zodiac signs? in MY 2019?

  • dwarves - (march 21 - apr 19)
  • hobbits - (apr 20 - may 20)
  • nymphs - (may 21 - june 20)
  • angels - (june 21 - july 22)
  • dragons - (july 23 - aug 22)
  • mermaids - (aug 23 - sep 22)
  • banshees - (sep 23 - oct 22)
  • elves - (oct 23 - nov 21)
  • werewolves - (nov 22 - dec 21)
  • sirens - (dec 22 - jan 19)
  • vampires - (jan 20 - feb 20)
  • faeries - (feb 21 - march 20)

The Signs as Lovers


  • Quick kisses when you’re not expecting it. Whispers love songs to you. Is the big spoon. Gives you their jacket when it’s cold out. Tells you that your love keeps them warm. Can’t look at you without falling in love all over again.


  • Tells you that they love you without warning. Warm hugs, soft kisses. Slow dancing in a candle lit room. Has a way of making you feel like you’re the only person who matters. Wears your favorite color on gloomy days.


  • Writes poems and sonnets in your honor. Takes you to museums, says that Venus doesn’t have anything on you. Notebooks upon notebooks of romance stories where you’re the lead. Seems to sway when in your presence. Lights up when they see you.


  • Will tell cheesy jokes to make you smile. Massages for when you’ve had a hard day. Long nights of whispering ‘I love you’. Will always attempt to win you a stuffed animal from a carnival booth. Will tell you non-stop how much they love you.


  • Lazy days in bed. Spending hours in the garden with you. Brings a bouquet of flowers to you to remind you how much they love you. Rubs your hand when holding it. Tries to be smooth but ends up saying quite plainly that they love you. Giggle fits when they realize that they are your partner.  


  • Walks in the forest. Draws you in natural poses when you least expect it. Considers you their eternal muse. Can’t put the words together on how much they love you. Starry-eyed every time you pass by whether it’s the first time or the hundredth.


  • Stargazing under a full moon. Walking along the beach. Silly photos with one serious kiss at the end. If given the chance they will pick you up and do a spin finished with a kiss. Tells you that you’re their favorite person in the world. Can’t stop telling people how much they love you and what a wonderful person you are.


  • Kisses your hand when holding it. Takes you to the most exclusive parties but always ends up avoiding the other guests to spend time with you. Can’t start a sentence about you without saying “The love of my life”. Thinks that you deserve the world, the stars, the moon, the entire universe and will attempt to give you all that an more.


  • Stares at you in awe whenever you walk by. Calls you just to remind you that they love you. Plans about your future. Sings love songs without realizing it, always embarrassed when you point it out but goes back to singing anyways. Leans on you.


  • Comments on your beauty all the time. Cuddling on the couch. Wonders how they were lucky enough to have a partner like you. Values your input 24/7 365. Can’t imagine life without you, becomes tearful at the thought of that happening.


  • Motorcycle rides into the city. Dates at the café. Long kisses that leave you breathless. Always brushes that one strand of hair out of your face. Affectionate head bumps and soft laughter. Mischievous winks at you during the most innocent of things.


  • Soft kisses on your forehead. Holding hands without realizing their doing it. Lovesick looks in public spaces. Love letters in hidden places. Reads poems out loud about you. Touch-starved all the time. Melts in your embrace.
march lessons

aries: you are starting to become the best version of yourself and you need to embrace it. lean on yourself when things become hard and you will never turn back.

taurus: inhale what you have now. take it in and remember these moments in time. things may not be the same in a year, appreciate where you are now.

gemini: the last thing you need right now is negativity, especially in this time of growth. cut off anything that makes you feel bad, let yourself bloom away from negative energy.

cancer: i know it’s very hard to see things beyond your own perspective when things get hard, but start listening to what people have to say. you may find a light, and that light may just guide you to where you need to be.

leo: be aware of what you need. give yourself some love and do the things that make you happy. whether that be relaxing, working out, etc. just do what you need to do and you will get to the state of bliss you’ve been hoping for.

virgo: there is no need to stress, things really do end up working out. keep pushing yourself forward and ask for guidance when you need it. you’re on the home stretch.

libra: do not apologize for how you feel, ever. you are human and if something hurts your feelings, then that’s how it is. you do not need people who water down your feelings.

scorpio: the people who matter are the ones who stick by you. forget about the ones who left or who act like they don’t care, focus on the one who do and be loyal to them. you’ll need them.

sagittarius: patience is a virtue. i have a feeling that something very exciting is about to happen, but first you must be patient and let it come to you. time may be dragging now, but soon this event will hit you hard.

capricorn: don’t live inside your bubble, you deserve to have some fun every once in a while and forget about the stresses that life brings you. you don’t always have to be working so hard.

aquairus: remember to love yourself and RELAX. life has been very “go go go: lately, and you need to remember that caring for yourself has to be top priority.

pisces: get ready for a big change, but be excited about it! take it on with no hesitation, this is going to be a good thing as long as you let it be.

the signs as girlfriends 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

aries - teases you all the time, makes you laugh, random screaming 📢, your #1 supporter, tons of compliments, needs a lot of love and understanding and patience

taurus - homey, thinks of a future with you, wants to sit down with you and a cup of tea and listen to your hopes and dreams, can seem shy or unsure but they will want to take the lead sometimes, food as love language

gemini - introduces you to all their friends, *been inseparable for six months* are we in a relationship?, wont tell you but they’re in love with you, breaks all their rules for you, takes you out on fun dates

cancer - low maintenance but demanding with cuddles and kisses, loves affection, good morning and good night texts, loves to cook for you, knows all your favorite songs

leo - demands affection, there for you through ups and downs, if they like you you’re special, dominant, has many interesting qualities, love you passionately and wholeheartedly

virgo - shows you new songs, great kisser, always has good advice ready, best friend type of a gf, someone you can trust with anything, very understanding, good date ideas

libra - small gestures, very thoughtful and caring, asks how you’re feeling, worries about you, good listener, remembers small details about you

scorpio - a passionate lover, very cute with you, silly, stares at you then looks away, loves to make you smile, puts in the effort, intelligent and funny

sagittarius - leaves love notes in your apartment for you to read and smile at after a long day, bakes you heart shaped cookies, wants to travel the world with you

capricorn - tries to play it cool when they’re in love, needs a lot of validation, shows you that they care through actions instead of words, lowkey wants to marry you asap

aquarius - intense eye contact, closeness, supports you 100%, always has your back, shows you their weird side, surprises you with creative gifts, inappropriate jokes

pisces - writes you love letters, texts you constantly, wants to tell you everything, dreams about a future with you, passionate and over the top kind of love

The Moon Signs Worst Traits

Aries Moon: Your impulsivity. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, you’re probably trying to change it already but your impulsive nature often brings you into unnecessary arguments and trouble. You might even see this as a sort of strength, saying what’s on your mind, but you do not recognize how this negatively effects your relationships and the people around you. Being outspoken is fine but this turning into taking out your feelings onto others is not.

Taurus Moon: Your kindness. This might sound backwards but your inherently helpful attitude is your biggest downfall. You constantly offering everyone a helping hand makes you very observant to when you do not get offered the same. You usually try to tough these negative feelings out but do tend to fall victim to them and turn bitter, killing yourself with your own kindness.

Gemini Moon: Your facade. You’re probably sick of hearing about how “fake” you are already but this is not what this is about. Rather, you tend to put on a happy mask and deny yourself your feelings and concentrate on the ones of others. This leads you to self-sabotage and hinder both your emotional growth and your ability to truly connect with others. You’re denying yourself the chance of genuine human connection, but might even feel like you’re not even worth it.

Cancer Moon: Your attachments. You’re unable to let things go, whether it be people, relationships or objects. You latch onto them and try to do everything possible to prevent them from going and even after they do, you dwell in memories. Let your wounds heal and let your grudges go, it is unhealthy for you to live in memories and stay in unfulfilling relationships.

Leo Moon: Your fear of emotions. You’re constantly out there, presenting yourself, putting yourself out there and into the spotlight, but when it comes to actually talking about your emotions you suddenly turn quiet. You don’t have to fear your act fading after you reveal your true emotions. It’s okay to let things out. Nobody will think differently of you. Let others get to know you.

Virgo Moon: Your perfectionism. You are your worst critic, constantly comparing yourself, grading yourself, never enough for yourself. The sound of your parents echoes in your thoughts and does not let you rest and you do not recognize how much you really do, especially for others and how grateful they are for you. Your worth is not measured by your usefulness and the worth of others isn’t as well. Don’t project your inner anxieties onto them.

Libra Moon: Your indecisiveness. You’re constantly questioning who you are, who you want to be, who you want others to be, if you want to be others, if you want others to be with you. You make yourself unable to form an identity and instead base it around others. Don’t simply mirror actions and only let your shadow show in the dark. Grow your own wings.

Scorpio Moon: Your need for control. Don’t you get tired of constantly sabotaging situations and yourself just so you can be in and feel like you’re in control? Even when you know you’re acting irrational, you keep acting out to get the validation you crave. Let go for once. Don’t claw at things or open new wounds just to feel something. Just let yourself fall.

Sagittarius Moon: Your lack of perspective. You pride yourself on knowing a lot, on being open-minded, on being a free spirit but when it comes to it you’re the most close-minded of them all. You’re stuck in your own viewpoint which leads to accidental and not so accidental insensitivity and others thinking you are stuck up. Widen your horizons for real for once. Let others offer their opinion, consider someone elses viewpoint before doing or saying something, follow your own advice.

Capricorn Moon: Your inferiority complex. You don’t like to admit it, but you love one-upping others, you love rising above, you love fulfilling the expectations others and you have set upon you. At the same time, you feel extremely anxious and despair when you cannot do that. Your inherent need to stand at the top, to prove yourself, makes you come off wrong and standoffish and tears your self-esteem to shreds. Remember that you are your own person.

Aquarius Moon: Your egoism. You parade yourself around as a welcoming, friendly, chill person but in reality you are stuck in your own little world and are offended when anyone questions it. You’ve found out the world’s secrets but only apply it to yourself, you hide yourself in your bubble to not face your own faults and instead point the finger at others. Stop only focusing on yourself. Realize and admit your mistakes to let yourself blossom into the wonder you’re destined to be.

Pisces Moon: Your martyr complex. You see yourself as someone nice, someone who wants to help others, people in need. You want to bear their sins, to fix them, but while you try to do that you see them as nothing but things to project onto. You’re unintentionally manipulative, skilled in making yourself look like the innocent lamb. Stop trying to be the perfect human who never does wrong. Accept yourself as a faulty human. Use your love for good, not to validate yourself.

🌟Venus Signs as GIRLFRIENDS🌟

💘Aries Venus: funny girlfriend. loves to playfully fight you. really adventurous and wild. gets jealous easily and can play hard to get because she loves if you chase her.

💘Taurus Venus: the type to really spoil you. take her on a nice dinner or any date that involves food. super caring and sweet. she loves getting attention and compliments.

💘Gemini Venus: such a talkative and funny girlfriend. she wants to travel and discover new things with you. the type of girl who makes talking to her for hours seem like minutes because she’s never boring.

💘Cancer Venus: so sweet and caring! she just wants to spend time with you at home, cuddle and eat. will always make sure that you are happy and safe. watch out for her mood swings tho.

💘Leo Venus: show her off. she wants to have fun and be wild. she also loooves pda and can get quite clingy. this girl is going to treat you like a king/queen and she also expects the same in return.

💘Virgo Venus: very helpful girlfriend. she doesn’t like pda and wants to be your best friend. that girl who will make you get your life together or she’s done lol. she loves talking and sharing and expects the same from you. 

💘Libra Venus: this girl is soo charming and romantic! she loves the traditional sappy dates with candles and roses. is really into celebrating Valentine’s Day and any anniversaries in the most corny way possible.

💘Scorpio Venus: she loves to cuddle and be with you as much as possible. so seductive. doesn’t trust easily. this girl wants to know all your deepest darkest secrets.

💘Sagittarius Venus: you will never get bored with this girl. sooo funny and adventurous! she loves trying new things and isn’t really into the romantic stuff. she is super chill about any relationship.

💘Capricorn Venus: this girl is really serious about who she dates. definitely someone who craves true love and the traditional relationship. she is very funny and sarcastic!

💘Aquarius Venus: she wants to do everything with you. not just your girlfriend, but also your best friend. super carefree and funny. this girl wants to talk to you about all the weird and random stuff.

💘Pisces Venus: such a romantic and sensitive girlfriend! she just wants to cuddle and have your attention 24/7 haha. so funny and sweet. the type to make you cute handmade gifts. 

what the signs need in someone

aries: they need someone to be there for them and protect them as they protect everyone else.

taurus: they need someone to understand why they feel so strongly about the things they do.

gemini: they just need someone to look beyond what everyone else sees.

cancer: they need someone to give them as much admiration as they give everyone else.

leo: they need someone who sees beyond the image they put out, someone who truly cares to ask them the deep questions.

virgo: they need someone to be warm with them when they feel distant. 

libra: they need someone who will help to spark inspiration in them to keep moving forward.

scorpio: they need someone to listen to them when their mind gets too loud.

sagittarius: they need someone who is willing to help them understand their own thoughts.

capricorn: they need someone to understand why they want all of the things they do in life, and won’t hold them back

aquairus: they simply need someone to laugh with, who doesn’t take life so seriously all the time.

pisces: they need someone that they can have deep talks with almost all the time, who doesn’t get tired of expanding their mind. 

who the venus signs need

ARIES: someone as strong and spontaneous as you are, who understands your fierceness and desire for directness. someone who will open up to you, and lets you open up to them without feeling as if you’re tied to one place.
TAURUS: someone who lets you take your time, allowing you to feel comfortable and stable in a relationship without pushing you to move too fast. someone who knows when you need your space, but also when you need a gesture that assures you of their feelings.
GEMINI: someone who matches you on an intellectual and energetic level. someone who knows you enough to make you laugh but also enough to allow you to roam independently, coming and going as you please.
CANCER: someone who respects your boundries, and doesn’t make you feel unneccessarily vulnerable. someone who understands your caring nature without taking advantage of your big heart and giving spirit, and someone who will give to you in return.
LEO: someone who understands your need to be dramatic, without blowing your actions out of proportion. someone who is confident and colourful, who admires you and respects you without trying to force you to change.
VIRGO: someone who understands your emotions are sometimes hard to read, and will trust the feelings you choose to express without question. someone who respects your space and emotions, and won’t make a figurative or literal mess of your life.
LIBRA: someone who shares your zest for life, and understands that even if you seeem distant you’re a romantic at heart. someone who is a smart and friendly as you, and won’t hold you back from the path you choose to follow.
SCORPIO: someone who respects your privacy and occasionally secrecy, but understands and matches your passion for all things. someone who understands your strong will, and won’t leave you when they feel like things are getting too intense.
SAGITTARIUS: someone who understands how important your friendships are to you, and will respect your freedom while standing by you. someone who knows how to have fun, and can help you broaden your horizons in ways you never thought possible.
CAPRICORN: someone who isn’t intimidated by you, and will understand that while you pften keep your emotions to yourself you do still have them. someone who you can settle down with, without feeling trapped or like your ambitions have been stunted.
AQUARIUS: someone who respects your independence, and will care for you you without holding you back from your freendom. someone who shares your passions for justice and intellect, and will be your friend as well as your partner.
PISCES: someone who won’t take advantage of your kind, sensitive heart, and will make you feel safe opening up to them. someone who believes in your dreams as much as, and sometimes more than, you do and will help you push out of your comfort zone to persue them.

The Royal Signs III:

Aries: An exile. As close to a leader as anything. Decades of experiments. Inhuman flesh. A blank porcelain mask, inscribed with a single symbol. The only thing left untouched is her hair.

Taurus: The Knights Captain, daughter of the high priestess. A martyr. A township saved, burning like a star in the dry autumn heat. Blazing wings. 

Gemini: The King Under The Ice. A stolen childhood. Small shoulders for an impossible burden. A desperate bargain to contain an ancient evil. 

Cancer: The first queen. A woman more scars than flesh. Respect commanded by tooth and claw. Legend says even the beasts bowed their heads when she spoke.

Leo: The High Priestess, come to make good on an old covenant. Thunder on the mount. Eyes burned by sights from the land of the dead. A flash of thunder revealing the legions of ancestral dead, come to heed her call to arms.

Virgo: A young princess, currently being carried to safety in a backpack. She wraps her tiny hands around the shoulders of her bodyguard and tries to sleep.

Libra: A empress by title, an alchemist by desire. Long trips to the countryside spent foraging in swamps and mountain caves. Jars of exotic insects displayed proudly to less than excited diplomats.

Scorpio: A general. Born with an ancient and rare gift. A man who could speak to beasts. Said to be the first to harness the great wild things and drive them for war. Legends of an army of half-men, half-beasts.

Ophiuchus: A prince fallen prey to an old and terrible sickness. An inexplicable whistling cry that only he can hear, calling him to the mountains. There he sits, preserved in the abandoned aeries, decked in scales.

Sagittarius: The renegade prince. Palace finery and lavish parties forsaken for nights of adventure and intrigue in the city streets. Scandalous tales of cross-dressing and romance and baffled police.

Capricorn: A king of blood and stone. A menace to some, a savior to others. To carve out a space for his people against impossible odds and overwhelming enemies. Rites finally conducted in service of a god that was long thought to have abandoned their worshipers.

Aquarius: A queen burdened by loss. A pilgrimage to the ancestral mesa. She sits under the night sky. A low, droning tune on a horn carved from an old tree. The stars mourn with her.

Pisces: A queen of many eyes. Networks of spies that span the kingdom. A diplomatic party approaches, an assassin among them, unaware of her own assassin that already sits perched in the rafters above them. 

the signs as fake restaurants from the good place’s groundhog day episode

ARIES: You Do the Hokey Gnocchi and You Get Yourself Some Food

TAURUS: Caviar on a Stick

GEMINI: Hot Dog on a Stick on a Stick

CANCER: From Schmear to Eternity

LEO: Ziti of Stars

VIRGO: Chicken Soup for the Mouth

LIBRA: Lasagne Come Out Tomorrow

SCORPIO: Cruller Intentions

SAGITTARIUS: Beignet and the Jets

CAPRICORN: Ponzu Scheme

AQUARIUS: Mmmm! Chowder Fountain

PISCES: Knish from a Rose