The Number Line Records launch is happening next Friday, May 6, at Saguijo. The whole roster is playing, so come early!

Big Hat Gang
Love in Athens
Manuel Nicolas Alvero
Plant a Tree
Similar Objects
Slow Hello
The Treblinka Love Scene

Plus, first 50 people to arrive get *free* limited edition physical copies of the Number Line Records compilation, with alternate covers by Bea Camacho, Mariano Ching, Dex Fernandez, Marcushiro Nada, and Tof Zapanta!

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SaGuijo x Terno Inferno x Up Dharma Down 

Tonight we stand by the door
waiting for amends
I’ve all this time for love
Tonight you come
With no suit and suitcase in your hand
I couldn’t wait until the day is done
I never thought I would be the one could deal so much waiting
I never count but look at me now, I see the time I should be saving
Oh hasty patience help me get around, tell me what I should be taking
Cause I’ve been set in a situation where I'm terribly mistaken.

- (Parks, UDD)


LDP performing “Here to Own It” at saGuijo Bar last August 12.

FILM Shoot: What is it that you love about UdD? (This Saturday @ SaGuijo)

Have you ever wanted to profess your undying love for Up Dharma Down…in front of a camera?

This Saturday, there will be an additional sequence for the upcoming Up Dharma Down documentary, A Week In Metro Manila, and the best part is, it’s all about you.

Now is the chance to show the world the amazing and loyal UdD fan base!

Where: SaGuijo (Terno Inferno) Saturday, March 19

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Who: A.W.I.M.M. Production Assistant Zobel Certeza will be organizing the shoot.

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Time: 8pm (Parking Lot) Shooting Will be up until UdD goes on, and then through out the night.

Format: The interviews will be done in groups for it to be interactive, but if you also find yourself alone, with something to say about Up Dharma Down, be there and let your voice be heard.


What is it that you LOVE about UdD?

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