“Don’t call it a comeback, because it may not be one after all.  An article has been circulating through social media about how Dave Chappelle’s long-anticipated return to stand-up went left during his show in Connecticut, when Dave refused to continue his performance in front of a rowdy, uncooperative, practically degrading audience.  But the larger theme that this article addresses and that Chappelle’s experience represents is the relationship between the Black performer and the white audience.”

Check out the article I’m referring to AND my 2010 essay “From Tragedy to Comedy…or Somewhere in Between: the (Un)Changing Roles of Black Comedians in Mainstream Television” at this link!stand-up-vs-standing-up-dave-chappelle/cre9


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Interesting and charming visual narrative about factory farming from Chipotle’s “Cultivate” campaign.  Animation for cultural awareness and social change.  Advertising meeting education.