sage of wind


This particular artist managed to perfectly replicate the OoT/MM art style and “anime-ify” it. If a Zelda anime were to ever happen, it NEEDS to have this art style as it’s literally perfect in every way possible.

THIS is how you stay true to the original art style while putting a new spin on it.

Not only are these pictures simply gorgeous beyond everything, these are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen and is one of the best art styles I’ve ever seen. It’s a sin that it doesn’t even have 2500 views.

There’s many more where this came from so check them out at the original source here

Fun fact: The picture of Beast Ganon is based off some concept art of him from Hyrule Historia

Edit: Here’s Saria and Darunia which I forgot to add.

Simple Cleansing Methods*

*Note: Be mindful of plants and animals when using salt and other herbs to cleanse.

  • Clean everything with mint soap
  • Rosemary/sea salt water spray
  • Sage incense
  • Smoke cleansing (sage stick)
  • Using the wind to cleanse yourself
  • Using your energy
  • Music
  • Ring a bell in each corner of the room
  • Line salt along windowsills
  • Wind-chimes
  • Bang pots and pans together
  • Black salt + cayenne pepper + black pepper + crushed eggshell
  • Salt water and a spray bottle
  • White candles
  • Prayer
  • Cleansing charm
  • Open all the windows
  • Visualization
a note about Fado

Remember her? She’s one of the Kokiri, and she plays a small role in the Biggoron’s Sword trading sequence in Ocarina of Time. She’s one of Link’s friends. Bear her in mind.

Sometime after the events of OoT (in the adult timeline) and leading into Wind Waker, Hyrule is flooded, and the Kokiri all evolve into Koroks (the lil plant creatures). All, except one.


“But Eden!” you may say, “Aren’t these two different characters? The games are centuries apart!”
The Kokiri are ageless. They can be killed, but they never age. It’s perfectly feasible that one of them could have lived this long, especially a Sage of Wind. The Deku Tree in WW may be the sprout from OoT, so who says another character couldn’t be the same?

Possible evidence:

  • It’s theorised that during development of OoT, Fado was intended to be a Sage of Wind for the scrapped Wind Temple - the same role he plays in WW
  • WW Fado is said to have been born in the Kokiri Forest, long before the flood
  • WW Fado gave everything to protect the master sword. If he is the same Fado from OoT, then he’s seen firsthand its importance. He has more of an incentive to do what he did.
  • They dress pretty similarly, and crucially:
  • An official guide for WW says that Fado was a personal friend of the Hero of Time

Conclusion: Fado is a trans boy and transitioned some time after OoT.

Am I saying that’s canon, or even deliberate? No. Just that there’s enough evidence for a decent fan theory. And it makes more sense than the other theories.
(pictures and some info came from zeldapedia and the zelda wiki)