Guest Post- SaHMMY’s Cajones Grandes

One of my earliest followers from when I started my blog on tumblr 3 years ago was “The SaHMMY”, a witty, sometimes snarky and always funny, former actress/comedian and now stay-at-home-mom who asked me to be a “guest chef” on her site/blog.  Twice!  I was incredibly flattered. It was so nice to feel the love.  I also follow her blog and the goings on of her life, her kids, her crazy ass dog… and love every minute that I spend reading about it all.  She’s one of my tumblr friends that I hope to actually meet one day.  My mom, when we were younger, would have said that we belonged to the Mutual Admiration Society.

So, a while back I asked her (Jeris Donovan a.k.a. The SaHMMY) to write a sort of testimonial about my blog. “I’d love to hear from people who may have been inspired to get their kids to eat well after reading my blog” (I must have been feeling sorry for myself that day.)  What I got is so f*%&ing funny and I’m so honored to be a positive influence.  Not that I always live up to it myself!  And I still need to get a juicer!! 

So here’s… 

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“You can’t catch a ball if there is still one in your mitt." 

This gem – this nugget of wisdom that could be turned into the title for a best-selling, self-help book – was just written by one of my favorite bloggers, The Sahmmy. It’s dating advice she’s given friends about not being able to "start a new relationship until you completely let go of that guy.” And yes, I’ve known one or two people in my life who could have used it. 

And she’s always coming up with good stuff like this! Is anyone looking for a new advice columnist? Call her. Text her. Tweet her. Or just visit her blog