Because my bullshit awful fantroll must be au’d into every possible au - have a bullshit awful gemsona. Look at her. Her gem’s sticking out of the side of her goddamn head. She chooses to pierce her nose physically after reforming rather than just generating a form with piercings like any civilized gem would do. What an embarrassment.

Sagenite (also called “rutilated quartz” but I feel weird about giving her the quartz name) is a Kindergarten gem from a more recently conquered colony planet, where she was cultivated for her gem type’s huge amount of energy - of the “can be usefully used as a battery” kind of energy. She thinks this is total bullshit and while she hasn’t (yet) gone completely AWOL she does have close ties to some clandestine anti-homeworld resistance factions. 

She’s too young to have been part of Rose Quartz’s rebellion and so are most of the other rebels she hangs around with, but there’s kind of a vague awareness of a general who went rouge and managed to shut down a colony planet a few thousand years back? They’re not aware that Rose or any of her followers survived, though, and they’re not nearly organized enough to even think about trying to emulate her.


½" Madagascar dendritic agate round labret with sagenite inclusions. This piece exhibits some really amazing colors and is so interesting up close! It is discounted because of tiny natural divots (as a result of the sagenite inclusions) on the wearable


Close up on a tiny little whisper of dendrites and a flurry of sagenitic inclusions

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