What The Signs Will Teach You

ARIES: they will teach you to stand up for yourself, even if you risk to be misunderstood

TAURUS: they will teach you to never lose your dignity, no matter how hurt you are, to always get away with grace and to never dumb yourself down for anyone

GEMINI: they will teach you to laugh when you’re not even in the mood to smile because people don’t need to see everything you feel

CANCER: they will teach you to love unconditionally, with every corner of your heart, not expecting anything in return

LEO: they will teach you to appreciate yourself, to know your own value, to accept your flaws

VIRGO: they will teach you to stay honest and pure in this dirty world full of liars

LIBRA: they will teach you to treat everyone equally, to love everyone, just because all the people are unique

SCORPIO: they will teach you to be passionate about everything you do

SAGITTARIUS: they will teach you to believe in yourself above everyone else, to fight for your dreams, not expecting help from anyone

CAPRICORN: they will teach you that loyalty pays itself off, either in love, in hard work or in waiting for something you want, that everything will always be okay in the end, as long as you don’t give up on what you really need

AQUARIUS: they will teach you to show off your imperfections since they are all that makes you who you are

PISCES: they will show you how far the human imagination can go 

Most Admirable Traits About The Signs

Aries- I really like their “don’t give a crap attitude” and also how protective they are over their friends and family.

Taurus- Their so cute and bubbly, and I like how they make the stupidest things hilarious.

Gemini- Okay so I admire all the confidence they have and they also are so cuddly and adorable. 

Cancer- Their super relatable and I like how they always appreciate me.

Leo- So I usually base these posts on people I know and the only leo I can think of off the top of my head is Barak Obama… so yeah thanks for being our president homie.

Virgo- Their super chill and is nice to everyone.

Libra- welp this be me.

Scorpio- Super adventurous and and always standing for what they believe in.

Sagittarius- Is it bad I like how flustered they get? Also a very honest person.

Capricorn- Super clingy in a cute way and is very loyal.

Aquarius- Their head smarts and ability to answer things and give advice is scary. 

Pisces- Super creative and is always way more reasonable. 

The signs surprising flaws

(sun and moon signs)

Aries: Can be over emotional. Hides it with quietness.

Taurus: Can push themselves too hard.

Gemini: Think so much about everything they end up being a pessimist.

Cancer: Very, very manipulative.

Leo: Insane need for affection and  acceptance. 

Virgo: Is very bitter and very stubborn. Not easy to deal with.

Libra: Lies about who they are so they can fit in.

Scorpio: Like Aries, is over emotional but hides it with apathy.

Sagittarius: Lies to people by saying they love them when they really don’t.

Capricorn: Hides their emotions and puts people off by being bitter and sarcastic.

Aquarius: Can have a hard time saying “no”. Cares about what people may think of their actions. 

Pisces: Can be somewhat selfish when it comes to other people’s feelings.

The signs as things I've done while drunk
  • Aries: stole an entire bottle of champagne from my friends, ran, and drank the whole thing by myself under a tree
  • Taurus: asked my friends parents if I could make weed brownies as a joke and they said yes
  • Gemini: talked to a friend about the universe for an entire hour in some random person's yard at 2 am
  • Cancer: held my friends hair back while she threw up, put pj's on her, and tucked her into bed
  • Leo: danced on a bar in front of a wall that said "fuck yeah" with an American flag
  • Virgo: made plans with a complete stranger to go see Niagara Falls (I live in Florida)
  • Libra: when my dad's girlfriend asked for a lighter, I misheard her and ran to my room and grabbed my weed because I thought she said "light up" let's just say my dad wasn't happy
  • Scorpio: kissed three guys within the span of 2 hours
  • Sagittarius: went driving with friends (a sober person was driving dw) and had a titanic moment through my sun roof by myself (it was magical)
  • Capricorn: destroyed two grown ass men in beer pong my first time playing
  • Aquarius: went to a party with a friend when we heard a girl say "hey are we going skiing tonight?" (aka doing coke). My friend and I just looked at each other and got tf out of there
  • Pisces: grabbed a blanket and fell asleep in about 10 different places in my friend's house
Things the signs tend to do a lot

Aries: using lots of hand motions while talking

Taurus: wiggling eyebrows

Gemini: taking deep breaths

Cancer: playing with their mouth

Leo: winking

Virgo: smirking

Libra: blushing

Scorpio: laughing uncontrollably

Sagittarius: picking at their nails

Capricorn: absentmindedly tapping their foot

Aquarius: looking deep in thought

Pisces: so much giggling 

The signs as types of texters

Aries: always online.
Taurus: audios only. too vague for typing
Gemini: answers instantly.
Cancer: reads it days later.
Leo: at least he’s really busy replies at the moment.
Virgo: answers before you finish to write.
Libra: replies instantly or days later.
Scorpio: always online and wanting to talk.
Sagittarius: he talks, you read.
Capricorn: answers one day later.
Aquarius: probably reads and forgets to replay.
Pisces: you could leave him on read all the time and he will continue to respond instantly.

Anime Characters With Eye Patch

Aries: Minene Uryuu

Taurus : Ciel Phantomhive

Gemini : Kenpachi Zaraki

Cancer: Zange Natsume 

Leo : Kyuubei Yagyuu

Virgo : Marie Mjolnir

Libra : Kaneki Ken 

Scorpio: Misaki Mei

Sagittarius : Rikka Takanashi

Capricorn : Asuka Langley

Aquarius : Kiyomasa Senji

Pisces : Takasugi Shinsuke 

When the signs like someone

Venus and Sun signs

Aries: Pretty much shows off a bit around them and tries to be near them

Taurus: genuinely cares about how their crush feels

Gemini: blushes a lot around them and jokes around with them

Cancer: gives them subtle hints and acts sweet around them

Leo: gets a little jealous and protective over them

Virgo: denies that they like them over and over but smiles a lot around them

Libra: checks them out from afar and teases them

Scorpio: attempts to flirt with them and stares at them

Sagittarius: likes having deep convos with them 

Capricorn: acts very cute and cuddly around them without realizing it

Aquarius: gives them compliments and acts very nice around them

Pisces: looks for them a lot and acts shy around them

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Why the signs are smirking

They just remembered something funny: Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

They’re watching you burn: Virgo, SCORPIO

They are eyeing someone hot: Taurus, GEMINI, Leo, Libra

That’s just how they look: Aquarius

What the Signs Deservee
  • Aries: Love & Happiness
  • Taurus: Love & Happiness
  • Gemini: Love & Happiness
  • Cancer: Love & Happiness
  • Leo: Love & Happiness
  • Virgo: Love & Happiness
  • Scorpio: Love & Happiness
  • Sagittarius: Love & Happiness
  • Capricorn: Love & Happiness
  • Aquarius: Love & Happiness
  • Pisces: Love & Happiness