Inspirational Fall Out Boy quotes according to the signs

Aries: I am god’s gift

Taurus: old headlights sniffing model glue again 

Gemini: I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t I don’t

Cancer: I’m the crybaby

Leo: There’s a room in a hotel 

Virgo: you are a brick 

Libra: peroxide princess shine like shark teeth 

Scorpio: I’ve got a lousy arm 

Sagittarius: highway truckstop stalls 

Capricorn: the 13-second note held in “The Take Over, The Break’s Over" 

Aquarius: He says "I’ve seen bigger”

Pisces: oh oh ooOOoh ohh oh oh oh (specifically from “Tiffany Blews”)

NGC 3567

NGC 3567 is an HII region located about 9,000 light years away towards the constellation Carina, not far in the sky from Eta Carinae, in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way. It spans about 100 light years and is illuminated by gas ionized by young stars created by episodes of star formation in the region.

HII regions are regions where hydrogen gas clouds condense and trigger intense star formation. The young, massive stars these areas contain emit huge amounts of ultraviolet radiation, ionizing the surrounding hydrogen and giving the regions their name. NGC 3567 is very dense, demonstrated by the dark, opaque dust in the center of this image. This can make it difficult for astronomers to see the young star clusters. So far, not enough star clusters have been found to explain the nebula’s brightness.

Image from ESO, information from NASA and Chandra.

Sagittarius NASA/CXC/Penn State/L.Townsley et al, Optical: ESO/2.2m telescope

This is the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxy, shown mostly with optical data from the European Southern Observatory. The x-rays Chandra detected, shown here in blue, likely arose from wind blowing from young stars, according to NASA. This image comes from 2005 and shows objects about 9,100 light-years away.


The Signs On A Road Trip

Aries: Driving with their hand out the window and nodding their head

Taurus: Munching silently in the back while Virgo covers for them

Gemini: In the passenger seat, complaining to Aries about how long the ride is taking

Cancer: Giggling at Scorpio and Pisces while trying not to squish Capricorn from the jerks of the car

Leo: Listening to Libra, but is secretly hiding one earbud in their hair

Virgo: Blackmailed Taurus into sharing their food, while trying not to get caught by the other signs

Libra: Telling their life story to Leo, using wild hand gestures and always getting side-tracked

Scorpio: Staring out the window, until they’re stuck holding Pisces in their arms grumpily

Sagittarius: Singing at the top of their lungs with Aquarius

Capricorn: Two words: Poker. Face.

Aquarius: Rocking out in the back with Sagittarius

Pisces: Falls asleep, but hugs Scorpio in the middle

4 Signs in an Abandoned House
  • Gemini:I swear we are going to die *crawls into Aries arms*
  • Sagittarius:Jesus Christ Gemini nothing is going to hap-* hears a door creek* ha nope! * jumps into Aquarius's arms*
  • Aries:Oh god. we are okay.
  • they turn around to see a door opened wide that wasn't there before*
  • Aquarius:Wow so scary! we are all going to die! * note sarcasm*
  • Sagittarius:Someone has to go down.
  • Gemini:*puts hands up* I volunteer... not to go.
  • Sagittarius:neither am I. I guess its between you two>
  • Aries:I wanna GO! I am strong and if I die I want a pepe meme on my grave stone.
  • Aries walks into the room
  • Aries:*screams*
  • Gemini:ARIES!
  • Aries:*crashing noise*
  • Sagittarius:Aquarius! do something!
  • *loud thud*
  • Aquarius:yo Aries ya'll good?
  • *silence*
  • Aquarius:*walks into the room*
  • Gemini:is she in there?
  • *Aries and Aquarius jump out of the room with zombie masks on, Gemini and Sagittarius both scream and run towards the door that leads out side*
  • Aries:good job! *high fives Aquarius*
Signs as things in Shinee's View MV
  • Aries:minho's arms
  • Taurus:minho's arms
  • Gemini:minho's arms
  • Cancer:minho's arms
  • Leo:minho's arms
  • Virgo:minho's arms
  • Libra:minho's arms
  • Scorpio:minho's arms
  • Sagittarius:minho's arms
  • Capricorn:minho's arms
  • Aquarius:minho's arms
  • Pisces:minho's arms

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Welcome back to Startalk. From Manhattan, New York City, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Sagittarius Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Vigo Supercluster, and the universe.
—  Neil Degrasse Tyson on StarTalk
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The constellation Carina appears in the southern sky, and it contains the 2nd brightest star in Earth’s sky. It is Latin for the keel of a ship, as it formed the keel in the constellation that depicted the ship Argo, Argo Navis.  Carina is also the name of a dwarf galaxy and a nebula that appear within in the constellation. The Carina-Sagittarius arm is an arm of the Milky Way galaxy

Carina was also the name of a civilian ship in Battlestar Galactica.

Carina is sometimes used a a pet form of the Italian name Cara, which means ‘Beloved’. Carina first appeared in the top 1000 names in the United States in 1976. It hit it’s peak in 1995 at #383. It is currently ranked at # 948.