sagittarius male aquarius female


Aquarius: Alex, I have someone I would like you to meet.

Sagittarius: Oh, sure. Who would that be?

Aquarius: Alex, this is Don. Don, meet Alex.

Aries: Nice to meet you, Alex.

Sagittarius: Same to you, Don. Very nice, in fact.

Aquarius: So formal, you two.

Sagittarius: What are you into, Don?

Aries: You mean besides this lovely lady? *hugs on Trudy*

Sagittarius: *glaring at his arms wrapped around her friend* right… she’s pretty great…

Aquarius: Aw schucks guys. I didn’t introduce you to get talked about.

Aries: Yet here we are… talking about you.

Sagittarius: You’re my favorite person to talk about, even more than I like to talk about myself.

Aquarius: Be careful, I might start thinking you have a crush on me.

Sagittarius: ……….. anyway, I’ve gotta go.

Aquarius: No, don’t go yet!

Sagittarius: Sorry, mom needs me. I’ll catch up with you later. Call me, okay?

Aquarius: Okay! *gives Alex a hug* see you around.

Sagittarius: that, you will.