Sagittarius Arm by J.J. Losada

The Carina–Sagittarius Arm (also known as Sagittarius Arm or Sagittarius–Carina Arm, labeled -I) is generally thought to be a minor spiral arm of our home galaxy, the Milky Way.

Each spiral arm is a long, diffuse curving streamer of stars that radiates out from the galactic center. These gigantic structures are often composed of billions of stars and thousands of gas clouds. [**]

NGC 3567

NGC 3567 is an HII region located about 9,000 light years away towards the constellation Carina, not far in the sky from Eta Carinae, in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way. It spans about 100 light years and is illuminated by gas ionized by young stars created by episodes of star formation in the region.

HII regions are regions where hydrogen gas clouds condense and trigger intense star formation. The young, massive stars these areas contain emit huge amounts of ultraviolet radiation, ionizing the surrounding hydrogen and giving the regions their name. NGC 3567 is very dense, demonstrated by the dark, opaque dust in the center of this image. This can make it difficult for astronomers to see the young star clusters. So far, not enough star clusters have been found to explain the nebula’s brightness.

Image from ESO, information from NASA and Chandra.

so honey now...

take me into your loving arms: taurus, scorpio, libra, capricorn
kiss me under the light of a thousand stars: aries, sagittarius, gemini, aquarius
place your head on my beating heart: cancer, leo, pisces, virgo

Sagittarius NASA/CXC/Penn State/L.Townsley et al, Optical: ESO/2.2m telescope

This is the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxy, shown mostly with optical data from the European Southern Observatory. The x-rays Chandra detected, shown here in blue, likely arose from wind blowing from young stars, according to NASA. This image comes from 2005 and shows objects about 9,100 light-years away.


The Signs As Motions

Aries: cracking their knuckles
Taurus: rubbing their head
Gemini: biting their nails
Cancer: biting their lip
Leo: raising their eyebrows
Virgo: tapping their feet
Libra: picking at nail polish or fingernails
Scorpio: crossing their arms
Sagittarius: playing with jewelry
Capricorn: putting their hands on their hips
Aquarius: drumming their fingers
Pisces: twirling their hair


The Small and Large Sagittarius Star Clouds

The Sagittarius Star Cloud (also known as Delle Caustiche, Messier 24, IC 4715) is a star cluster in the constellation of Sagittarius, approximately 600 light years wide, which was discovered by Charles Messier in 1764.

External image

The top image is sometimes known as the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud to distinguish it from the Great Sagittarius Star Cloud (bottom image) located to the north of Gamma Sagittarii and Delta Sagittarii.

The stars, clusters and other objects comprising M24 are part of the Sagittarius or Sagittarius-Carina arms of the Milky Way galaxy. Messier described M24 as a “large nebulosity containing many stars” and gave its dimensions as being some 1.5° across. Some sources, improperly, identify M24 as the faint cluster NGC 6603.

Credit: NASA/Hubble/Wikipedia

the signs as bts things
  • aries:yoongi's diving goggles in we are bulletproof
  • taurus:taehyung holding hands with zico
  • gemini:namjoon's laptop and lotion
  • cancer:jimin breaking chopsticks with his butt
  • leo:the confused kid in war of hormones dance practice
  • virgo:bang pd's ipad
  • libra:jin's predebut photos
  • scorpio:manager's arm veins
  • sagittarius:jungkook smelling his panties
  • capricorn:young nation
  • aquarius:hobi and sungwoon
  • pisces:bangtan's hello kitty trash can

The Invisible Dragon

A dragon-shaped cloud of dust seems to fly out from a bright explosion in this infrared light image from the Spitzer Space Telescope.

These views have revealed that this dark cloud, called M17 SWex, is forming stars at a furious rate but has not yet spawned the most massive type of stars, known as O stars. Such stellar behemoths, however, light up the M17 nebula at the image’s center and have also blown a huge “bubble” in the gas and dust that forms M17’s luminous left edge.

The stars and gas in this region are now passing though the Sagittarius spiral arm of the Milky Way (moving from right to left), touching off a galactic “domino effect.” The youngest episode of star formation is playing out inside the dusty dragon as it enters the spiral arm. Over time this area will flare up like the bright M17 nebula to the left of the dragon, glowing in the light of young, massive stars. The remnants of an older burst of star formation blew the bubble in the region to the far left, called M17 EB.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The signs as jewelry
  • Aries:huge gold Egyptian style cuffs
  • Taurus:statement necklaces
  • Gemini:bangles because they can't stay quiet
  • Cancer:silver anklet with a tiny charm
  • Leo:bold gold hoop earrings
  • Virgo:a nice dainty necklace that's still feirce
  • Libra:rings, lots of them
  • Scorpio:multiple necklaces with different lengths
  • Sagittarius:upper arm band that looks like a snake
  • Capricorn:a simple dainty necklace
  • Aquarius:body chains and fake peircings because they're "original"
  • Pisces:a headdress with some precious stone in the middle
Capricorn trapped in the closet with...

Aries: Capricorn comes up with a plan and Aries takes action for them to escape.

Taurus: both are looking for things to take from the closet. If they have to be locked in there they better get something out of it!

Gemini: Gemini is poking fun at and possibly flirting with Capricorn and they A. totally love it or B. are getting really annoyed.

Cancer: having a deep conversation or are arguing about everything and anything.

Leo: are planning out how they will rule the world together.

Virgo: discussing their goals and aspirations.

Libra: both hate wasting time in this closet and want to go home/work/class/etc.

Scorpio: are playing a game of truth or dare.

Sagittarius: are arm wrestling or thumb wrestling.

Another Capricorn: fighting over leg room and any pillows in the closet.

Aquarius: are sharing music and movie opinions.

Pisces: are giving advice to each other and might even find out how much they respect one another.

The signs as parts of the body
  • Aries:knuckles, shins, jaw
  • Taurus:abdomen, feet, shoulders
  • Gemini:tongue, head, fingers
  • Cancer:chest, hands, thighs
  • Leo:nose, eyebrows, butt
  • Virgo:vertebrae, ribs, back
  • Libra:eyes, fingertips, neck
  • Scorpio:lips, nails, breasts
  • Sagittarius:ears, kneecaps, arms
  • Capricorn:heel, teeth, chin
  • Aquarius:elbows, calves, toes
  • Pisces:palms, cheeks, lungs