sai plays firm wang

this is pretty much what happened, right? careful reiji, zarc might take over yuya for a moment and kill you

okay so i’ve been playing on my yuya file and like

i know some of you said i should marry cherche in this file cuz dragon fam but


i ended up marrying him to olivia

but hear me out

oh man if that ain’t fruitshipping

but also they dont forget about entame


plus have you considered


is “A Man for Flowers” like… c’mon…

and also

“Taking a step forward with courage” ahah




does… does this sound familiar????

their son wants to make his fam and the ENTIRE WORLD SMILE

even through his struggles like if that doesn’t scream yuya sakaki at you idk what does

marrying cherche had a good argument too but just… sorry guys. i couldn’t resist.

[Robin]'s future son. An 
upbeat boy who remembers little 
about the future—not even which 
future he came from. He wants to 
be a tactician like his mother. 
The most shamelessly self-driven. Born on May 5th.