so my great aunt got a dna test done and apparently our proud southern white family has at least 12% lineage from sub-saharan africa so they’ve all shut their racism up recently it’s so satisfying


Subspecies Spotlight #01: Saharan Cheetah.

Written by admin Lynx.

The Saharan Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus hecki) is a critically endangered subspecies of cheetah in northwest Africa. There are only an estimated 250 mature individuals remaining in the wild today.

Saharan cheetahs have a unique appearance compared to other subspecies; they have shorter, nearly white fur. Some individuals lack the trademark tear stripes along each side of their muzzle, and their spots fade from black to light brown on the legs. The total body size is also slightly smaller (around 40-45 kg.)

They are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, and can even survive without direct access to water - most of their fluid intake being from the blood of their prey. They are known to be more active at night than other subspecies, this helps them avoid the scorching daytime heat.

Please consider donating to Sahara Conservation, an organization working closely with saharan cheetahs and other animals in the region.

“Hama is a multi instrumentalist and electronic synthesizer composer from the Republic of Niger. His music has enjoyed wide acclaim throughout the country through his underground releases of unlabeled digital recordings on memory cards. Creating at the convergence of disparate influences, such as North African instrumental synth, Tuareg tishumaren, 90s Nigerien Hip Hop and second wave Detroit techno, Hama composes music that is futuristic and rooted in tradition, transmitting Tuareg guitar into the 21st Century.”

Sahel Sounds


Magi Concept Art: Masrur
[from bluray vol. 3, 4 & 6 ]

  • “Masrur was supposed to be a black swordsman, the Dark Continent was supposed to be like Africa [...]” [x]