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[Image: An amigurumi cat with red points and black, heart-shaped eyes]

You’ve heard of Siamese cats, now get ready for the Say-I’m-yours cat! (You would not believe how long it took me to come up with that pun -_-a ) Anyway, it’s super cuddly and great for staring up at you adoringly :3

I know I usually talk more in craft posts, but I am way too sleepy to brain right now. Next time, maybe :P

Anyways, Happy Late Birthday Flo~!! <333 You’re such a sweet cinnabun, I hope you had a great one! 

It’s still the 21st where I live so it’s technically not late right?


Tunisian Crochet Markiplier’s Heroes Banner

After watching one of Markiplier’s videos a while ago, (You Are All Heroes, to be exact) I was inspired to make this. Took me over a month, from creating the pattern to crocheting it to finish it. It’s been nice to work on this because I kept thinking words of encouragements from Mark’s videos and from my friends. Things have been difficult since my university graduation and although things are no better now, I keep finding strength in these videos and from my friends to keep trying. This banner means hope, strength, and encouragement to me and a reminder that I can handle whatever life decides to throw at me.

Thanks for being you Mark

  • me: *can knit and sew and has plenty of useful skills and supplies to use said skills on*
  • also me: I'm so bored there's nothing to do.

so a few of the last projects ive done ive done with what i like to call Big Girl Yarn aka yarn thats not from joann or michaels but is like Proper Yarn Store Yarn and i gotta say, i dont want to go back to lion brand. my hooks dont snag and pull away bits of thread anymore 


#393 Piplup

Another one made for a friend! Also the first gen 4 Pokemon for me I think? My starter was always Chimchar, so I feel kind of like a traitor that I made Piplup before it, but gosh darn is it cute.

The joy of crochet is its simplicity: there is only ever one stitch in work and just a few variations of the basic stitches to master, but the possibilities of using and combining those stitches together are endless.
—  Erika Knight

Enjoying a break in my work and i found an easy project to start while i’m waiting for my yarn to arrive. I have some white yarn left so i might try to do this little bunny ! (actually i’ve already started to knit it, though i don’t know when i’ll be able to actually finish it).

On another note, i’m really considering learning how to do crochet (do you say “how to crochet” or “how to do crochet” ? that’s a mystery to me). If anyone has advice on how to begin, where can i find good tutorials, or whatever comments there is to make about crochet, please share !