z0mbie-wolf-sage  asked:

Oh, my god, the Paps are too cute XD I need them to shrink so I can just pick them all up and carry them around.

That sounds like some bitty ideas.

I am glad you like them. 🌞

Plot twist the three Paps now host a new children show series where they acts as three animals and do friendly shits together. 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻
Blueberry still hasn’t figure out or Blueberry actually figured out… this… is a question…… (Also Honey may spot you out and get rid of you if you try to “corrupt” his “nice and naive” brother)


  • <p> <b>Neptune:</b> Look, instead of just running straight in to enemy gunfire like we usually do, why don't we try some reconnaissance this time?<p/><b>Sun:</b> You mean like spy stuff? That would be cool! I could wear, a spy tuxedo...<p/><b>Sage:</b> No.<p/><b>Sun:</b> With a hidden spy camera...<p/><b>Scarlet:</b> No.<p/><b>Sun:</b> Inside a tiny spy bow-tie...<p/><b>Neptune:</b> No.<p/><b>Sun:</b> Or, I could wear a flower on my lapel...<p/><b>Sarge:</b> Said no.<p/><b>Sun:</b> That sprays water in people's faces, oh man...<p/><b>Scarlet:</b> Shut up Sun.<p/><b>Sun:</b> No- secret spy liquid, hahaha. That would be awesome!<p/><b>Sage and Scarlet:</b> No!<p/><b>Neptune:</b> Maybe! ...Uh, I mean... noooooo.<p/><b>Sun:</b> Oh come on, I could be Seven-U-Sun!<p/><b>Scarlet:</b> You mean like Suuuuuuun?<p/><b>Sun:</b> The license to thrill! Or be thrilled!<p/></p>