contradicting squads
  • scary but cute:scorpio, cancer, aries
  • nice but rude:leo, libra, gemini
  • blunt but shady:sagittarius, aquarius, scorpio
  • weird but cool:virgo, pisces, capricorn
  • confident but insecure:gemini, leo, capricorn
  • friendly but shy:taurus, virgo, cancer
  • awkward but smooth:leo, aquarius, aries
  • honest but reserved:scorpio, libra, pisces
  • angry but chill:aries, libra, cancer
  • hot but dorky:gemini, aquarius, capricorn
  • wild but calm:sagittarius, taurus, pisces
  • stubborn but easygoing:taurus, virgo, sagittarius
the signs and forgiveness
  • Aries:give it 20 minutes
  • Taurus:it depends on how badly you dissed them tbh... they generally forgive but don't forget
  • Gemini:they either forgive and forget in 3 minutes or they hold a grudge until the end of time, there is no in between
  • Cancer:they'll forgive you in like a day but pretend to hate you forever to protect themselves
  • Leo:they make you THINK they forgot all about it... until they bring it up at the worst possible time
  • Virgo:they'd love to see you die painfully 20 years after it happened
  • Libra:the most forgiving (read: doormat)
  • Scorpio:you might as well change your name and move to a different country because they are coming for your ass
  • Sagittarius:can't stay mad for more than an hour, but brings up your mistakes good-naturedly a lot
  • Capricorn:don't even bother apologizing, just pack your stuff and get out
  • Aquarius:let them scream at you for about 30 minutes and they'll be fine
  • Pisces:forgives pretty easily, but never, ever, forgets
Sign squads mashup
  • Queens squad:Leo Libra Aries Gemini Sagittarius
  • Cute weirdo squad:Cancer Taurus Pisces Aquarius
  • Maniac squad:Aries Cancer Sagittarius Pisces Scorpio
  • Artsy squad:Pisces Cancer Aquarius Scorpio
  • Clingy but cute af squad:Taurus Cancer Pisces Scorpio
  • Genius squad:Taurus Pisces Virgo Gemini Scorpio Capricorn
  • Ball is life squad:Aries leo sagittarius capricorn
  • Plays with fire squad:ARIES leo sagittarius Gemini
  • Sings like and angel squad:Virgo cancer taurus pisces scorpio
  • Emotional squad:pisces cancer scorpio aquarius taurus
  • Daydreamer squad:Pisces cancer Libra Scorpio Taurus
  • Works 24/7 squad:Leo CAPRICORN Libra Aries
  • Punk rock squad:Aries leo capricorn scorpio Gemini
  • Flower crown squad:Virgo Libra Taurus Pisces Cancer

Cancer, you are both the poet
and the poem.

Leo, this is what was supposed to happen.

Virgo, your presence is always valued.

Libra, do not regret how you got here.

Scorpio, listen without waiting
for your turn to speak.

Sagittarius, your heart is so good.

Capricorn, this is what it means to be growing.

Aquarius, come back to the city
it was easiest to breathe in.

Pisces, your body needs you
to be kind.

Aries, you worked hard to get here.

Taurus, forgive yourself for the summer you weren’t
the person you wanted to be.

Gemini, there is no obligation
to accept the love you are given.
—  JULY HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird
The Signs as Emo Trinity Albums
  • Aries:Save Rock and Roll
  • Taurus:American Beauty / American Psycho
  • Gemini:Conventional Weapons
  • Cancer:Infinity On High
  • Leo:Danger Days
  • Virgo:Folie a Deux
  • Libra:The Black Parade
  • Scorpio:Vices & Virtues
  • Sagittarius:Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!
  • Capricorn:From Under the Cork Tree
  • Aquarius:Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
  • Pisces:Pretty. Odd.
the signs as 2015 memes
  • aries:shia labeouf's motivational speech
  • taurus:"hi, welcome to chili's" vine
  • cancer:buy my silence. permanently.
  • leo:minions
  • virgo:"hoe don't do it" vine
  • libra:sausage chant
  • scorpio:the charlie charlie challenge
  • sagittarius:let's mcfreakin lose it
  • capricorn:sneme (snail meme)
  • aquarius:iggy azalea rapping
  • pisces:pepe the frog
Mars & your drive

   Mars in astrology is typically associated with sex, drive, and basic desires. It is the lord of passion and direct behavior. Whatever makes you mad, makes your blood pump, makes you ready to get up and do something is dictated here. Depending on the sign, house, and aspects that Mars is in, you can interpret what your drive is like. The signs are as follows:

  • Mars in Aries gets angry when others don’t do things right the first time or don’t do them fast enough. They are passionate and very active. When things get tough they fight it out.
  • Mars in Taurus gets angry when they’re rushed constantly or they are around impatient people. They are slow and enduring. When things get tough they wait it out.
  • Mars in Gemini gets angry when they are mocked or people force them to sit and endure really uninteresting things. They are witty and curious. When things get tough they talk it out.
  • Mars in Cancer gets angry when people hurt their family or when around very insensitive people. They are sensitive and kind. When things get tough they appeal to peoples’ emotions.
  • Mars in Leo gets angry when they are ignored or don’t get credit for their hard work. They are bold and sincere. When things get tough they hope for the best.
  • Mars in Virgo gets angry when things aren’t getting done or something isn’t to their liking. They are critical and cool. When things get tough they try to fix it with others.
  • Mars in Libra gets angry when people are fighting and people rush them to make an important decision. They are fair and charming. When things get tough they try to balance the situation.
  • Mars in Scorpio gets angry when people withhold information or challenge them on things they know. They’re calm and observant. When things get tough they stick to their knowledge.
  • Mars in Sagittarius gets angry when people aren’t open minded or don’t give them space. They are blunt and optimistic. When things get tough they take a walk.
  • Mars in Capricorn gets angry when people don’t think things through or are very loud and obnoxious. They are detached and reserved. When things get touch they listen to logic.
  • Mars in Aquarius gets mad when people are too emotional and don’t accept others. They are original and enterprising. When things get tough they creatively try to find a solution.
  • Mars in Pisces gets mad when they don’t get any time to themselves and people are abusive or hurtful to each other. They are kind and passive. When things get tough they isolate themselves and search inside themselves.
Celebrities with the same sign as you
  • Aries:Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr.
  • Taurus:Dwayne Johnson, Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Fox
  • Gemini:Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Kanye West
  • Cancer:Robin Williams, Kevin Hart, Ariana Grande
  • Leo:Chris Hemsworth, Anna Kendrick, Dylan and Cole Sprouse
  • Virgo:Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Zendaya
  • Libra:Will Smith, Kim Kardashian, Zach Efron
  • Scorpio:Leonardo Dicaprio, Drake, Emma Stone
  • Sagittarius:Nicki Manaji, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansen
  • Capricorn:Betty White, Zayn Malik, Elvis Presley
  • Aquarius:Ed Sheeran, Ellen Degeneres, Justin Timberlake
  • Pisces:Rihanna, Kesha, Chuck Norris
From 1-100, How annoying are the signs? (how much they think they are vs reality)
  • Aries:0 // 13
  • Taurus:15 // 11
  • Gemini:32 // 98
  • Cancer:90 // 69
  • Leo:-4 // 75
  • Virgo:1 // 83
  • Libra:?? // 50
  • Scorpio:40 // 40
  • Sagittarius:5 // 666
  • Capricorn:44 // 444
  • Aquarius:-223 // 759
  • Pisces:79382626181 // 21
The Signs as Classic 80's Movies

Aries: The Karate Kid
Taurus: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Gemini: The Breakfast Club
Cancer: The Goonies
Leo: Footloose
Virgo: Sixteen Candles
Libra: The Princess Bride
Scorpio: The Lost Boys
Sagittarius: Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Capricorn: Scarface
Aquarius: Back to the Future or E.T.
Pisces: Pretty in Pink