sagittarius gif

The Love Lamp

“I’m up for it. Whatever it is. As long as it means I’ll always be with you.” 

Charming comedy, confusing indifference, and remarkable independence. These are the characteristics of Sagittarius. And this casual bubble conceals a deeper wounding, a tender and sensitive heart. Jupiter is a planet known for its expansive qualities. So everything can be exaggerated in Sagittarius, including the desires of the heart. Life is an adventure to Sagittarius. And so is love. Sagittarians enjoy expressive, open, and trustworthy relationships. They atrophy in confinement, critique, and possession. Affection may be expressed through play, teaching, and planning dreams together. Life is a bowl of cherries to Sagittarius. And love must be the same. Sweet. Optimistic. Filled with good faith, fortune, and honesty. They connect over good music, travel, a taste for life and discovery, and like minded spontaneity. And they feel trapped with high maintenance or constant need for validation. Romance is an accessory to Sagittarius. Not always a necessity. But they can love with the auric light of Jupiter. The biggest planet in the solar system.

The Sagittarian layers can be peeled back to reveal something more sensitive, even shameful. There may be embarrassment associated with intimacy and leaving the heart vulnerable. The Sagittarius wants to exude the impression that matters of the heart and stress never affect them. The usual carefree attitude may be neglected in love for tremendous loyalty and responsibility. It can be typical of Sagittarians to take blame for conflict and misunderstanding. Fire burns around the Sagittarius heart, so they can really create a wildfire in love, but it can burn them, and it can take significantly long to recover. The mysterious half human half horse can be frustrating in love for partners. Often the Sagittarius individual is swept away in their own mental and physical travels, trying to understand and answer. They can seem distracted in love. The higher mind is always calling for their attention. There can be the impression of avoidance. But the Sagittarius needs breathing space. And they will give you the same in return. Respect, honesty, and trust are important. 

Sagittarians prefer to approach love with lightness and joviality. But for all their free spirit and play, when betrayal or disloyalty occurs, it becomes heartbreak and spiritually aching. The happiness of the world can seem sucked away. Intuition is rich in Sagittarius, they can spot tremendous opportunities to generate lifelong bonds and memories with lovers. When in love, the journey of love is undertaken with love. Romance can be a faraway adventure, taking place in their wildest dreams and vision. Giggles make the individual relax. Deep and meaningful discussions arouse the burning heart. A mind that stimulates is an aphrodisiac. A festival together is more enjoyable than expensive dining or jewellery. Experiences shape the love story. Love to Sagittarius is an outstretched hand, ‘come with me, let’s fly away’. Love to Sagittarius rolling over in the mornings on someone’s warm laughter. Love is days on end staring into the stars together.