I won’t give up in despair or run away because of fear. I’ll survive. I’ll try everything to survive. If I can’t, then I’ll die. But let’s not give up and try to survive until then.


“do not touch anything. these are… artefacts from my past, in a time when my power was almost absolute.” (x)


Two sketches.

The first is totally mindless garashir fluff. They’re having a hug that is a bit easier for Garak to do, compared to a typical Human (or primate, really) hug which throws him completely off-balance. For some reason Odo is grumping at them, while Asha smiles. I… I really don’t have a story for this, it was an excuse to show some species size difference.

And speaking of: the second thing is Mila, Bashir and Garak. Mila survives, because I say so. In case anybody is new to my Cardassians and hasn’t heard this part before: they continuously grow throughout their lives, which also means at a certain point they become far too heavy to sustain bipedal locomotion any more, and become entirely quadrupedal. Mila is entirely quadrupedal, and probably somewhere between 2 and 3 times Garak’s mass.
One day, Garak will be that size too, and then probably bigger. 

In other news, Julian became a goofy cartoon after I tried to draw his face like twenty times.