wicdiv 31 thoughts

i didn’t post anything last month because i got my issue pretty late and was busy in general, but thankfully i got 31 a few days ago and decided to write down all of my thoughts while i have time! (and to distract myself from some…wildly complicated email problems. technology is hard and if i was ananke i’d just make woden work in an IT call center as a punishment. sucks for him but great for the rest of us amirite?)

  • speaking of woden, i looked at the back cover quote as i was leaving my comic book store and laughed. “that’s your problem.” that’s 30% of woden’s character right there.
  • gillen’s right, i do want persephone’s leggings. i wonder where she shops and if she actually goes and buys clothing in broad daylight or if she sneaks around just before closing to get stuff when there’s less people.
  • i get more invested in sakhmet/persephone with every issue. more than a party, sakhmet’s inviting persephone to her favorite place, which we later see is the museum from issue 17. not sex not drinking not fighting! this is as sober as sakhmet gets on her own and she wanted persephone’s company. excuse me while i cry…
    • also persephone’s ‘be safe’ has a lot of emotion in it, but especially because that third panel is when you see that she’s making the decision to do something that might make sahmet considerably less safe
  • that face dio’s making to cass and woden? i’ve made the exact same face at 1am as i tried desperately to stay awake studying. also when i’ve had to drag drunk friends back to their rooms. the True Exhaustion face
  • another point about clothes- where is cass getting hers? persephone wears stuff that i could see being sold anywhere from forever 21 to st laurent, but cass’s wardrobe is much more custom and verging towards costume-y at times. lots of capes, which i love but where is she buying them? how expensive are they?
    • these are questions baal probably texts to cass on a weekly basis. he texts them to ammy on a daily basis with a lot of upset emojis because she has no concept of a clothing budget.
  • cass might be right about dio’s health being fucked, but she looks absolutely translucent- i wonder if her neglect of her health contributed to woden being able to take her down later on or if woden was just able to plan everything really well.
  • “like all great prophets” made me think about similarities between the greek cassandra and wicdiv cass. cassandra always told the truth but was never believed. wicdiv cass loves telling ‘truths’ to other people but isn’t quick to believe things about herself. or at least she takes new information and processes it in a way that’s already compatible with the way she thinks and how she’s ordered her world. ananke just transformed her into a god? well it’s still bullshit but i’m gonna roll up my sleeves and figure some things out!
  • anyway one of the things i love about cass this issue was after woden told her that dio likes her, she immediately went to dio to try and figure out what was going on. communication!
    • dio single-handedly ended the concept of the friendzone AND declared that his big motivation is just making people happy
    • i’m crying in the club just re-reading this
    • actually i feel like the crying in the club meme is a great wicdiv meme in general
  • persephone’s contact picture for baal is his cover from a few issues back…interesting that it’s that and not, idk, a candid picture or selfie or something. much less personal.
  • i can feel baal yelling through the phone lmao
  • i too have always wanted to rave inside a giant brain
    • one of my profs always liked to say that you have more connections in your brain than there are stars in the galaxy, and i thought of that the moment i saw the page. i think dio would like it too.
  • i died at ammy mentioning cass yelling at them through the phone
    • baal and cass are the mom and dad friends who express concern and affection through a lot of loud, aggressive yelling about responsibility and property damage
    • to me this was another quiet but interesting bit that fleshed out baal and cass’s relationship- “she is very mean.” “yeah, but she was right.” they disagree on many things and have spirited fights but i do believe that each of them have a healthy amount of respect for the other.
  • ammy saying she’s the best performer is……very ammy
  • i’m not really sure what woden’s endgame is here. all i’ve got is “shithead god doing shithead god things”
    • i mean really what does he need 44,444 people for…is he trying to tap into their brainpower to solve some kind of problem? am i only saying that because of the giant glowing brain?
  • love the way mckelvie drew sakhmet looking at the statues- lots of emotion in there 
  • oh ammy….
    • i feel like i’ll eventually have more to say about her death but even when i was reading the issue my reaction was “oh… OHH SHIT OH…oh wow” and then i went back to sipping on my matcha latte. part of that is that ammy was never a character i got attached to and i think part of it is that i haven’t really been in wicdiv analysis mode in a couple of months. more thoughts will be coming soon i’m sure!
  • oh also i read the whole issue while listening to “set it off ( 觸發)” by lu han which i think was a good choice. the chorus goes “our bodies are on the countdown/ love like a boom/ blow it up” so, y’know