Who Is Jane Doe?

My gut tells me she is a clone of Taylor Shaw… And since the last time my gut spoke, it told me that Bearded Man was Marcos and Oscar killed him, I’m gonna run with this.

1. Identical DNA - but oddness with the teeth. Possible, if her birth mother was from sub-Saharan Africa?

2. Human cloning is the big bad thing that is being covered up by the government. Haven’t a clue why- but Bill Weller was involved in collecting DNA, and that is how Taylor died. (Okay, far fetched- but work with me here. Maybe that’s why he tried to kill himself.)

3. So Oscar was telling the truth - Jane IS Taylor Shaw. Except she isn’t.

Thoughts, o fandom?


Saharan Desert Landscape, including sand dunes (don’t miss the wind ripples) and palm trees, from Algeria.

“Malaria is considered one of the most common infectious diseases and the most important of the parasitic diseases … Malaria is also more than merely a tropical disease that claims a heavy toll on lives in sub-Saharan Africa and is economically costly. In recent debates among development economists, malaria has been at the centre of a controversy about the causality between health and economic performances. This relation is probably bidirectional but economic analyses on the cost of malaria in Africa have contributed to this important debate…”

The Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics, Volume II: Policies ad Practises by Célestin Monga and Justin Yifu Lin.

Image credit: Mygg / Mosquito by Erik F. Brandsborg. CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr.