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Last Sentence Meme
Rules: post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

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So okay, some of you know I roleplay in a community. So I just finished this roleplay with one of the roleplayers.

“It does not take alot of effort to manipulate this situation and blame it all on Avalanche.”

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Last Sentence Meme

Rules: post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything!) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

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So um you would do this to me when I decide not to be a saint.

“Ignis felt beads of sweat trailing down his back as his chest rose heavily, his face flushed a deep red as he avoided the seductive smirk on the shield’s mouth..”

I’ll explain later..when I upload this part.

Also, these are a lot of words for a person who doesn’t know a lot of people…

Gladnis and TLOU

So I’ll be piggybacking on @sahara-rose post Gaming Chocobros AU!

Here’s Rose’s scenario to read!

Gladio plays The last of us with Ignis by his side.

So Gladio decides to play The Last of Us on a live stream, playing it because he’s interested in the title meaning and that the main character is an older man in his late 40s with a kid by his side. Ignis decides to join him after a few minutes also interested in the main characters’ adventure. They didn’t realize this game would invoke their parental instincts.

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THE SOLILOQUIES OF SANTIAGO is canadian webseries based on Shakespeare’s Othello, written and created by RJ Lackie. It currently has 20 episodes that make up it’s first “act”, with more episodes scheduled for 2016, and vlog-style extras during the hiatus.
Why should I watch it?

  • It features a diverse cast, along with many LGBT characters
  • Seriously, 4/6 characters introduced thus far are queer in some way
  • One of these is a transgender woman played by an actual trans person, the fantastic Sahara-Rose Reno
  • It is SO good. For real, the writing is fantastic, the acting is seriously BREATHTAKING, the plot is deeply engrossing, the characters are extremely complex, and it has some fantastic references and (even better) additions to the original
  • Speaking of which, the setting is changed to a modern day theatre college. Yep, the whole confusion begins because Iago (or, in this case, Jacob) wants Des’ role as Hamlet. Meta. Meta everywhere.
  • Jacob Santiago is an asshole and also the love of my life
  • Des and Emily are queens
  • Everybody’s pretty hot tbh
  • I mean come on
  • It’s shakespeare. But gayer and sexier. With theatre nerds. What else do you want from a webseries???
  • GO!!!