I had a dream last night that made me realize how much I appreciate the friends I’ve made here. <3

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Look at these guys,can’t wait for their appearance.

Manny, Sara, Sage, Lisa and Me wearing their own outfits for the ClamTato: The Game. These are a few people whom I admire, do follow them. They’re awesome people. ;3

The game itself is still in progress so hakuna your tatas. Didn’t expect that things won’t go my way.

I intended it to look like Sage here, the amazing patchwork mad doctor that he is, is dealing with the many issues of wires; tangled, and struggling to measure it out. He looks way to angry, but whatever, I attempted fan art, which I hardly ever do, because it doesn’t come out how I want it. Enjoy, ya’ll.

anonymous asked:

Are there any people on Tumblr that you really like or reccomend?


If ya like big and buff monster dudes. (Some have guro/gore and NSFW)

If ya like cute monster girls. (Some are NSFW)

For both

If ya like furries/anthros (Some are NSFW)

Other just really great artists (again a few are NSFW)

Nice rebloggers

Wow this basically 95% of the blogs I follow… But these people are all really great at what they do and are also just pretty decent people. So I hope they don’t mind me doing this but they all deserve some attention.

Everyone named here is an inspiration and driving force for me.

Questions and Answers

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged your supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end tag 25 people … (I’ll try my best but it might not work)

What was your:
Last drink: Milk
Last text message: “Congratulations! :D”
Last song you listened to: The music that was in Markiplier’s 8mil reaction video.
Last time you cried: Today watching markiplier’s 8mil reaction video.

Dated someone twice: No.
Been cheated on: No.
Kissed someone and regretted it: Well… I accidentally kissed someone once when I was in college and I got embarrassed and shy afterwards, does that count?
Lost someone special: Yes.
Been depressed: Yes, haven’t everyone been depressed in their lifetimes?
Been drunk and thrown up: Drunk: No and I never will. Thrown up: Yes, when I’m really sick. Both? No.
List three favourite colours: Pink, Purple and Yellow (especially when purple and yellow are put together then it looks beautiful)

In the last year have you:
Made a new friend: Yes.
Fallen out of love: Maybe?
Laughed until you cried: Yes, when I went to watch my favourite comedian (Lee Evans) last year twice on the 3rd and the 6th of July.
Met someone who changed you: Yes? Maybe? Though, I would only want to change for myself, not because someone wants me to.
Found out who your true friends are: No, the reason behind this is I always go with friendships that come on naturally and don’t feel like they are being forced. Natural friendships are best.
Found out someone who was talking about you: Yes, just recently in fact from someone who I don’t like that much and the most funniest thing about it, someone recorded it on their phone so I could hear. So moral of the story, don’t talk shit about others behind their back.

How many people on your FB friends do you know in real life: Probably around 98% because I don’t really add or accept anyone that I don’t know personally on my Facebook for my own safety.
Do you have any pets: Yes, in fact it is a family pet. It’s a rabbit called Bunny and he’s one of the sweetest pets ever. I did used to have another rabbit called Dexter and a hamster called Hammy but sadly Dexter passed away on the 22nd of Janurary 2012 and Hammy passed away on my best friend’s birthday on the 2nd of May 2014.
Do you want to change your name: No.
What did you do for your last birthday: I spent my birthday at my best friend’s house cause she’s awesome!

What time did you wake up today: Around 8:23 AM
What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping. (Yes, that’s surprising isn’t it?!)

Name something you cannot wait for: For my father’s delivery to hurry up so I can sign it and then stop having to wait and be disturbed by people knocking on my front door and freaking me out (though, I know that someone is going to knock on the door so I won’t be as freaked out).
Last time you saw your mother: This morning.
What are you listening to right now: Myself talking through the words whilst typing so I get everything right in this post. lol
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes.
What’s getting on your nerves right now: Nothing right now but if anything does get on my nerves, I usually rant about it on Twitter. (Yes, I actually made a joke about myself).
Blood type: Not sure.
Nickname: (This will be a long one) My father used to call me Errchelle and one of my brothers used to call me Andriana (yes, that is weird), I was called “The Human Dictionary” in school because of my good/decent spelling.

The most stupid nickname that I was called was “Support” in school but I do pin that on jealousy at the fact that I got more support in school than they did however, I really wish that it wasn’t like that in school because I believe that every school child deserves the same amount of support, no matter if they have a disability or not. I did wish that those types of people who didn’t have learning disabilities got the same amount of support that I did, in a way those people who nicknamed me “Support” in school gave me a very good understanding of their feelings when they didn’t get as much support so I thank them for that because thinking about it further, it wasn’t fair at all.

My internet nicknames are RochelleyEllyJelly (Thanks Rune “Runemablisk” and Major “TheMajorPIYA”), Roach (thanks Rhea “Motloch”), Rockchelle (thanks Finny “Infinite6465″) and Moderator Goddess of Twitch (thanks to a bunch of people for that). lol :P

Relationship status: Single.
Zodiac sign: Libra.
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Favourite tv show: Don’t really have one anymore. Lots of good ones.
Right or left: I’m left handed, if this is what you meant.
First surgery: None.
First piercing: Never had a piercing.
First best friend: The friend that I have been best friend’s with for around 11 years now. <3
First sport you joined: I would say Rounders (British version of Baseball and not to mention, Rounders is my most favourite sport) however, I did take part in a school House tournament in Netball when I was in high school and me along with the team won some of them for the house. :P
First vacation: In a caravan with my family in Norfolk, UK. lol
First pair of trainers: Just gonna leave a bit of a sassy answer and say Trainers because they were a pair of trainers.

Right now:
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: Nothing.
I’m about to: Post this and then get ready for this delivery person.
Listening to: Myself.
Waiting for: My mother to get home and for this delivery.
Want kids: No because of my social and learning disability/difficulty which is Autism.
Get married: Not sure, probably not.
Career: Right now: In real life: None. On the internet: Yes, Twitch chat moderating. :P (Yes, you saw that coming and yes, IT IS a career). Eventually: (Real life): Not sure though I would like a job to come on naturally and not feel like it’s being forced upon me and also be in my town because I don’t want to travel elsewhere for a job, that’s just me and if you haven’t guessed it already, I am very fussy over jobs. (Internet)?: Hmm… Whatever comes up, I suppose.

Which is better:
Lips or eyes: Both are great.
Hugs or kisses: I would say hugs because I am very shy when it comes to kissing.
Shorter or taller: Eh, that shouldn’t matter that much.
Older or younger: Doesn’t really matter that much…
Romantic or spontaneous: Um… Both?
Nice stomach or nice arms: Both?
Sensitive or loud: Hmm… I might go with sensitive because I don’t particularly like loudness that much. Sudden loud noises are the worst along with people talking obnoxiously loudly next to you or in a small/medium room.
Hook up or relationship: Hmm… Not sure.
Trouble maker or hesitant: Probably hesitant.

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: No.
Drank hard liquor: No and I never will.
Sex on the first date: Nope, never. I’ve never had a date anyways.
Broken someone’s heart: I probably have done.
Had your own heart broken: I probably have had that.
Been arrested: Nope.
Cried when someone died: Yes.
Fallen for a friend: No.

Do you believe in:
Yourself: Sometimes, I really want to believe in myself fully though.
Miracles: Hmm… Not sure.
Love at first sight: Err, not really.
Heaven: Hmm… I’m uncertain with this.
Santa Claus: Used to until I saw one of my parents unloading the Christmas presents when I snuck downstairs. :P
Kiss on the first date: No, I’ve never been on a date and as I’ve said before, I am very shy when it comes to kissing.
Angels: Maybe.

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