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drew some emperor penguins based of Penguin-san from Shirokuma Cafe, all voiced by the amazing seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya \o/ 

Loved him as Penguin-san and since then I just keep finding him everywhere.

also trying new brushes o)-<

Kuroko's Birthday 2017 (Akashi's Greeting)
Akashi Seijuurou & Kuroko Tetsuya
Kuroko's Birthday 2017 (Akashi's Greeting)

Special audio dialogues for Kuroko’s birthday on Cross Colors! The clip includes Akashi’s greeting and Kuroko’s response.

Akashi: Today is your birthday, isn’t it? May you have many meaningful moments… Tetsuya.

Kuroko: Thank you very much; I’m really happy that you remembered. From now on, I’ll be in your care.

Thanks to @fyenale​ for helping with the translations!

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Can I have Akashi trying to encourage his s/o who has a dream but gave up on it because they're from a poor family and it won't provide enough income?

“No, Seijurou, that’s not the point!”

You slapped your open palm down onto the dining room table, the loud noise finally ending the argument that had been festering between the two of you for the past few hours. Taking a shaky breath, you tried to calm your nerves before speaking, afraid that your voice would come out just as wobbly and insecure as you felt like your knees were. Blinking often, you tried to keep the hot tears from spilling over.

“That’s not the point,” you said again, this time whispering. “I can’t do that. I can’t afford it.”

“And I said, I can help pay for it instead.”

Akashi moved to grab at your hand on the table, sure that the way you had slapped it against the wooden surface had left it tingling and on the verge of bruising. He wanted to comfort you, wanted to help you in any way he could, but before he could even take a step forward you pulled away. Physically and emotionally.

“Then it wouldn’t be me.” At his look of confusion, you elaborated. “I want to do this on my own, Seijurou. I need to do this on my own. If you pay for it, then I’m not.”

He wanted to scoff at your argument, but that was the reaction which had started the argument in the first place. He knew he couldn’t break stubborn with annoyance. So instead, he tried a different tactic.

“Getting help doesn’t mean you don’t accomplish your dreams.” He needed you to see the voice of reason. He needed you to see you weren’t alone in your endeavors. “Let me help you. I know you can make it there on your own if you try hard enough, but I still want to help you.”

He stepped forward again, closer to you, in an attempt to calm you down from your highest emotions. You retaliated by taking a step back, a step away.

“No, I have to do this on my own.” Cradling your hand, you turned away from him. “I have to.”

Akashi waited a full few seconds before he reacted, hitting his fist hard against the table on the same spot your hand had once lay.

  • Kagami: You're not going to win this time, Akashi!
  • Akashi: An interesting theory, but let me propose an alternative one: I am going to win this time.
  • Kagami: Ah, but last year-
  • Akashi: And this is a theory I have built up from the following postulates: one - I win every time; two - this is a time; three - I will win this time.
  • Mayuzumi: Don’t you think there’s something suspicious about Akashi?
  • Mibuchi: Sei-chan?
  • Hayama: No!
  • Nebuya: Why would you say that?
  • Akashi: *enters room* *everything darkens and there is a sudden ominous lightning strike behind him accompanied by Scooby-Doo haunted castle music*
  • Mayuzumi: That. That is why.
  • Mibuchi, Hayama, Nebuya:

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I love your blog! Like, love love!! I love you!! <3 Our precious husbando needs more blogs like yours! <3 Btw, is it stated that the Akashi household does business? I'm hvng this HC dat they might be in the line of politics, lol but dats just me. XD

The Akashi household is a distinguished Meika family [source] - I googled a bit about this and apparently they’re one of the Kuge families allowed to sit with the Emperor (that’s probably why the impression of them being in politics isn’t that far off)

As with their business background, Midorima spilled us the tea ;)

shout out for Midorima-kun for being such a sweetheart!

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Scenario: What do the GoM (including Kuroko) do when they discover their s/o has sneaked a kitten onto campus that she found in the morning so she could take it to a shelter after school?

GOM and Kuroko with kittens? HELL YEA!!

Just notice, some will be longer than others.

Akashi (Rakuzan)

“Good Morning, (F/N)” Akashi said as he approached you by your locker.

Startled by the sudden voice in your ear, you jumped and turned to look at him. “H-hey Sei-chan,” you replied with a sheepish grin on your face. “I have to get going to class-”

“Where’s my morning kiss?” He pouted, raising his eyebrow.

You really couldn’t resist it when he pouts; it was actually a very rare sight to see the emperor of Rakuzan pout. You quickly kissed him and when you broke the kiss, you quickly grabbed your bag and started to walk away. Sadly, he was quickly able to hold you back by grabbing your upper arm.

“(F/N), why do you have fur on your blazer?”

You shuddered, you didn’t like the way his tone of voice sounded-very demanding. Usually, when he uses that tone of voice, it was never a good sign.

“I stopped by a friends place to feed her cats. She’s visiting her grandparents and they live out of town,” you replied-unaware that your bag was moving.

“….What’s in your bag?” he questioned.

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Old Weather Joke

Kuroko: I’m cold.
Kagami: Here, take my jacket Kuroko
Kuroko: But then Kagami-kun you will be the one that cold
Kagami: I’m ok Kuroko don’t mind me *put his jacket on Kuroko immediately*
Kuroko: Kagami-kun.. (put his angelic smile and blushing face here)

Takao: I’m cold..
Midorima: ….
Takao: Shin-chan~ I said I’m cold~
Midorima: Takao I can’t control the w– *sigh* here take my jacket.
Takao: I’M JUST GONNA HUG YOU❤❤ *glomps*

Furihata: …
Akashi: Here, take my jacket Furihata-kun.
Furihata: B-but I didn’t even say anyth–
Akashi: Ssh, take my jacket.

Himuro: The weather is so cold isn’t it?
Murasakibara: Eat this soup Murochin~ it should warm you~
Himuro: Thanks, can I also have your warm embrace?
Murasakibara: What’s not Murochin come here~
Himuro: ❤ (smile beautifully you could die.jpeg)

Kise: I’m cold..
Aomine: Well damn, Kise. I can’t control the weather!
Kise: AHOMINECCHI!!! !!! !


Haizaki: It’s cold
Nijimura: So
Haizaki: Excuse you but you should’ve put your jacket on me and said you’re okay
Nijimura: Did your head hit something or what also why aren’t you bring your own jacket in the first place
Haizaki: You dumbass hopeless romantic shit
Nijimura: Should I hit you so hard you could feel warm inside

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but now that i think of it 5b+6c as respectively kuro+aka thanks (the context is probably a bball meet-up party gone on for too long, everyone tipsy, its 3AM and kise is advocating for his mineral water tasting skill in front of a mostly unresponsive audience, people are sleeping on the open court, bokushi is there in spirit)

5b & 6c. Here it is!! (finally). I rarely have the opportunity to draw the terribofficial outfits, I hope u don’t mind hehahadsl..


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When did you start liking Akashi?

That is…a very tough question to answer. I don’t know the exact moment per se, but I had a feeling way back when he first started making appearances that I was going to like him (keeping in mind that I have only watched the anime). Because my taste generally runs towards morally ambiguous, intelligent characters. Also I tend to like any character Kamiya-san voices, lol.

About three moments stand out for me. One is baby Akashi with a basketball:

This is the first and last time we get to see that kind of delighted smile on him, and it’s interesting because it seems to imply his natural personality is fundamentally quite optimistic and cheerful. I think it makes him seem all the more lonely when you realise that he is very much a product of his circumstances and how anxious he was to please his father. And lonely characters always have a special place in my heart.

Another one (among many) is that infamous scene where he drops Kagami:

Originally posted by anima-posts

He’s not even ankle-breaking anyone here, it’s just sheer force of personality that leads to a 6-foot tall guy folding in half in front of him. Something that this scene illustrates is Emperor Akashi’s ideology, which is that he is in opposition to our heroes because he’s made to win, and not for any personal grudges. It’s pretty interesting that for such an intimidating person, he has a fairly cordial relationship with everyone even before he reverts to Oreshi. Well, maybe not poor Kagami though.

The last one is from the birthday extra:

Originally posted by kiseki-no-sedai-team

The whole episode is just Akashi gold, honestly. But the reason I really liked this version of him, is because he’s a lowkey troll? He comes in and introduces himself really politely like everyone doesn’t know who he is, is highly fascinated by Nigou’s cuteness and is wearing that badass vampire coat. He has the ability to fit in anywhere he wants by virtue of not caring about anything. Going back to the discussion of his ideology, Akashi isn’t a snob in any way. He’s just absolute because he’s him.

Yeah, so I just realised that sudden essay didn’t entirely answer your question, but there’s no specific time. I just built it up over time, I guess.