SaGuijo x Terno Inferno x Up Dharma Down 

Tonight we stand by the door
waiting for amends
I’ve all this time for love
Tonight you come
With no suit and suitcase in your hand
I couldn’t wait until the day is done
I never thought I would be the one could deal so much waiting
I never count but look at me now, I see the time I should be saving
Oh hasty patience help me get around, tell me what I should be taking
Cause I’ve been set in a situation where I'm terribly mistaken.

- (Parks, UDD)


LDP performing “Here to Own It” at saGuijo Bar last August 12.

FILM Shoot: What is it that you love about UdD? (This Saturday @ SaGuijo)

Have you ever wanted to profess your undying love for Up Dharma Down…in front of a camera?

This Saturday, there will be an additional sequence for the upcoming Up Dharma Down documentary, A Week In Metro Manila, and the best part is, it’s all about you.

Now is the chance to show the world the amazing and loyal UdD fan base!

Where: SaGuijo (Terno Inferno) Saturday, March 19

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Who: A.W.I.M.M. Production Assistant Zobel Certeza will be organizing the shoot.

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Time: 8pm (Parking Lot) Shooting Will be up until UdD goes on, and then through out the night.

Format: The interviews will be done in groups for it to be interactive, but if you also find yourself alone, with something to say about Up Dharma Down, be there and let your voice be heard.


What is it that you LOVE about UdD?

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Alab x Saguijo

It was actually my first time to organize a bar gig from end to end. I mean, I have realized how bar gigs are always taken for granted. I, for one, am also guilty of it. As a performer, when bars or production houses invite us for events, we usually go there just to perform. But after organizing my first bar event, it also takes some guts and courage to push it - especially because of the bar guarantees, securing your audience, and at the same time, puling together performers.

So, last Friday, we needed to have a bar tour for our Alab project. We chose Saguijo. Funny, I thought at first that it was something chill - I mean, to be honest, I thought that you would just be inviting musicians, then invite people, then get the venue and voila, magic will just intervene to make things great. I was wrong. We would have to call artists even the night before, and even, if possible, force people to go to the event.

Nevertheless, we had fun. Unlimited booze for the team. Adrenaline rushing through our head. Great! More booooze!


Sept 8, 2011

It was surprising enough when I found out just a few days before this that one of my favorite CSB Bands will be saying goodbye. I didn’t know how to react when Nicole, their manager, randomly mentioned it to me on our way to ministop that Sept 8 will be their last gig. For a short span, I refused to believe it. After all, Good Morning High Fives is the first ever band I came to knew way back during my Frosh Years. It was because of their former Guitarist, Marco De Vera, that I got to know about this band. 

I’ll be writting extra on this blog post, allow me to express my thoughts and emotions on this disbanding because GMH5 has grown on me, even way before I started to attend CSB’s music scenes such as gigs. It means a lot to me, more so when it comes to Marco, who I used to be extremely close to. I miss you. And I’ll forever miss seeing Good Morning High Fives play live and the energy you guys bring. I won’t forget how it feels listening to your music. You have moved me and a thousand others.

To June, Joe an my Spiky Turtle; Luis, you guys will definitely be missed. 

Before all else, here are some of the bands that played before the curtains closed.
Photos by Andrea Javelosa & Nicole Sarmiento.

Lions & Acrobats

I never get tired of hearing them play. I know they’ve most likely played “Hanging on A Cliff Named IV Drip” ever since their first ever gig, but I never got tired of hearing this every gig. It’s in fact the first song I really look forward to hear every time they perform. They just keep playing it better and better every time they do so. The energy is still so alive. 

One of their latest  songs is called, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”, and I got goosebumps the first ever time I heard this song. Icoy will be doing some screams in this song and when I witnessed that first time, I was just blown away. It was surprising, something I didn’t expect from the Lions but it was Spectacular. Here’s my new favorite.


When Curbside performed, I really stood in the front row beside Pat from Mad Hatter Day and Ling from Lions & Acrobats. I didn’t mind being one of the boys there, it was such another good form of energy & tension release for me. I just had to bang my head more than the usual because Curbside playing live is just so orgasmic to the ears. And watching them move so dynamically is just as amazing. 



Nino, he’s the one who went to Bacolod with GMH5 to session in for Kevin. Nino’s a cool guy, despite his age he still gets along so well with us kids. He’s like an older brother to these guys already who they can look up to for some guidance. 

While we were watching Nino Avenido play, I sat beside Chase, Curbside’s drummer who’s one of my closest people here. I didn’t know he was so vain when it came to photographs on their band performing. He frequently has to check how he looks, and I jokingly said that its anyway rare for him to have photos because he is always the one being less photographed. Well he admitted it was true, because he’s most likely being covered by Migs, their vocalist. Oh Chase, I couldn’t stop laughing at him, because I enjoy teasing or frustrating him. 


First time I ever heard this band play. The moment they started playing their instruments I found the intro a bit familar. When it got to the part where the vocals come it, I was right when I thought it was Taking Back Sunday’s Faith(When I Let You Down), and it really was. Brought me this wisp of breeze when I heard it. Such a good cover done by the band.

And btw, it was only this night I found out that Nicole’s(the band manager of GMH5, LAA & Curbside)  boyfriend was the vocalist of PITIK. Okay, random “showbiz” talk, just a fact I found cool.  

Monica & Humphrey. During the break between bands, I sat with Monica & Humphrey frequently outside. They’re such a sweet, cool and amazing couple and I mean it truthfully. You can see so much love in them even just by the way they tease each other with jokes. It’s a relationship I admire. Monica is just so sweet, kind and warm. She’s one of the nicest persons I know.

I met Humphrey during the same time I met Marco, GMH5’s former guitarist. It was way back in 2009 during my Frosh year and it was their 2nd year already. It was for Natural Science Class. I can still remember how we all looked, or how the classroom felt during those days. Im nostalgic now. And ever since then, Ive grown so close to the both of them. It came to a point when I’d hang down south with these two and others. 

Burger Machine at 2:30 in the morning with Earl. I had this strong feeling that I was feeling hungry and what a relief when I heard that Earl was going to get some Burger Machine. I just had to come with! I lover Burger Machine! 

GOOD MORNING HIGH FIVES T SHIRT that Ling was wearing.

THE RED NINJA FAMILY. This must have been such a significant moment in all these guys, especially to Nicole who manages these four very amazing and solid bands( LAA, GMH5, CURBSIDE & MAD HATTER DAY. This will be the last time these guys will be complete before GMH5 disbands. I can’t imagine how proud and happy these guys feel, must have been so amazing. From the 107’s of Curbside down to the 110’s of Mad Hatter Day; music lives!

The video presentation…

So they played those very memorable video clips that date way back. It was really nostalgic, though I haven’t known the band that long, you could still feel every bit of emotion of what everything was before. It was moving to see these videos that were once in real life and now their nothing but memories recorded on camera. 

They included videos of the band while they were on tour, such as those late night pranks they did around hotel rooms or Joe downing a bottle of vodka and then ending up dancing intensely. It was really funny, and those were really one of days that marked such significant moments. 


It was also touching to hear inspiring goodbye messages from different significant people. Most especially Marco’s; I got teary eyed the moment I saw his face and heard him talk on the video…I miss him so much…I really find it a tragedy that I never saw Marco play live with the band, not even once. I still remember how he called me up saying he quit last December 2010. I’ve grew really close to Marco, he was already a brother to me.

So that’s everyone paying attention to the video presentation. I obviously don’t have a copy of any of it, but anyway, here’s my trip down memory lane with Good Morning High Fives. They have marked moments in my existence too. They’re music has moved me and the friendship with them has been an awesome ride too.

April 2011, my photo with Luis, Joe & June. Took this right after we finished our interview for them for SDA Talent. Where is the article? Sadly, the tape we used to record this, fucked up. It was really devastating…But anyway, we’re still planning on something… It would have been such a full and entertaining video because these guys were really talking so well; it was probably the most enriching interview we did. The flow of words just went so well.

The Bacolod Gig. How can we ever forget about this night? This was when Lions & Acrobats along with GMH5 visited Bacolod last March 2011. It was really such a lively gig, the crowd was super active and welcoming. I myself felt the rush of energy and life that went through all of us that night. It was overwhelming. Here’s the blog post of it btw:

The morning after the gig. This was the first time I met Nicole, their band manager. I used to be scared of her, I thought she was terrifying and strict, well she still is, but when you get to know her, she’s easy to get along with also. 

It was a bit surreal also, I used to hear the band name frequent before, I knew they were really good because a lot of people recognized them for their talent. And now I find it pretty awesome that im actually friends with them. It’s an honor to be around you guys. 

Luis a.k.a my Spiky Turtle.

He’s the closest to me from the band. I will never forget the first time I met Luis. Well, it was in the elevator and he had this backpack with really cool spikes, similar to this one:

So anyway, I was being the usual stubborn me; I didn’t know Luis, yet I was playing and poking backpack. I found it so entertaining and that is why I call him Spiky Turtle and he calls me Penguin. We were formally introduced by Jang, my Bacolod friend. Luis really has this very warm, friendly and interesting personality. I love you Turtle!!

So anyway, here is the Music video of SOUND by Good Morning High Fives.

Please do watch it, it is very pleasing to the ears and the eyes. Video editing was done so well, and as always, June, you looked so fabulous and attractive. I really love your style. Hands down to Ryan Cua for directing this along with his team.

Good Morning High Fives - Sound from hkNiu on Vimeo.

So for the very last time, let’s give it up for Good Morning High Fives.

This will be the last time I will be photographing this band. So I had to absorb everything I could during this night, it was their last and I will surely miss hearing them at gigs. I didn’t want to go out tonight, I just wanted to stay home but then again this was the LAST, I just had to go. They played so well, and I will always remember what it feels like to listen to their music.

For sure this band will be missed. They were exceptionally talented, they were a band that really stood out and made a difference. Just by hearing the name, it already brings a boom. And I’ll forever miss seeing Good Morning High Fives play live and the energy you guys bring. I won’t forget how it feels listening to your music. You have moved me and a thousand others.

To June, Joe, Kevin and my Spiky Turtle; Luis, you guys will definitely be missed.Thank you for bringing us everything that your music could.