Belated Happy Birthday to my little ball of sunshine, prompto! <3
was busy lately and didn’t even noticed that it was my baby’s birthday!
painted him on this chocobo spring ride! 

Wouldn’t it be cool if such ride actually exists? 
would ride the heck out of it! σ(≧ε≦o)

*no chocobos were harmed in the making of this illustration

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awayandlaughing  asked:

is two cheating? IDC - LEESAI GO

“send me a crackship and i’ll give non-crack reasons to ship them” meme

Lee/Sai isn’t even crack anymore what’re you talking about

Okay so these two are so different to such a ridiculous degree that they literally are the best together okay because consider this:

Sai it really bad at emoting. 

Like, he is just so bad. Doesn’t know a thing about acting appropriately in social situations. He’s trying to learn to express himself but he’s always doing it wrong and doesn’t know that he’s doing it wrong, so he comes off as a total ass and a jerk. 

He says stuff just to see what happens and treats everybody like a subject to be studied, which is kinda fair since he’s trying to see what words cause what reactions so he can learn how other people emote, but mostly it just makes people hate him because this kind of behaviour makes him an ass. He says the wrong thing at the wrong time, to the wrong people, and it’s just horrible. Sai needs to learn to emote like a decent human being, and not from a book.

Lee is really good at emoting (and is also not a book, but he can sure be read like one).

Lee is like, the most honest, emotive person in all of Konoha. He expresses everything, from happiness and excitement to sorrow and doubt. He genuinely cares for the people around him and just wants the best for them. And I mean, just look at how super great Lee was towards Neji despite the fact that he was a massive jerk who constantly told Lee he was never going to become a good shinobi!! Lee has so much patience and love and acceptance for even the grumpiest of people.

Which means he can totally have that patience with Sai and, super important, teach Sai how to emote properly!! Anyone who deals with Sai’s gotta be super patient, and Lee is just so supportive and patient that he’s the least likely to leave Sai even when he starts getting really frustrating to deal with. I think Lee would be able to stick around long enough for Sai to make any progress in socializing, and this isn’t necessarily a matter of making someone change, either - Lee loves people as they are (ex. Neji) and just believes in his comrades so much like??

And since I’m writing this under the assumption that the ship is genuine and goes both ways please imagine a Sai who genuinely wants to learn to express his emotions effectively, to communicate appropriately, and to read expressions appropriately for the sake of being about to tell Lee how much he loves and appreciates him and this ship would be so great okay it’d be frustrating and have a rocky start and everybody would think it’s weird but in the end it would be super sweet and adorable and just so full of love and support from both of them fuck.