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I was just thinking of something simple and sappy, about how much they're in love with each other, while they're still young and nothing horrible's happened yet. :) I miss Brian, indulge me. It'll make me feel better lol.

((Ooo Wolfstar. I love it so much. -happiness- ))

“Psssssst. Moony. You awake?” Sirius whispered, brushing aside Remus’ curtain. Remus was not asleep. How could he, with the full moon just a day away, and the moonlight stubbornly leaking between his curtains and into his bed? The moonlight gave him a migraine, and made him achy. Sirius’ arrival was a welcome event.

“Hey Padfoot.” He said, sounding sleepy and a little bit miserable. Still, looking at Sirius, Remus felt the pain loosen in his chest just a little. He sat up slowly, scooting to the side so Sirius would have room to slip into the bed with him. Remus was rather slight for a 15 year old, but the Hogwarts beds weren’t really big enough for two people, truth be told. 

“I just wanted to check on you. You don’t sleep well the day before…” Sirius said, crawling onto the bed and shutting the curtains behind him. Remus loved times like this, just the two of them alone. In front of everyone else Sirius was loud and brash, putting up an egotistical, almost maniacal facade. It was only when they were alone that Sirius would let it drop.

“I’m ok. No worse than normal,” Remus gave a small laugh and, in one swift move, pinned Sirius down onto the bed. Sirius hadn’t even seen how the boy had moved so fast. “But the wolf is a bit…antsy…” he said, his eyes glinting. He leaned down and kissed Sirius, feeling deliciously alpha as the great and powerful padfoot writhed under him, unable to buck him off. Then finally Sirius stopped trying to win back his dominance (it was an effort in vain this close to the full moon) and simply kissed back. Remus was able to forget his aches, his migraine, and his fear, letting the wolf out just a tad, and feeling Sirius’ heat against his skin.

He would kiss him all night if he could, touching him, losing himself in the wonderful Sirius Black.   

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I keep seeing gifs of these two cartoon girls, and in a lot of them they're saying explicit stuff? I was wondering what that was from? Also, I adore the hell out of your page and I was wondering if I could borrow your wallpaper if I posted reference on the page? :) Love~!

Its most likely Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. :3

And thank you! Feel free to use my wallpaper, no need to credit

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I do think the show was better back then though. :3 The fact that Ash and James sound wrong now just makes it so I just can’t watch it anymore lol

Then…with all due respect, and I still love you: you are wrong.

New voice actors did not destroy the entertainment value of the show. While you may no longer enjoy the show, or find it hard to watch, it does not mean the show is actually worse than when you were 7. It’s simply different. Different does not mean worse. 

You’re an adult now. Pokemon is not aimed at you. It’s not surprising that without the nostalgia of the episodes you are used to that the new episodes don’t appeal to you. 

But in many respects the new episodes are just as fantastic, if not more so, than the episodes we grew up with. It’s the same magic, the same friendship, with new adventures and characters to meet. The battles are paced better, the animation is sleeker. All the silly puns and slap stick still survive. 

Is it my favorite show on television? No. Do I find myself as in love with the show now as I did in 1997? No. But I’m 20, not 6, so that’s to be expected. 

I think it really bothers me because there’s this kind of under current of “kids these days” and “our childhood was just so much better” and “back in my day” that makes me imagine all the Poke-Hipsters shooing children off of their lawns. 

And there’s also this feeling of “Well, Pokemon is lame now. And It’s not like I could ever like a lame thing. So clearly when I liked Pokemon it wasn’t lame”. And it was. It was lame. But we were kids and we loved it anyway.

The show hasn't changed. We have.

And that’s ok.

Now, that’s all I’m gunna say about Pokemon-hipsters. 

sagesilver4 replied to your post: nice job reblogging my post just to be a douchebag trolololol good habits

Heh, I’m a complete hipster douche when it comes to pokemon. XD I admit it.

Here’s my thing. I have no issue with people who only like the first or second gen. Pokemon Crystal was the highlight of my elementary school life. I understand that a lot of people simply left the fandom at that point, and that is ok. It’s ok to not know about/be interested in the newer stuff.

It’s this idea that “Omg, MY Pokemon were BETTER than these Pokemon. All these new Pokemon suck. Dumb little kids and their crappy Pokemon,” that I can’t stand, honestly. 

If you take away the nostalgia factor, Today’s Pokemon are just as good as the Pokemon we all had when we were kids. In some respect, the new stuff is even BETTER (the animation, for one thing, is much sleeker now). 

tl:dr: I don’t care what Pokemon you like or don’t like, as long as you aint hating or acting like there’s some inherent superiority to the stuff you like. 

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Tell me about BBC Merlin. :D

Well, I’m only 2 episodes in, but…I like it.

Merlin is so sassy and snarky, and Arthur is a bit of an ass, but in a lovable way and I forsee much drama because Magic is like SUPER illegal in Camelot and Uthur seems like an asshat. 

But both Merlin and Arthur are adorable. And I like Morgana and Gwen pretty well so far.

Oh, and the woman who plays Gwen Cooper in Torchwood is in episode 1, so that’s good. 

sagesilver4 replied to your post: Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.

I just noticed your new username. I like it! XD And you so are a hug machine.

Thank you. :) I WAS going to be TimeAndRealativeDimensionsInSandwhiches but that name it apparently too LONG for Tumblr. Hmph. 

But yes. I am a Hug Machine. I LOVE Hugs, dude! Hugs and Cuddles and the Clings….

I’m basically the American Girl version of Jamie McCrimmon.

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Think Narcissus. XD Lockhart loves him some Lockhart. It would be very comical self-fluff about how great he thinks he is.

((This….could be interesting.))

“Oh yes, you ARE a sexy thing, aren’t you?” Lockhart cooed as he brushed his hair in the mirror. He gave himself one of his “most attractive smile in Britain” smiles and wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh yes, I look dashing today. Dashing indeed! Don’t I look SOOOO dashing?” He asked, turning to the portrait next to him.

The painting of himself looked him up and down and nodded approvingly. “I would ravish you myself,” the portrait said, making Gilderoy laugh. He walked over to his closet, idly scrolling through his collection of robes. What garment would be graced with the chance to clothe his form today? 

“What do you think? The Navy blue with the the bronze trim, or the purple with the azure buttons?” He asked, holding both robed up. Th portrait looked them both over.

“The Navy one brings our your eyes, darling, but the purple makes your arse look delicious.”

“Oh the choices!” Giledroy lamented, unable to choose between the two fabulous robes. “I think I shall wear the Navy. Old school colors. Fabulous.” He said and rushed off to get dressed before brushing his hair again. He had a book signing to get to after all! 

“Oh I do love myself,” the Portrait said wistfully with a grin. 


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*freaks out* Omg that was perfect! I didn't even know what to expect - I had never even heard of the slash before - the pairing just popped in my head the other night at work (hence the anonymous, I sent it over the phone and wasn't logged in) and thought it would be really great. XD Now you've made me a fan of that pairing. Hahaha.. ^_^ Brilliant. *bounce*

XDDD I’m glad you liked it Sarah. I was a little worried about it honestly. Femslash isn’t my strong suit. :) So I’m glad it turned out how you want.