sage drabbles


Kageyama Tobio is very paranoid about his smile, and he’s convinced that everything cute and adorable will run away whenever they see it

But not always

There was that one dog. The one that ran up to him on the sidewalk, tail wagging and barking happily. The one that covered Kageyama in tiny licks and kisses and had to be dragged away by an apologetic owner

one time, a baby smiled at Kageyama at the park, and when Kageyama hesitantly smiled back, the baby giggled and clapped her hands together happily. he still tells Hinata about it at least once a day.

and Hinata doesn’t run away either. He teases him about it sometimes, sure, but the words are laced with a friendliness and heavy affection. When Kageyama smiles, sometimes Hinata covers it with one of his own, and they stand there for a while with their smiles pressed against each other’s

it’s the little moments like these that make him think his smile might not be so bad.

Trickster Jane Cosplay Drabbles (Help?)

So I’m doing this WONDERFULLY ADORABLE design (I want to say it’s designed by happyds?) for Trickster Jane once I work up the courage to tell my mother I want to do this instead of the Aradiasprite she really wants me to do

And I was considering making the collar a blue peter pan collar(With maybe pink or yellow lace/ruffle trim), putting a huge bow in the back, and bloomers and or blue tulle under the skirt to make it super full and flouncy.

Do you guys think those are good ideas or should I just stick strictly to this design since it’s kind of already perfect???


Wickedkitty’s My Year in Cosplay Post

So I was going to make this after Newcon, but I’m really only making one more outfit for that and I’ve been looking back on 2013 a lot tonight.

This year was by far the biggest year of cosplay for me, and a big year for improvement. I started working on more complicated projects and sewing and pattern drafting, and I have to say looking back I’m really proud of how far I’ve come compared to 2012, when the most I did was modify a pair of pants or a skirt. I entered my first cosplay contest and even though I was completely unprepared for it, it was a cool experience. I’m starting to get recognition at the conventions I go to and that is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Even with my busy schedule, I busted out six new official cosplays this year, with many more closet cosplays and plans along the way. I got to do partner cosplays with both Josh and Lauren-who now is my wonderful cosplay partner and photographer and pretty much my partner in crime for all things cosplay-and being able to cosplay with them were both AMAZING experiences on their own. I attended two conventions and have another one next week, and met so many wonderful people through cosplay this year that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I’m really excited about my skills improving, and I can’t wait to see what I’m able to make next year. Here’s to hoping for the best :)





So today has been a pretty great birthday so far.

I woke up next to my boyfriend and decided that cuddling in bed sounded a lot better than going to school, then took a very luxurious shower and lazed around while Josh made waffles that I didn’t eat, but my brother that was also skipping and his girlfriend did enjoy. My brothers girlfriend made me literally the most adorable card ever and gave me part of my birthday present, and I munched on the cake Josh made from fucking scratch for me.

After that we all cuddled up in pairs on the couch and watched music videos until my boyfriend had to go to work and I called in and pretended to be my mother to excuse myself for missing school and finally hauled my ass to school during lunch.

About an hour later, the power went out in my town and the three surrounding towns around it, so we all ended up just telling stories in History class before they finally let us out of school, making it so I didn’t have to take the math quiz I was going to fail.

On the less bright side, it’s been raining all day and the power didn’t come back until 5, and the power in my room didn’t come back until about a half hour ago. My toddler half sister has been screaming nonstop all day about every single thing, and I really miss my boyfriend again and I don’t get to chill with him again until Saturday.

But I got new headphones for my birthday that, albeit looking pretty lame, are really fucking expensive and nice, and some other really cute small things, and over 150 in money and growing.

So yeah, pretty fucking good birthday.

Cosplay Fingers

I’ve decided to invent a new phrase called “cosplay fingers”

It’s like grabby hands, but describes the feeling when you see a character or design and immediately feel the intense need to cosplay it.

You can almost feel your fingers rummaging through your closet to see if you have anything that works or opening yet another Ebay tab.

So there you have it, folks.

Cosplay fingers.

I went fabric shopping yesterday!

On the left is my MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CRAZY COMFY FLEECE for my Cake sweatshirt-dress-thing 

On the right is my fabric for my Trickster Jane dress

And then in the front if is my tail, I didn’t take a picture of it before I actually sewed it

And with the rest of my cosplay items arrived or waiting in the mail system, I'm officially starting to get ready for Sakura

I feel really awesome now!


I went running just to run this time, instead of my usual running because I’m really upset and feel like I need to run from everything so I run until I start crying.

I listened to my favorite music and sang under my breath and ran three miles and that was just enough to get my athletic induced endorphins running and I feel really really amazing now! My legs ache and I’m going to have to take some painkillers tomorrow to deal with the soreness but I feel so fucking good. All the confusion that was clouding my head went away and I came home and looked in the mirror and felt gorgeous and proud of myself and I really hope that this lasts because it’s really fucking great!!! 

And I realized that some of my homework isn’t due until Wednesday so I don’t have to do it tonight, I can do it during lunch tomorrow since I don’t do anything then and later Tuesday night to even out the load <3 

I hope you all feel great tonight and have wonderful days tomorrow!!! 


The 4 steps of doing homework

1) Get ready

You’ve been avoiding this/these assignment(s) for as long as possible, but they’re due tomorrow and it’s about time to get things going. You’ve got your smart person glasses on, your hair tied back if you can, and plenty of energy. You’re fucking ready to tackle this homework, and you figure you can squeeze in some quality internet time afterwards before passing out.

2)Get irritated

Okay, so maybe this stuff is a little bit harder then you thought it would be. You attempt to think back to your previous lessons on the matter, only to remember that that was the day you slept through most of the class. But you can do this! A little Tumblr break and another caffeinated drink and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

3) Become done with this shit

Okay, you really shouldn’t have slept through that class. Google is being less than helpful, and you can’t quite locate the Wikipedia page that holds the golden answers. Your breaks are starting to become longer than your actual work time, and every time you come back you end up getting angry. Letters shouldn’t be in mathematical equations, no one cares about Caesar! You can feel the temptation to slather your homework in barbecue sauce and hand it to your trusty Man’s Best Friend downstairs. 

4) Get really, really done and curl into a ball

You’re a failure, and you always will be. College? Forget that shit, you’ll be lucky to finish the semester. Maybe you should just skip school tomorrow, claim you caught a terminal disease. Oh wait, you did, it’s called stupidity. And sleepinginclassitus. Maybe if you replicate the fetal position you’ll reach an epiphany. 

5) Walk away from your homework, snuggle into a blanket, and deny the homework's existence  

Three seasons of Supernatural and 5 hours of sleep later, you find yourself back in the classroom.
What homework? Oh man Mrs.Shuckarook, I left it at home. I promise it’ll be here first thing tomorrow, though. 

I want to write a love story.

I want to write a big, cheesy love story, no supernatural shit that turns everything into an adventure with different worlds, but a normal, every day life where two people find each other in a cement covered city and fall in love and last through all the shit of modern day, and lay on the floor of their apartment and look out at the rain and file taxes and go into debt over car crashes and student loans and stay in love through all of it. 

Because none of the couples around me have that, even if they’ve been married for ten years or are the most disgustingly in love young people I’ve ever seen. It’s all this base stuff or there’s all this stupid, petty fighting over things that don’t matter or something that just makes me so angry and disappointed. 

I want to write a love story that’s real and happy and beautiful and lasting so I can have hope for this world.

Because I don’t even know if love like that exists anymore.