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How about a Capricorn sun male with Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius. And a Leo sun female with Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra. Both Virgo rising. Thank you for taking the time to answer all these combos, you're surely sweet!

Here is what I wrote for Cap-Leo sun pairs! I’m a little unsure how I feel about this pairing. Sexually, this is a fantastic combination, as Sag-Libra Mars pairs are so harmonious, almost destined to be together. I also like two Virgo risings-you will understand each other. I think romantically, the Leo female will feel unfulfilled, as Aquarius is too pragmatic and doesn’t devote all of himself to one cause like cancer does. Overall, I’d give this pairing 4/10, but thats no reason to not work for it! Have a good day, babydoll! <3

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Compatibility between a female Sagittarius and a male Aquarius?? :D

this is a great match. both love their space and love adventure, and they would understand one another’s need to get away for a while. sag wouldnt be offended if aqua wanted to stay at home and watch tv today, and aqua wouldn’t be offended if sag wanted to go driving alone. but when they did get together it would be magical. lots of sightseeing and traveling and road trips. their main challenge would be not to lose touch, busy focusing on their own happiness

Signs / Stars
  • Popstar: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces
  • Rockstar: Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Superstar: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn
Type of Astrology Blogs
  • Actually reads about astrology to make realistic, factual, in depth post for the people of the inter webs: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces
  • Look, I just create some bs and hope that people can relate: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Virgo x Your Sign

Virgo (female) x Aries (male):

Virgo (male) x Taurus (female):

Virgo (male) x Gemini (female):

Virgo (male) x Cancer (female):

Virgo (blonde) x Leo (brunette):

Virgo) x Virgo:

Virgo (male) x Libra (female):

Virgo (male) x Scorpio (female):

Virgo (male) x Sagittarius (female):

Virgo (male) x Capricorn (female):

Virgo (blonde) x Aquarius (brunette):

Virgo (female) x Pisces (male):

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Sagittarius x Your Sign

Sagittarius (female) x Aries (male):

Sagittarius (female) x Taurus (male):

Sagittarius (male) x Gemini (female):

Sagittarius (female) x Cancer (male):

Sagittarius (female) x Leo (male):

Sagittarius (male) x Virgo (female):

Sagittarius (male) x Libra (female):

Sagittarius (female) x Scorpio (male):

Sagittarius  x Saggitarius:

Sagittarius (male) x Capricorn (female):

Sagittarius (female) x Aquarius (male):

Sagittarius (male) x Pisces (female):

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introductions of the signs
  • in Sextrology by - Starsky and Cox
  • Aries Male: the one
  • Aries Female: the original
  • Taurus Male: the idol
  • Taurus Female: the ideal
  • Gemini Male: the goodfellow
  • Gemini Female: the gift
  • Cancer Male: the player
  • Cancer Female: the pearl
  • Leo Man: the natural
  • Leo Female: the knockout
  • Virgo Male: the vehicle
  • Virgo Female: the vessel
  • Libra Male: the character
  • Libra Female: the charm
  • Scorpio Male: the stranger
  • Scorpio Female: the specimen
  • Sagittarius Man: the maverick
  • Sagittarius Female: the maven
  • Capricorn Male: the stickler
  • Capricorn Female: the sleeper
  • Aquarius Male: the visitor
  • Aquarius Female: the vision
  • Pieces Man: the drifter
  • Pieces Female: the dream
The signs as crushes(guy version)and how to approach them
  • Aries Crush: Be confident and stand for yourself. Don't care about what others think of you,it will surprises Aries because he is pretty insecure but he hide it behind this though exterior.So he will admire you. Be headstrong but chill at the same time. Be friendly with them. Just respect them.
  • Taurus Crush: Laugh at his jokes. Even if it's lame. Just talk to him casually,talk about your interests.pretty sure he will listen. U can be touchy-feely with him after having him open up a lil bit
  • ,
  • Gemini Crush: Laugh. Just have a good laugh with friends,he will show interest in you because he will think that you're an easy going person who knows how to have fun. Be social, dress up. Have something intelligent or fun to say. But be yourself. Dont force.
  • Cancer Crush: Be kind, show that you're attentionate to people needs, show them you're a determined person.
  • Leo Crush: talk with many people. Have a good heart , be generous.Take care of yourself and your appareance,laugh,be sassy but intellectual,
  • Virgo Crush: start conversations with him. Whatever topic. Be Neat and be fun to be with.
  • Libra Crush: be attentionate to him. Libra guys loveeee when a girl just pay a tiny bit of attention to him. Be nice,not too serious and dress up. Engage light-hearted conversations
  • Scorpio Crush: be intriguing. Have a loud mind and a loud voice but be quiet. listen to them.compliment them!
  • Sagittarius Crush: show them that you have a nice heart and a nice person in general who knows how to have fun. Don't be afraid of standing for yourself.
  • Capricorn crush: be classy. Don't talk when you have nothing to say. Give your all to everything you are doing.
  • Aquarius Crush; try to make jokes, or debate with him on a subject. Yeah these two things will definitely work.
  • Pisces crush: look at them like if they're your daydream and make The first move ! They will appreciate for sure . Dont be too bold but come to him first in a nice way.
  • -Celine♐️
Aries x Gemini

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