Aidan as a baby and again all grown up. I didn’t put in his markings because i still don’t know what they’ll be. I kind of think stripey spots for him, but I’m not sure yet.

Aidan is a Sahn'voan / Human hybrid, half Voan and half human… meaning genetics do some weird things. In this case, he has external ears (which have been reconnected in all other species), and he slightly resembles a gorilla in build and skull shape. He’s usually on all fours and acts more animal like, despite being perfectly sentient. He’s also HUGE, at his full grown size.

I painted the background hastily but I’m quite pleased with it. Sundogs are one of my favorite natural phenomonons/illusions, and it suited the photo soooo~

Some inks of Sahn'voan (long tendrils) and Ahn'voan (Spikes). They are quite updated from their old look, especially the Ahn'voan. I wanted the two to look more visually distinct- the Ahn'Voan are land based herbivores, with the Sahn'voan being ground and tree based omnivores… and the two having very different social structures and being total enemies. 

I’m especially pleased with the forward facing Ahn'Voan, his face looks perfectly bulky.