sagittarius compatible signs

what the signs need in a significant other

aries: someone witty. someone who says it as it is. someone who they can aspire to be like. someone they can make laugh. someone who doesn’t take them for granted. 

taurus: someone who treats them like royalty. someone they want to buy things for. someone who is sensitive. someone who remembers their favourite things. someone who brings out their energy.

gemini: someone who could entertain them for hours. someone who treats them with the respect that other’s don’t. someone who only sees them. someone who will go anywhere with them. someone with the same views.

cancer: someone who sees their heart. someone with a wide imagination. someone who always wants to laugh. someone they can sit in silence with and still enjoy their company. someone who believes in them.

leo: someone who is great with sarcasm. someone they want to impress. someone they connect to mentally. someone with confidence. someone who genuinely cares about them. someone who wants to know everything about them.

virgo: someone who wants to show them off. someone who appreciates their mind. someone who they want to look after. someone they can’t stop talking about. someone who defends what they believe in. someone down to earth.

libra: someone with great talents. someone romantic. someone impulsive. someone who isn’t embarrassed easily. someone they could flirt with forever but also talk about future plans with. someone who they look up to.

scorpio: someone who is honest. someone who makes them want to achieve their goals. someone independent. someone who is irresistible in their eyes. someone who doesn’t stand out or show off. someone admirably stubborn.

sagittarius: someone who is infectious company. someone they want to know everything about. someone who sees the best in them. someone unique. someone who is positive and loves to laugh. someone who is a complete nerd.

capricorn: someone who challenges them. someone who they can’t see right through. someone who protects them. someone who has the best sense of humour. someone who doesn’t lie about what they like to impress them.

aquarius: someone adventurous. someone who feels like home. someone who really teaches them love. someone who is always there for them. someone cautious of their feelings. someone who is more like them than their self.

pisces: someone they want to show their greatest achievements to. someone they just want to hold all the time. someone brave. someone empathetic. someone who is passionate about so many things. someone who wants the same things about of life.

Who the signs are to you:


  • Aries: the person you don’t really know well, but you’re always having a great time going out together 
  • Taurus: that weirdo at work you just can’t get along with without any apparent reason 
  • Gemini: that from-time-to-time sex partner 
  • Cancer: your little sister you always have to protect from everyone 
  • Leo: shopping buddy 
  • Virgo: that one bitchy, arrogant chick you couldn’t stand at the first sight
  • Libra: future wife/husband 
  • Scorpio: that one ex you’ll always feel attracted to, even though it will never work out 
  • Sagittarius: crush 
  • Capricorn: that weird nerdy neighbour that looks quite lovely but you never spoke a word to them 
  • Aquarius: that one person that gets everything you want so much
  • Pisces: just a random useless person


  • Aries: an annoying guy at work who gets all the credits you deserve
  • Taurus: your first love you’ll never forget
  • Gemini: that two-faced bitch you’re a little jealous of
  • Cancer: that person you’re not really best friends with but to whom you can always turn when you feel down
  • Leo: that hot guy you secretly crave
  • Virgo: a childhood friend that helped you become who you are now
  • Libra: your boss
  • Scorpio: your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Sagittarius: crazy, odd creep that entertains you when you’re sad
  • Capricorn: bff!
  • Aquarius: your loving grandmother
  • Pisces: that one pervert you know who always makes you laugh 


  • Aries: a huge crush you can’t get over no matter what you do
  • Taurus: high school desk neighbour
  • Gemini: the person you laugh the most with
  • Cancer: your one & only real love
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: that one annoying person that always sees through you not buying your lies like others do
  • Libra: that girl intriguing all the time
  • Scorpio: that bitch with a few kilogrammes makeup on you just can’t stand
  • Sagittarius: best travel partner you’ll ever have
  • Capricorn: your older brother
  • Aquarius: the person you know has a crush on, but you can’t relate, even though you’re enjoying this fact
  • Pisces: the one who does all your homework 


  • Aries: you wish you had their confidence
  • Taurus: childhood neighbour
  • Gemini: your job partner who does all the work
  • Cancer: your opposite gender best friend, the prove that girl & boy can be just friends
  • Leo: they’re so beautiful, I wish I had a little of their beauty
  • Virgo: that person that tries to make you believe in how amazing you are
  • Libra: that weird person who never talks but you somehow still hang out with them
  • Scorpio: that one person who talks so sarcastically that you can’t understand if they’re being serious or not
  • Sagittarius: that annoying bitch bullying you all the time
  • Capricorn: that one person you will always like even though it doesn’t work out between you
  • Aquarius: how can you be so arrogant?
  • Pisces: best friend 


  • Aries: slaying together!
  • Taurus: that one friend you’re trying to make more social, ‘cause they’re actually pretty cool, but they just prefer to Netflix & chill at home
  • Gemini: that one sarcastic but charming guy you like, but they keep making fun of your attitude
  • Cancer: your spiritually obsessed uncle
  • Leo: your wingman who always steals your girls in the end
  • Virgo: that silent friend who gets crazy as hell when drunk
  • Libra: your personal clown, basically entertaining you through life
  • Scorpio: the only person that knows how to handle your ego, but you can’t trust them, ‘cause they have some kind of power over you
  • Sagittarius: cooking partner
  • Capricorn: your older, smarter sister, but you’re always beating her in being popular & hot
  • Aquarius: the only person you will fall in love with for real
  • Pisces: your boss who’s way too easy to manipulate


  • Aries: that one guy who gets all the girls you like because they’re hot & charming, but you’re just a shy potato 
  • Taurus: an actual friend
  • Gemini: that one person you feel kind of alike with but you still just don’t like them 
  • Cancer: your boo
  • Leo: that girl you thought was your best friend but she has like 5 other best friends and so you feel somehow friendship wise heartbroken
  • Virgo: that fling you had on a holiday but it was so good you won’t ever forget them
  • Libra: I wish I was as creative & adorable as they are
  • Scorpio: your wife who’s gonna leave you in the end ‘cause she will realise how different you are after 10 years of marriage
  • Sagittarius: that hot girl you totally have a crush on but she’s out of your league, ‘cause well, you’re still a potato
  • Capricorn: the only friend who actually knows how to deal with your weirdnesses and phobias
  • Aquarius: your psychologist 
  • Pisces: a girl you get perfectly along with, but can’t really understand why, because you’re so different


  • Aries: partner in crime
  • Taurus: your beauty idol you always try to copy
  • Gemini: only you can understand both of their faces
  • Cancer: that lovely person having so much bad luck that you always feel sorry for them
  • Leo: that flowers obsessed relative
  • Virgo: your neighbour 
  • Libra: that one boring person that always asks you to go out. You know it’s gonna be boring but can’t say no, 'cause they are actually really nice
  • Scorpio: that person you’re inhumanly attracted to 
  • Sagittarius: fiancé(e) that’s gonna leave you at the altar 
  • Capricorn: fiancé(e) that’s gonna marry you
  • Aquarius: long lost half sister who turns out to be really cool 
  • Pisces: the shoulder to cry on from time to time


  • Aries: a huge crush who doesn’t really like you back but you keep trying, even though you know it’s gonna hurt
  • Taurus: your favourite singer
  • Gemini: the best person to have late night conversations with
  • Cancer: a lovely family member you will always support
  • Leo: that bitch needing attention all the time but you’re too busy being self-absorbed
  • Virgo: the sign that 90% of your crushes are
  • Libra: your best freaking sex partner ever 
  • Scorpio: childhood love that never really faded
  • Sagittarius: that one cheater boyfriend you somehow forgive over and over again 
  • Capricorn: your daughter you can act like best friends with
  • Aquarius: unexplainably undesirable person 
  • Pisces: best friend you never dare getting in a romantic relationship with because you know you’ll hurt them


  • Aries: your modelling partner 
  • Taurus: that stubborn little shit always trying to ruin your life
  • Gemini: you don’t know it yet but they’re the love of your life 
  • Cancer: that person with an amazing taste in music so you can’t stop admiring it
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: your favourite actor  
  • Libra: your make up artist
  • Scorpio: your witch neighbour, you don’t believe she actually is one but she scares you anyway somehow
  • Sagittarius: best travel buddy 
  • Capricorn: that gloomy person, you never what they are actually thinking 
  • Aquarius: on/off relationship 
  • Pisces: that one person always trying to joke but has an awful sense of humour


  • Aries: your female friend that is amazingly beautiful & kind but just doesn’t believe it and all you do is trying to build up a little confidence in her
  • Taurus: your gay best friend
  • Gemini: lovely & interesting person to spend time with without any real trust
  • Cancer: that one adorable human being you will always wonder about like: how can you be so lovely & innocent?
  • Leo: that one bitch always trying to ruin your life, making drama around you now and then
  • Virgo: that person you get along with perfectly, you understand each other without words, you absolutely love them, but you’ll always stay friends because there’s a lack of physical attraction 
  • Libra: they want you.
  • Scorpio: a fling
  • Sagittarius: that person you like somehow but it never comes to a real relationship, they seem not to notice you the right way
  • Aquarius: that annoying relative always judging you
  • Pisces: that one fake ass ex you’ll never forgive yourself dating


  • Aries: a friend that always manages to cheer you up
  • Taurus: that lovely person you always wanted to get to know, but you have no idea how to start a conversation
  • Gemini: just… bae
  • Cancer: head up, your crown is falling. Oh wait, which crown?
  • Leo: your most beautiful friend. she’s the only one allowed to be more beautiful than you are
  • Virgo: your long-lost child
  • Libra: that one friend that lives on the other side of the world but you stay friends no matter what
  • Scorpio: a person that life always puts as an interference to you, so you end up hating them
  • Sagittarius: that one relative you never meet ‘cause they’re always travelling
  • Capricorn: that one friend that seems completely heartless to you
  • Aquarius: a bitch you’re always competing with 
  • Pisces: you fell in love with their kindness


  • Aries: wait… who? 
  • Taurus: that one person who protects you in difficult situations every time
  • Gemini: they seem so lovely why can’t they stop bullying me?
  • Cancer: cry buddy
  • Leo: that person with a huge heart, it isn’t obvious at first sight but you can trust them with anything
  • Virgo: future husband you will finally feel secure with 
  • Libra: they are so beautiful you can’t help falling in love with them 
  • Scorpio: gossip girl friend 
  • Sagittarius: stupid high school buddy 
  • Capricorn: your long-term love that you can’t forget 
  • Aquarius: that married guy you can’t stop wanting
  • Pisces: bestie
Best Physical Features of The Signs (from personal experience)
  • Aries: jawline 👌🏻
  • Taurus: smile 😊
  • Gemini: teeth 😁
  • Cancer: eyelashes 💅
  • Leo: hair 💇
  • Virgo: lips 👄
  • Libra: eyes 😍
  • Scorpio: clear skin 👏
  • Sagittarius: eyebrows 👍
  • Capricorn: body 😇
  • Aquarius: hands 🙏
  • Pisces: round face 😘
  • (But hey, everyone is actually incredibly beautiful in every way, so please don't take this seriously. Love yourself, because you're an amazing person, inside and out 😊) -Kam❤️
The signs as moments falling in love

Aries: It was when you opened up to me so easily. I was used to them being closed off, masking hurt with humor or skirting around the subject entirely. But you told me everything, more than was necessary even, and you just sat right there looking at me with this fearlessness in your eyes..and I loved you. 

Taurus: It was when I had threatened to tickle you again, and you scrunched your nose in the way that I love and lunged for me with a playful vengeance. Your eyes were sparkling and later you fell asleep under me, like I was your home.  

Gemini: It was when you were listening to me speak-I mean really listening. Your eyes were on me, but I could tell you were holding onto every word I said, as if trying to understand what I’d been thinking in that very moment.

Cancer: It was when we both turned our heads and laughed to each other. It was like I was all too aware of everything, but distracted at the same time. Our closeness left me breathless and your eyes had crinkled at the corners, a genuine laugh. I wanted to be the only one who you shared that laugh with. 

Leo: It was when you hugged me for the first time. It wasn’t awkward, or fleeting. you had burrowed your head in my chest after spending a day all to ourselves. You hugged me like you’d miss me, and I’d realized I’d ache when you were gone too. 

Virgo: It was when you had made a really bad joke. Your reply had been dry- probably not even meant to be funny. But everyone around us laughed loudly, and seemed to love your presence. you had laughed along too- you always loved to laugh. And I was looking at you all along thinking, where were you all this time? 

Libra: It was when our eyes met across the room. You’d never gone unnoticed- everyone loved you and you were fond of everyone else. But it’s like that look was meant for me only. One you’d never gave to anyone else, one you’d been saving for someone like me. 

Scorpio: It was when I found myself wanting to tell you things I didn’t share with anyone else. You had sat there expectantly, and openly- like you’d wait all day if you had to. And when I told you you didn’t leave, you understood

Sagittarius: It was the way you loved everyone else. When you were around the people you loved, you were so happy. You were playful and made sure everyone around you was just as happy as you were. But when things got rough, you knew what to do, too. You were ready for whatever life threw your way. 

Capricorn: It was when you told me everything would be okay. You told me I deserved to be happy, that I’d worked so hard, and that life has a funny way of working out in the end. You accepted me and I didn’t even know it was what I needed. 

Aquarius: It was when you laughed at my bad joke. You always had, but for some reason this one made you laugh the most. You were in the passenger seat of my car, and you slapped your hand over your mouth, trying to suppress it. I made a face, embarrassed, but you squeezed my arm and smiled like I gave you the world. 

Pisces: It was when I was watching you be so open with everyone else. I’d admired that, hell, I envied it. You wore your heart on your sleeve, and made no apologizes for it. 

Compatibility in astrology: how it really works

Compatibility is about connections. Period.

Or maybe you don’t want to call it compatibility. Compatibility has a negative connotation - people tend to talk about all the ways in which people are different based on their astrology charts. Here, we’re talking about the ways in which someone feels a positive, close bond to another person through astrology.

The best way to explain this is to use examples from my life. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a Gemini sun, Virgo moon, Cancer rising.

All of my best, closest friends have been either Virgo suns, Virgo risings, Gemini moons, Gemini risings, Cancer suns, or Cancer moons. There’s no denying it. Sometimes, they have two connections with me. For example, my absolute best friend is a Gemini moon AND Virgo rising. That’s even more powerful.

There’s something so powerful about having signs in common. You find that these people just get you in a way that no one else can.

This particularly applies to the sun, moon, and rising, since they are the most personal placements. But also having mercury, venus, or mars in the same sign as someone else’s placement(s) can add to the connection for sure. In addition, if any of these “connections” are close conjunctions (0-5 degrees away from the other person’s placement), then it will be even more powerful.

People seem to ignore the fact that this is a sure way to determine whether or not you have a “spark” with someone. Having the same “energy” based on your astrological placements makes for very similar people, and therefore more inclined to get along.

Sun-moon and sun-rising are the most common connections, in my opinion. Look at your chart. Look at your friends or partners, both past and present. Oh no! They’re a Scorpio! That’s so traditionally incompatible with your sun sign of Aquarius! But also, look - they have an Aquarius moon. Or maybe they have an Aquarius rising. Whatever the case is, having signs in common with someone goes beyond anyone’s traditional ideas about compatibility.

Of course, you can be friends with anyone and everyone depending on your own chart - or just how open and friendly of a person you are. But do you feel chemistry with every person you meet, whether platonic or romantic? No.

Sure, you could go into all the ways in which a Scorpio wouldn’t get along with an Aquarius - but in this relationship, the people seem to put all of that aside because of what they do have in common. These are the types of connections that make you feel comfortable with a person…as if you were meant to be close to them. It feels fated.

The signs after a breakup:

Devastated: Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Taurus
Sad for a week or two: Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius
Gets over it fast: Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini

The signs' primary roles in a relationship
  • Lover: characterized by passion, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, and Cancer want to be overwhelmed by love. They seek a relationship that takes them by storm, a spark that never goes out. They prioritize their feelings over rationality in a romantic setting.
  • Best friend: characterized by intimacy, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra want someone who understands them completely. They want to feel accepted in a relationship and have a lot of fun together. It is less about intensity and more about enjoyment.
  • Partner: characterized by commitment, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, and Virgo want to know that their love will last forever. They are able to look at their relationship from an objective and strategic standpoint and determine its value in the long run. They play for keeps.
How the Signs Show their Attraction
  • ARIES: makes the first move directly
  • TAURUS: becomes possessive about you, presents, physical contact
  • GEMINI: teases you a lot
  • CANCER: emotionally open, you can see it in their eyes
  • LEO: tries to attract your attention, protective
  • VIRGO: shows manners, is gentle
  • LIBRA: wants to know everything about you
  • SCORPIO: jealous all the time, for no reason
  • SAGITTARIUS: talks to you spontaneously, jokes a lot
  • CAPRICORN: eye contact, being supportive
  • AQUARIUS: asks you out, hugs
  • PISCES: asks you a lot of questions
sign love

a nervous kiss: cancer & taurus

a love note: taurus & scorpio

a long hug: sagittarius & libra

a lot of laughter: aries & capricorn

a cheeky wink: gemini & aries

an awaited confession: scorpio & leo

a soul connection: virgo & sagittarius

a lover and a friend: leo & aquarius

a morning kiss: pisces & gemini

a warm smile: aquarius & cancer

a tightly held hand: capricorn & virgo

a slow dance: libra & pisces

Zodiac Couples
  • Virgo/Capricorn: The Power Couple
  • Libra/Leo: The Show Stoppers
  • Scorpio/Virgo: The Demanding Duo
  • Cancer/Taurus: The Nurturing Partners
  • Aquarius/Gemini: The Intellectual Discoverers
  • Virgo/Libra: The Sensual Lovers
  • Pisces/Scorpio: The Soul Mates
  • Sagittarius/Aries: The Ride or Dies
  • Taurus/Pisces: The Opposites
  • Capricorn/Cancer: The Hot and Cold Duo
  • Sagittarius/Aquarius: The Rebels Without a Cause
  • Aries/Libra: The Ares and Aphrodite Love Story
  • Leo/Gemini: The Social Butterflies
  • Gemini/Sagittarius: The Explorers
  • Taurus/Capricorn: The Stable Couple
  • Pisces/Cancer: The Intuitive Lovers
  • Scorpio/Gemini: The Dominating Pair
  • Leo/Aquarius: The Willful Spotlight Stealers
Signs Most Likely To Fall In Love With Your Sign

*Check Venus and Rising

Aries: Scorpio// Aquarius// Sagittarius

Taurus: Cancer// Libra// Leo

Gemini: Aquarius// Aries// Virgo

Cancer: Scorpio// Taurus// Pisces

Leo: Libra// Cancer// Aries

Virgo: Libra// Aquarius// Pisces

Libra: Taurus// Leo// Virgo

Scorpio: Aries// Capricorn// Pisces

Sagittarius: Aquarius// Aries// Gemini

Capricorn: Gemini// Scorpio// Aries

Aquarius: Pisces// Virgo// Gemini

Pisces: Aquarius// Aries// Scorpio

The Signs Crushing

Aries: doesn’t say anything
Taurus: asks friend to ask crush if they like them back
Gemini: tells everyone about crush and regrets it later
Cancer: stutters when their crush is near
Leo: talks to crush way too much
Virgo: thinks crush likes them back even if they don’t
Libra: googles sign compatibilities
Scorpio: masturbates at the thought of crush
Sagittarius: accidentally insults crush
Capricorn: doesn’t know what to do
Aquarius: asks crush out multiple times and gets rejected every time
Pisces: eats feelings

Type of Friend the Sign Needs

Aries- a stable calm person who will be there when they need them most so you have a person to rant to (earth signs)

Taurus- a chatterbox, someone who can keep the conversation going because you’re a great listener (air or water signs)

Gemini- you need a good listener who will stay interested and pay attention because you will bring it up later (earth signs)

Cancer- a sympathetic friend who will always be there to hug you when times get tough (water signs)

Leo- someone who knows how to give a good complement because we all know you deserve them (water or air signs)

Virgo- an extremely loyal friend who will never leave you because those are the people that matter (earth sign)

Libra- someone who is completely open to change and is facing the world head on they will help you out of your comfort zone (fire signs)

Scorpio- someone with a fantastic sense on humour even though many people may not know you love to laugh (any sign that makes you laugh)

Sagittarius- someone with a crazy amount of energy who will be able to keep up with you and your exciting life (fire signs)

Capricorn- a person who is very honest with you and tells you straight up how they feel about everything (fire or earth signs)

Aquarius- a loving person who is open about their feelings and emotions because you secretly love to love people (water sign preferably cancer)

Pisces- someone who just enjoys the moment they don’t mind just sitting watching a movie or eating supper with out a word being spoken. (Earth sign)

The Signs as Boyfriends

Aires: The boyfriend who will play wrestle with you and give you little love bites. He loves to tickle you and is always trying so so so hard to impress you. He likes to end fights with making out.

Taurus: The boyfriend who lets you cry into his chest until you’re all better. He is the BEST hugger, loves to stare at your lips and drive you crazy. Will confront anyone he thinks is trying to make a move on you. He will protect you at all costs.

Gemini: The boyfriend who pushes you up against anything and everything to attack you with little kisses. He likes to keep his hand on you most of the time, he wants everyone to know you’re his.

Cancer: The boyfriend who pulls you behind a tree or a corridor and kisses you s l o w l y and makes you melt. He lets you sit on his lap, actually he asks you to.

Leo: The boyfriend who shows you off to everyone: his friends, his parents, and especially onlookers. He is proud of his girlfriend and will kiss her anytime, gets in trouble a lot for PDA. (He just smirks.) Gives you jewelry and expensive gifts all. the. time.

Virgo: The boyfriend who is so gentle, with kisses, words, and actions. He is softer with you than anyone else and it’s clear to see. Except when a guy looks you up and down, he might need to be restrained.

Libra: The boyfriend who acts as a neutralizer. He is always calming down friends in fights, some call him a mediator. And there is nothing more hot than watching him step between two charging guys and pushing them apart. Likes to rub his hands up and down your back when you kiss.

Scorpio: The boyfriend who looks you up and down as you walk by. He makes you feel flustered, and all the girls refer to him as a sex god. They’re right. He likes teasing you with little sexual acts throughout the day to make you need him. Smirking. All. The. Time.

Sagittarius: The boyfriend who is spontaneous and all the girls have a crush on. “Hey, you want to get out of here?” is generally how your dates start. He likes to lay on your chest and touch your collarbones.

Capricorn: The boyfriend who makes you cry with laughter. He’s smart, mature, and has a certain aura to him thats…well, hot. He is a great neck kisser.

Aquarius: The boyfriend who reads to you at night. He likes to be cuddled, climbed on and touched. He has amazing hair.

Pisces: The boyfriend who loves to run his fingers through your hair. He likes tilting your chin up when he kisses you. He is warm, gentle, and understanding. Great with kids and loves animals.

The Signs as Girlfriends
  • *Check your Venus sign, please!!*
  • Aries: Very playful, flirtatious, direct, and supportive.
  • Taurus: Need comfort, traditional, strong, love getting gifts.
  • Gemini: Bubbly, intellectual, curious, open-minded.
  • Cancer: Emotional, sensitive, loving, kindhearted.
  • Leo: Generous, love attention, optimistic, fiery.
  • Virgo: Helpful, gentle, caring, detached, very trustworthy.
  • Libra: Wants equal responsibility, flirty, likes to argue, affectionate.
  • Scorpio: Private, independent, takes time to trust, committed.
  • Sagittarius: Direct, open to anything, needs space, encouraging.
  • Capricorn: Goofy, traditional, responsible, a bit dominant.
  • Aquarius: Eccentric, loves surprises, needs commitment, creative.
  • Pisces: Shy, a bit mysterious, loving, emotional, intuitive.
The Signs as Crushes you have in your life.
  • Aries : This really beautiful girl you have in your class who you are scared to talk to because she always speaks out what she thinks and is really loud and sarcastic.
  • Taurus : This cute guy who works in the shop you always go to who always looks at you with his puppy eyes and smiles at the ground once you catch him looking at you.
  • Gemini : The stunning girl you meet at an internship who is actually the funniest and wittiest person you know but you're totally stuck in the friendzone.
  • Cancer : The friend you always had since childhood days who is not only the most caring but also one of prettiest people you know but you lost contact to after you went to another school.
  • Leo : The most popular girl in your school who is the leader of the "cool clique" of your school, she's not only an absolute stunner, she is also totally out of your league.
  • Virgo : The shy, nerdy boy in school you never really noticed but as soon as you started talking to him you notice how clever, adorable and interesting he is and you fall head over heels for him.
  • Libra : The charming, handsome boy in your friendgroup who always seems to be completely chilled out and balanced - you totally fall in love with him but it never works out.
  • Scorpio : The freaky girl you meet in your summer holidays. She is a bit mysterious and always comes up with new ideas - you two start a hot affair but never see each other again.
  • Sagittarius : The reckless, bad boy who always stands at the bus stop when you're there. He is extremely hot and you are probably never ready to even breathe next to him.
  • Capricorn : The first crush you have in kindergarten, this cute, little girl you share you very first kiss with and you never really forget.
  • Aquarius : You two started out as best friends. He is intelligent, loyal and the most beautiful person you know. Later you two kiss drunk at a party and both of you never admit that it meant more to you than "just friendship".
  • Pisces : Your one true love. This girl you meet at one point of your life and never forget because she is everything you ever wanted : she is sweet, beautiful, caring and kind. You two grow old together.
The Signs Compatibility With All Other Signs

Friends: Taurus, gemini
Best friends: Libra, sagittarius, aries
Doesn’t always get along/depends: cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn
Should date: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio

Friends: Gemini, cancer, Libra
Best friends: Virgo, Sagittarius
Doesn’t always get along/depends: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Aries
Should date: Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces

Friends: Taurus, Gemini
Best friends: Sagittarius, Libra, Pisces
Doesn’t always get along/depends: Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio
Should date: Leo, Aquarius, Cancer

Friends: Taurus, Gemini, cancer
Best friends: Capricorn, Scorpio
Doesn’t always get along/depends: aries, Libra, Leo, Aquarius
Should date: Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius

Friends: Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Best friends: Scorpio, aries, gemini
Doesn’t always get along/depends: taurus, cancer
Should date: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo, Libra

Friends: Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Best friends: libra, Taurus
Doesn’t always get along/depends: pisces, aries, Leo, gemini
Should date: Capricorn, cancer, virgo

Friends: Leo, Virgo, taurus, Capricorn
Best friends: Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius
Doesn’t always get along/depends: Scorpio, Cancer, libra
Should date: aries, Aquarius

Friends: Aquarius, cancer, Aries, gemini
Best friends: Leo, Capricorn, Virgo
Doesn’t always get along/depends: Scorpio, Libra,
Should date: Sagittarius, Taurus, Pisces

Friends: Taurus, virgo, Sagittarius
Best friends: Aquarius, Leo, gemini,
Doesn’t always get along/depends: cancer, Pisces
Should date: Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn

Friends: Pisces, libra, Leo
Best friends: Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn
Doesn’t always get along/depends: cancer, aries, Aquarius
Should date: Taurus, virgo

Friends: Aries, virgo, cancer, capricorn
Best friends: Pisces, Scorpio, Aquarius
Doesn’t always get along/ depends: Gemini, Taurus
Should date: Libra, Sagittarius, Leo

Friends: Sagittarius, Aquarius,
Best friends: Pisces, scorpio, Capricorn
Doesn’t always get along/depends: virgo, taurus, Leo
Should date: Libra, cancer, Gemini, Aries,

which elements your sign attracts

aries: fire, air

taurus: water, earth

gemini: air, fire

cancer: fire, air

leo: air, water

virgo: water, earth

libra: fire, water

scorpio: fire, earth

sagittarius: water, air

capricorn: earth, air

aquarius: air, water

pisces: earth, fire