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The signs as romance animes

Aries; Toradora

Taurus;  Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Gemini; Golden Time

Cancer; Ore Monogatari!!

Leo; Ao Haru Ride

Virgo;  Ano Natsu de Matteru

Libra; Clannad (After Story)

Scorpio; Anohana

Sagittarius; My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)

Capricorn;  Ōkami Shōjo to Kuro Ōji

Aquarius; Kimi ni Todoke

Pisces; Say ‘’I Love You’’ (Sukitte ii na yo)

Signs As Romance Anime

Aries: Toradora!

Taurus: Anohana

Gemini: Clannad

Cancer: Your Lie In April

Leo: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Virgo: Say I Love You

Libra: Ore Monogatari!!

Scorpio: Sword Art Online

Sagittarius: Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun 

Capricorn: Amnesia

Aquarius: Ao Haru Ride

Pisces: Angel Beats!

Gruvia is canon.


The Fairy Tail fandom is in a sensitive place right now. Some people are happy, some are disappointed, and others are somewhere in the middle. That is the case with the Gruvia scene as well, since many of us expected something more. However, the thing that most people agree on is that Gruvia is indeed canon. Lets take a look at the breakdown.

We see a drunk Juvia attempting to take off her clothes, in a manor very reminiscent of Gray stripping. As we all know, Juvia adopted this habit while they were living together back in the Avatar arc. Gray’s reaction to her stripping now strongly contrasts his reaction back then. He used to have NO reaction. But since it was confirmed Gray does have feelings for Juvia back in chapter 499, his reaction to her showing her body off now is very profound. We first see Gray blushing while exclaiming that she needs to stop this act. Adding fuel to the fire, Gildarts visibly ogles the increasingly naked Juvia. Gray was not having that. Not. One. Bit.

Then Gray continues to physically drag Juvia somewhere else privately, criticizing her for publicly stripping.  It’s ironic because Juvia has scolded Gray for stripping in the past on numerous occasions, but now the shoe is on the other foot. Gray has taken on Juvia’s previous role, acting protective, and embarrassed, implying that Gray’s feelings are mirroring Juvia’s once again.Gray also dragged Juvia off, just as Juvia had once done to him when she wanted to be alone with him before the GMG. Back on topic, Juvia apologizes to Gray, as he inspects her body, which leads into a conversation about their respective scars. This is important because, since the beginning of Fairy Tail, Mashima-sensei has highlighted how significant scars are when it comes to Gray. Not only that, but these scars are proof of how far the two are willing to go for one another. A symbol of their love for each other. 

Gray asks if Juvia can have Wendy remove the scar, but Juvia doesn’t mind it and points out the fact that he still has his, too. Gray immediately retorts back saying it’s different because he’s a man and she’s a woman. Scrambling to justify himself, Gray mentions Juvia’s body, and is cut off by her questioning him.

Gray is now the one ogling her body with a huge blush as she sits in a seductive pose staring up at him. Unable to come up with a good response, he embarrassingly states that she is his. Still having elements of a tsundere, Gray tries to play the situation off while being heavily flustered. Despite this, Juvia understands him and becomes love struck. In the Japanese raw, Gray says “ore no mono da”, which is translated as “you belong to me” or “you are mine”. However it’s a line that only implies the subject, so when taking context into consideration, Gray could also be saying that Juvia’s body is his as well. Meaning Gray is actually asking for/suggesting sex. That’s a big deal for a character like him.

Regardless of translation, Gray is into Juvia, and they have most likely been in a relationship for quite some time considering this is a year after the war. Gray wouldn’t be saying something so blatantly sexual to her if they weren’t already together, and Gray is also so comfortable stating something this openly to her. He would not have waited a year to answer her, so either the answer we have all been waiting for was off paneled (which still makes no sense), or it was chapter 499 as a whole. 

In Mashima-sensei’s mind, 499 was an answer. Gray stated that Juvia wasn’t a friend, that he wanted to protect her no matter what, and Juvia said Gray’s words made her happy. Juvia understood at that point that their feelings were mutual. 453 was just the same. Gray was grateful to her for always being by his side, and asked her to wait until after the war for his answer. She smiled knowingly there, aware even then what Gray meant, and what his answer would be.

Smooth Gray smooth

In addition, in the Harvest Festival art book, Mashima-sensei commented under the Gruvia postcard, which was labeled autumn of romantic love, that he went on the attack with this specific drawing, and he drew it when the main story was about Gruvia. Coupled with the most recent twitter sketches, including the one which showed an intimate moment between a blushy Gray and Juvia, their foreheads touching and both smiling happily, showcases that he had already given us the answer long ago.

Also, after Wendy overheard Gray’s words to Juvia, she had the exact same, flustered reaction to what Gray said, as she did when she overheard Levy mention a “baby” to Gajeel. Thus, Mashima-sensei is implying that Gray and Juvia are also in an adult relationship. Lucy had been narrating about other couples, and what had happened in the year. She states that Gray and Juvia have also gotten close/along, which parallels Gajeel and Levy (who are explicitly canon with the same “getting along” line). In official English translations in anime and manga, the phrase “getting along well” often is used as a comment on a couples romantic relationship.Their relationship over the year timeskip has likely been slowly progressing in a private but known manner. When talking about relationships, it is clear Lucy sees Gray and Juvia as a couple.

Another common concern that has been raised, is about Gray going out on a hundred year quest. Bear in mind, the 100 year quest is not a quest that lasts for a hundred years. It is a quest that has been available for a hundred years and not been completed, which indicates the difficulty of the quest. It was something Gildarts could not do alone. However, we have five incredibly powerful mages embarking on the quest. We see Juvia in the guild interacting with her fellow guild mates without concern. This indicates a secure status in their relationship.

Not to mention, Mashima-sensei clearly wanted to end the series on Team Natsu for nostalgic reasons. A couple does not always have to go on a mission together. 

In conclusion, it is possible we might receive extra content in the future, as Mashima-sensei tweeted that he was still working on further FT-related projects. Also, canon is not defined by babies and marriage alone. Canon is defined by whatever is official in the story. And it is official that Gray and Juvia share mutual feelings, Gray himself states in this very chapter that Juvia is his. 

Boku, Ore, Watashi

Okay, I have to throw in my two cents in regards to the Mutsuki’s Pronouns ordeal. Let’s start here:

From what I understand, he used both the hypermasculine ore and typically-feminine watashi this chapter. This caused some confusion, as MS took the watashi bit and translated all pronouns surrounding Mutsuki to “she”.

In my opinion, this isn’t really appropriate, since Mutsuki has explicitly stated that he wanted to live as a man, and never the other way around. On top of that, the people closest to him have always referred to him as “he”, to his apparent approval. Until he says “I want to live as a woman”, this should remain. As a rule of thumb, it’s socially correct and just downright polite to refer to someone as the pronouns they say they are.

Now, let’s look at Kaneki and Mutsuki in relation to one another. They are a true example of two people who’s lives parallel. They both grew up in abusive households, both underwent unspeakable torture, and both found themselves living under the care of the CCG. The two of them have the white hair and eyepatch to make that abundantly clear.

So. Remember this part? In english, Kaneki is saying “I? I? I? Me?” etc. It translated that way okay because it sounded like he was stumbling over his words while his brain was doing somersaults. But in japanese, he’s actually saying “Watashi? Ore? Boku? Boku, boku–” because at the time he was struggling for control over his body.

  • Rize used Watashi
  • Yamori used Ore
  • Kaneki uses Boku

Rize trapped him into this lifestyle and Yamori enforced it. To Kaneki, he felt like his life belonged to them now, and the “real” him had lost control. He knew that the violence was wrong, but needed “their” strength to protect himself and the people he loved.

Mutsuki is also struggling with who is controlling his body.

This is KEY to the polar shifts in his personality, and how he goes from a gentle doll to a rampaging killer in seconds. He disassociates and blacks out when he goes into these fits, and can’t remember what happened when he comes-to. 

denial, then warping walls as he comes back to himself

Here’s the thing: when Mutsuki refers to himself as a woman, or uses feminine pronouns, he’s seeing himself as the weak person who was abused by his father; the person who slaughtered his entire family. He is disgusted by that– by himself– and equates womanhood (incorrectly) to this awful, despicable, abhorrent thing from his own experience as a woman.

  • He was abused by his father as a woman (weak). 
  • He murdered his family as a woman (violent). 
  • He was leered at in the club as a woman (vulnerable).
  • He was dressed like a woman when he stumbled into that corner of the auction and ate someone out of desperation (barbaric).
  • He was treated like a woman when he tore Torso limb from limb and was forcibly reminded of what he had done in his past (grotesque). 

…and now resorting to violence is how his mind protects itself from more internal damage, unaware to itself that it’s trapping him in an downward spiral. Every time he’s put into a place of discomfort, he’s rocketed into an unhinged frenzy that he knows in the confines of his mind is wrong, wrong, wrong, but he can’t stop it. He’s triggered into lashing out at Touka when he’s jealous to avoid feeling (like a) vulnerable (woman) again, but in reality it’s doing him much more damage.

Unfortunately, Mutsuki hasn’t been able to catch a break or find some level of stability since his capture on Rue, and the “grotesque” parts of his self have now consumed him almost completely.

That, essentially, is why he’s using ore and watashi (and boku in the beginning, when he was stable). Like Kaneki with Rize and Yamori, Mutsuki is trying to have some kind of control over the “self” that has taken control of his body.

When Eren said to Falco “You’re a good kid”, he used the word “Kimi (君)” for “You”, instead of “Omae (お前)”.

He always used the word “Omae” when referring to someone, ever since he was a kid. He never used the word “Kimi”, up until now.

This can’t be translated to English, but it has some significance. In ch87, Eren used “Watashi”, instead of his usual “Ore”, when saying “I”. That was due to the impact that Grisha’s memories had on him, as Grisha used “Watashi” after he arrived to Paradis Island.

This is different though. In this chapter, Eren used his usual “Ore” for “I”, but used “Kimi” for “You”. To be clear, Kruger used “Ore/Omae”, and Grisha used that as well when he was younger. So, Eren didn’t use “Kimi” because of some memories, or paths. He used it by himself, with his own will.

And I think the answer to why he changed it is very simple. “Kimi” is a bit more polite than “Omae”. Isayama pays a lot of attention to what pronounce a character uses. For example, Eren always uses “Ore/Omae” for “I/You”, Armin uses “Boku/Kimi”, while Mikasa uses “Watashi/Anata”.

This wouldn’t be the first time Eren changed the way he says “i” or “You” because he wanted to sound a bit more polite. He changed it in ch6 as well, when he was talking to Mikasa’s kidnappers:

Back than, he used “Boku” for “I”, instead of his usual “Ore”.

So Eren using “Ore/Kimi” for “I/You” is a small hint that Eren was himself, but that he was acting when talking to Falco. It doesn’t mean that everything he said to him was a lie, and I think most of the things he said were true. But he made up his backstory, and he made sure that he sounds a bit more polite than usual.

There’s also a chance that Eren changed the way he says “You” during the timeskip to generally sound a bit more polite, but I doubt that. We’ll know for sure once he speaks to some SC members.


In ch99, Eren’s way of saying “You” returned to his usual “Omae”.

I think that in the upper panel, Falco wasn’t just speechless and surprised because Eren told him to stay, but also because Eren’s dialect when referring to Falco suddenly changed.

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 4

I absolutely wanted to post this within today because this evening I want to work on the Pash interview with Sayo Yamamoto… This BD volume has lots of choreography footage so that will take a while to translate, and I’m going to give priority to the interview.

This commentary is different from the others because it’s not just Kubo with another person, there’s 4 of them. Luckily enough they don’t really talk over each other (except for one part, lol), but in the second half I translated most of what they say as dialogue because I felt it was more fitting. In the dialogue parts my notes/comments are in brackets.

The commentary is only for episode 7. Episode 8 has no commentary. It’s not a full translation but I summarized most of what they said, and some parts are almost completely translated. Fans of Phichit, Guang-Hong and Leo should definitely read it as it’s a rare chance to get comments from these voice actors. Also, their reactions to the last scene are hilarious, that’s a must read too.

The commentary is by:
-Mitsurou Kubo
-Kenshou Ono (Phichit)
-Yuutarou Honjou (Guang-Hong)
-Shunichi Toki (Leo)

Translation under the cut because it’s long. Enjoy!

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yo, bless the fact that erwin says “ore mo ikou yo” to levi and “watashi” to everybody else in his “joining group” voice clips from the ps4 game.

“ore” is a male pronoun used in familiarity, more casual and generally sets the speakers at the same level. “watashi” is more formal and gender neutral.

and he only uses it with levi.


Ma tu che ne sai di tutte quelle notti passate in bianco a fissare il display aspettando un tuo messaggio.
Cosa ne sai di tutti i ‘resta’ trattenuti con le lacrime agli occhi?
Vedere le persone tenersi per mano per strada e mettere le mani in tasca per sentirmi meno sola.
Di tutte le frasi che ti ho dedicato ma non ho mai avuto il coraggio di inviarti.
Mi manchi ma non so come dirtelo, perché io a te non manco, neanche distrattamente, neanche raramente… e non mi pensi neanche per sbaglio.
Ma cosa ne sai di tutte le ore che ho contato senza di te.
Di tutti i giorni che sono passati da quando te ne sei andato via.
Urla, pianti, notti insonni.
Cosa ne sai…

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there's some posts/theories about twins!hide, it seems, in the hide tag, but they are in korean and japanese and I'm crazy to know the content of it

Okay, so I went to take a look at the account, and I don’t speak either of those languages but I took a shot at trying to figure out what it was talking about through Google translate. Some of the translations were nonsensical (not surprising), but here’s what I managed to get (keep in mind that this might feel all over the place because I can only understand certain parts through Google translate).

This is going to be very long and image heavy so I’ll chuck it all under the cut but there’s a lot to deconstruct here, and though I don’t know if I’m entirely convinced by this theory, it’s an EXTREMELY interesting read and this person is amazingly perceptive, I’m seriously blown away by this.

Everything mentioned in this post was originally said by @twinshide so I take absolutely no credit for any of it.

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I’m disappointed in the lack of big women in anime

and no, i dont mean big boobs or big butts, i mean girls who are actually curvy, thick, plus sized, should i say the word fat?

i googled anime girls and specified their body size, majority of it wasn’t serious outcomes, its all comedic/ fetish type fanart where their bodies are not physically possible to grow that way, where they swallow whole another character for some reason

why cant we have more women in anime like takeo’s mom?

ore monogatari is not about the typical looking anime character, takeo and his family is supposed to stand out. they dont like the usual people in anime with petite bodies and long flowy hair. but its not done in a way that takeo’s family looks ridiculous or hideous. they dont have a problem with how they look, takeo doesnt, its others who have a problem.

more that, and less big girls that look like simple doodles like Omae from Duck Prince or so round they look like the blueberry from willy wonka. and if there are decent looking ones, they’ve got flat personalities.

 at least make the girls feel good about themselves!!

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How would the Sakamaki propose?

I had A LOT of fun thinking about this and writing for it as you can see from the length for each boy. Thanks for sending this in! It turned out a little chaotic for some situations but hey, what’s a wedding proposal without some disaster?


Shu: Shu had promised to take his s/o to a concert of their choice, holding a poker face and simply agreeing with whoever they wanted to see. Having bought the exclusive VIP backstage passes as well, Shu gets help from their favorite artist to distract his lover while he gets down on one knee and pops the question. When his s/o turns around, they gasp and stumble backwards onto their idol, unable to fathom how wonderful and crazy their concert experience has been. It was a night to remember forever, and he made sure that this memory would always be imprinted in her mind for days to come.

“I’ll be the one to catch you when fall now, so you don’t have to fall on your idol like a fool. Just promise me that you’ll stay by my side for the rest of your life, and I’ll be satisfied.”

Reiji: Traditional as usual, Reiji would set up a romantic evening for him and his s/o where he treats them to his delicious and to-die-for cooking. The two spend the night chatting away, caressing each other’s hands, and reminiscing in past memories. When it’s time for dessert, Reiji excuses himself to go to the kitchen and later comes out with a beautifully decorated fruit parfait. He watches anxiously as his s/o devours it, but his romantic plans backfire when his s/o chokes on the hidden ring and he has to save them. He scolds them for being careless but his s/o argues that it’s unusual to eat rings.

“Fine, you are right, but I had hoped that you would pick up on the signs. What? Well either way, just understand that you belong to me now and that I rightfully am yours…your husband now, if you will.”

Ayato: Ayato wants his proposal to be grand and unforgettable, so he takes his s/o to Los Angeles, CA where they explore the streets of Hollywood. While on a tour bus, there’s suddenly information leaked from a radio station about a deadly disease spreading around the area, and the driver urges everyone off. Soon, Ayato and his s/o are swarmed by zombies and they run for their lives. When his s/o is out of breath and the zombies move in, Ayato “sacrifices” himself and forces his s/o to leave him. It’s not until his s/o is in tears and begging him to stay with them forever does he stop the act and tell the actors to go home.

“Hehe, why didn’t you say so earlier? Ore-sama would never leave you! Chichinashi, I know you’re mad at me, but this was fun, right? Ouch, ouch! Stop hitting me! I love you a lot, damn it! Just marry me!”

Kanato: Kanato takes his s/o out for a walk in a misty forest one evening, holding their hand tightly as they embark on an adventure. When they stumble upon a lantern-lit picnic area, Kanato sits his s/o down on a tree stump and sings lovely melodies for them. They later eat a hearty dinner together on the blanket spread out by the tree stump, and he sings once more, summoning fireflies with the sound of his voice. As they dance and put on a light show for his s/o, Kanato ends his song with the fireflies forming a heart and asking his s/o to be his one and only lover in this lifetime.

“Ne, you love me, right? In that case, we should get married and be with each other forever. Doesn’t that sound appealing to you? We will both never be alone ever. We will always have each other.”

Laito: Laito sends his s/o all over town on a fun scavenger hunt to look for clues, but he adds in his s/o’s favorite things to do along the way too. When his s/o finally meets him at a ball in formal attire, the two find themselves waltzing with other couples and at the end of the dance, the couple are entertained by a ballet troupe and an orchestra. To set the mood, Laito had instructed the orchestra group to play instrumental versions of Disney songs and pulled his s/o in for another dance, choosing to propose to them as soon as “This Land” from The Lion King OST played out for the dramatic effect.

“Say you will be my partner forever. Whether we are partners in crime, dance, love, or anything else, I will always choose you first. I hope you will do the same for me too. Marry me, [Name].”

Subaru: Subaru had taken his s/o out to a lantern festival and instead of watching it from land, he rented a boat to paddle and take his s/o out to the water. As soon as they lit their lanterns and released them into the starry night sky, Subaru sheepishly pulled out the ring and asked his s/o to be his lover for an eternity. He was nervous all day to ask them but when his s/o lunged forward and tackled him into a hug, he was relieved, despite them flipping over into the water. Laughing at the sudden splash and holding tightly onto the ring, Subaru brings his s/o into a passionate kiss.

“We have to go home now since you flipped the boat over. But it’s alright, today was a fun day. Hm? Kiss you again? You needy idiot, you don’t have to ask me anymore. I’ll give you an endless amount from now on.”

-Admin Yuuzuki