sage of earth

The Roots of It

The way a muscle gets pulled
the soul is tugged by its story,
one that began before this life
that will continue beyond this life –
the soul has seen time grow
and as everything that grows
the soul is stretched and marked.
So the melancholy is not of your past,
it’s not of your parents nor personality,
it’s of a connection to the earth
that has seen and still sees
blood and tears seeping into its soil
that drains into the roots of the soul,
weighing them deeper into the world,
like an anchor that imprisons the ship
so is the soul bolted to its tragedy.


Botanical Name: ‘Salvia Officinalis’

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter, Venus/Leo

“Sage is a shrubby plant, found growing wild throughout much of the world. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean from which it spread throughout Europe, becoming an important household and medicinal herb. It is found throughout our western mountains, where it was well known by the Native Americans for its healing and religious properties. It is a tough plant, with the oblong leaves, a singular light green color, and can always be distinguished by its scent. One of its constituents, thujone, is a potent antibacterial, one of the best among herbs, which is contained as a volatile oil.” (Paul Beyerl, 149)


Sage is one of the best styptics available. A few fresh leaves, lightly worked (chewing is best) and applied to a cut or a wound will quickly stop the bleeding. The same effect may be had with dried sage, but it is more difficult to create a natural poultice with it other than immersion in hot water. 

Sage is taken internally, being good for the stomach, calming indigestion, and also used to discourage constipation. Sage works well in the treatment of ulcerated stomachs, helping to tone the tissue, the astringent working against the ulcer itself. Sage may be used externally as a liniment, being good for sore muscles, arthritis, and the like.

A wash made of sage may be used as a gargle, one of the most effective in the treatment of oral infections. This gargle can also be in treating throat infections, and preventing the germs of colds and viruses from spreading. Sage is also used in early treatment of colds and chills, and may be added to any remedy for the lungs and respiratory system. Sage will reduce fever, and also works as an expectorant. 

(Disclaimer: Not all illness and ailments can be fixed with herbal remedies- please seek professional help if needed)

Magical Uses:

- Used in purification, healing, cleansing, strength, aiding mental health, inspires wisdom, and banishes all evil. Sage is to be used in rituals involving purification.

- When growing sage, to keep its energies pure it should be planted near rue. As a magical tonic, one method is to drink it after sunrise for nine consecutive mornings to cleanse yourself of negative energies. Sage is the appropriate incense for meetings of business and important decisions. 


Bought some new plants at the farmers market today! A “Crown of Thorns” and Russian Sage. 🌱🌿

I have a Crown of Thorns already but it is a smaller version with thinner stems. My mother has a thick plant so I wanted one as well. It’s quite a small plant right now so I am looking forward to seeing it grow!

The Russian Sage is a perennial and it smells amazing. I don’t have a spot for it outside of my house just yet so I plan on putting it in a large pot for now.

goawar  asked:

So I just recently finished reading Hikaru no Go (what is up with that ending???!?), idk if you've read it, but would recommend b/c everybody acts so fucking gay in it, but I digress. The point is, I'm feeling kinda in the mood for some oldie but goodies because of it, and I've seen you reblog some stuff about Saiyuki occasionally. Obviously you enjoy it a lot, but can you give me a basic rundown of what it's like? The wikipedia description didn't give me much to go off of.

So Saiyuki is hands down my favorite fucking manga ever. Like - without hesitation or doubt, it’s number 1. That means I’m probably a little biased, but - 

Are you familiar with The Journey to the West? It’s a Chinese novel from the 16th century and just really amazing. Saiyuki is a quasi-modern take on that with a lot more bloodshed and snark. 

To start off with, the characters are amazing. You’ve got Genjo Sanzo (who happens to be my favorite character in anything ever), who’s a snarky, grumpy, homicidal priest who drinks, smokes, curses, and tends to shoot anything that annoys him for more than .002 seconds. Which is pretty much everything. (He’s also very, very pretty and very, very wise, though it kind of comes out of left field whenever he is.) There’s plenty of tragic backstory for him, and most of it revolves around his former master Komyou Sanzo (who is extremely awesome) and the five Founding Scriptures of Heaven and Earth, two of which were passed on to Sanzo when Komyou died, and one of which was immediately stolen. Sanzo is…complicated. He’s a bastard, but he’s simultaneously noble, and he gets attached to people despite himself. 

Second mc is Son Goku, who looks like a kid but is actually 500 years old. Saiyuki Gaiden goes into his backstory, but he’s basically a demon (the Great Sage Equaling Heaven and Earth, is his official title) who Sanzo rescued from the mountaintop where he was imprisoned. He pretty much sees Sanzo as his father figure/sun and their relationship is a lot of bickering and sacrificing for each other and it’s very sweet. Goku gets the most character development as the story goes, and he’s always amusing. 

Third mc is Sha Gojyo, who’s half-demon, eternally snarky, a playboy, and Goku’s partner in trying to make Sanzo commit murder at least once an hour. (They bicker. Constantly. It’s hilarious.) He also has an extremely tragic backstory as a taboo child, given his heritage, but doesn’t let it stop him from being awesome. His relationship with Sanzo is…prickly, to say the least, but they’re also hilarious.

Last mc is Cho Hakkai, who used to be a regular human but slaughtered 1000 demons and got turned into a demon because of it. Yeah, he’s kind of ridiculously badass, but also the Mom Friend who never drops his vaguely terrifying smile. Like the rest, his backstory is horrifically tragic, with the added bonus of incest, but except for a few scary moments when his power limiters come off, he’s fairly easy-going at this point. Hakkai is pretty much the only reason Sanzo & Co manage to survive any part of the trip. Not because of fighting, but because they would never get anything done without him and/or would have murdered each other in the first few minutes. 

As for the story, it takes place in a world with random technology and dragons that transform into jeeps and such, and Kanzeon Bosatsu (who is a massive meddler and also kind of Sanzo’s aunt? It’s complicated), who’s responsible for sending Sanzo and co on their quest in the first place. The quest is more or less to stop an Evil Overlord from being woken back up, though it’s admittedly a bit more complicated than that. 

Really, read this manga. It’s fantastic. There’s lots of humor, heart, and meaningful moments. I only wish I could write something as awesome as Saiyuki.  💕

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what beauty products do you use?

Here is a picture of inside my bathroom medicine cabinet. (you can also search through my “personal” tag to see when this has been answered previously for links and things.)

TOP SHELF: Shaffali Volcanic Ash + Sage Facial Earth Mask, Koelf Gold Royal Jelly Hydro Gel Eye Patch, St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer,

MIDDLE SHELF: Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream, Yes to Cucumber Daily Calming Moisturizer (good, but like my St Ives better, waiting for it to be used up), Kiehl’s Strengthening and Hydrating Hair Oil-In-Cream (use occasionally, don’t always need it), Swedish Dreams Sea Salt Soap Bar, Philosophy The Microdelivery exfoliating Wash, Aquaphor, Grown Alchemist Hyrda-Restore Cream Cleanser.

BOTTOM SHELF: Trader Joes Enrich Moisturizing Facial Lotion (SPF), Kiehl’s Recovery Eye Cream, Bag balm, Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Face Mask, Glossier Super Bounce (which is almost gone and I cannot wait to replace with Naturopathica Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil instead!!), Origins Skin Essence Lotion with Dual Ferment Complex (prob wont replace once it is finally gone), Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel

NOT PICTURED: approximately 20 container of Burt’s Bees/Rosebud Salve, Mothermade Deep Moisturizing Rich Snail Facial Masks, Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream, Burt’s Bees Cuticle Salve, Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Sunscreen, Burt’s Bee’s Tomato Toner, St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, Trader Joes Lavender and Coconut Oil Body Scrub, Kiehl’s Original Musk Shower Gel and a Bar of Soap with Aloe. 

Tooooooooooo lazy to link, copy and paste whatever into Google if you’re interested! 


The Uncanny Similarities Between Tear Ring Saga & FE6-10.

It is no secret Tear Ring Saga is heavily inspired by Fire Emblem not only having the same creator, but also similar enough for it to face legal issues prior and after its release. Perhaps the most interesting thing about is that Tear Ring Saga shares much in common with Fire Emblem games that came after it.

This post will contain spoilers of both Tear Ring Saga and the Fire Emblem: Binding Blade to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

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