sage vegan bistro


Had lunch outside at Sage Bistro in Culver city. Everything there is entirely vegan. It’s where I take all the vegan haters to shut them up! SoOoOo good 😭😍. We got guacamole and chips, sun dried tomato pizza and battered fried artichoke with dip. I also got a coffee flavored ice cream made from coconut.


Real Food Daily

We went there for dinner our first night in Santa Monica. For the appetizer, Not-chos slathered in cashew cheese and tofu sour creme. Because it was not the main course, we skipped on adding the taco mix. Then we shared a tempeh BLT with spicy aioli but I didn’t taste any spice. It was good, but my tempeh blt’s are to-die-for (which I’ll post up soon!).

We returned the next morning for brunch and again, more than satisfied with how amazing the food was. First we began to devour the Chipotle Sausage Scramble, made with seitan sausage. The hash browns that it came with were interesting. Of course, I slathered it all in organic ketchup. Also ordered the french toast which is rustic bread soaked in vanilla soy flaxseed batter. Served with delicious pure maple syrup and a side of blueberries and bananas.

Sage Vegan Bistro / Kind Kreme

On the drive home, we stopped in LA to visit Kind Kreme and have lunch. For the appetizer, we got the TexMex Chimichanga Egg Rolls. It was made with veggies, black beans, and Daiya cheese. It was supposed to come with a mango chutney sauce but the guacamole worked just fine. For lunch, a Spinach Avocado and Walnut Sausage Florentine. It was served on baguette bread and covered in hollandaise sauce. The walnut sausage was incredible. For dessert a Kind Kreme cone with chocolate chip and coffee chip ice cream.

The prices were exactly what is expected for organic vegan dining in expensive California areas. The service we received (especially at RFD) was perfect. Our servers at RFD were impressed with how quickly we scarfed our food down and we were impressed with how quickly both restaurants brought the food to the table. If I could rate my dining experiences this weekend higher than 10/10, I would. My time reviewing the restaurants on Yelp make me consider being a traveling food critic (If only I could). Sounds like a dream career choice, don’t you think? Watch out vegan world, Girl Ferrari is coming for you.


I had a couple more Vegan Beer & Food fest photos I thought I would share.  I’ve been craving Mandoline Grill and it’s probably my favorite thing to take home after the fest is over.

From human powered shakes to free vegan grilled cheese from Follow Your Heart using their new soy free cheese which is honestly delicious. 

Sage also hooked me up with some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. Doomies was rocking cool looking cryptozoological menu items that I never had the honor of trying.  I’m ready for the next fest already!!!