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Happier (Inuchiyo)

Word count: 200 words

He had always found her beautiful.

But today, she was absolutely breathtaking.

Her hair fell perfectly on her shoulders, her skin flawless and smooth, her lips painted with just enough rouge to compliment her smile, and her eyes just seemed to radiate the joy she felt for this moment. 

Inuchiyo could not believe this woman was about to become his wife. Never in his wildest dreams did he think this day would come. But it did, and everything was perfect. He couldn’t be happier. 

Within the audience, a teary-eyed Katsuie could not help himself. “My boy, my boy! He’s finally getting married! Oh, how time flies!” he exclaimed. “Sssh, you’ll ruin the moment!” Hideyoshi nudged the old man with his elbow. 

After Katsuie had quieted down, Hideyoshi heard a faint sniffling beside him. “Hey, you okay?” he asked, offering a kerchief. 

She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it immediately as she gathered her thoughts. 

She had known Inuchiyo for almost her entire life, and loved him with all her heart. And today, she will have to learn to accept that he was no longer hers. Because deep in her heart, she knew. 

She knew he was happier. ▪

A/N: Hnnnng okay this was a thousand times better in my head. If anyone wishes to make a full-blown fanfic out of this idea, please feel free to do so!!! I want Inuchiyo to be happy, even if that happiness doesn’t include MC.

EDIT: I haven’t read Inuchiyo’s MS yet, so I didn’t really have anyone in mind for the wife. It just breaks my heart seeing his unrequited love for MC in almost every other route/story. ; u ; So I figured, you know what, maybe you deserve to be happy with someone other than MC ha haaa. X’D

Sydney’s Mother’s Day Surprise

Sydney stretched and sat up. Then she glared at the alarm clock. “Adrian?”

There was no response.

She got up and wandered down the stairs. “Adrian?” She called again as she stepped into the kitchen.

Adrian stood over the stove while Declan babbled away in the Bumbo chair at the other end of the room. There was a mess of egg shells and powdered sugar on the counter.

“Adrian, did you turn off my alarm?” Sydney asked.

Picking up a plate, Adrian turned. “Happy Mother’s Day!”

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Can you do the "you just dissed your friend and I started laughing now yell think I'm a weirdo " one please...? And why is Kiser the first person I see being the dissed friend XD

‘You just dissed one of your friends super bad and I burst out laughing (because damn that was clever) and now you all think I’m a creep’ au - Tbh I agree, I can imagine Aomine dissing Kise just because we all love Kise and he’s so fun to tease, and he doesn’t seem like the guy who would take a joke to heart so it’s fun to mess around together <3 XD

Kagami’s eyebrow twitched as he turned the page. He was sitting in the corner of the university library, a fairly empty and quiet area usually. Except today, a group of students had decided to make his corner into their playground, squabbling in poorly hushed whispers over magazines and textbooks alike while wrestling on one of the couches.

This was a library. What happened to the rule of silence? Where were the librarians when he needed them most?

He glanced up surreptitiously. He knew them, he’d seen them before in a few classes. They seemed like a friendly bunch, but he didn’t know why they were here. Especially that one, Aomine. Kagami had played basketball against him once in the university gym, but didn’t get around to getting to know him better besides his obvious talent for the sport.

Kagami smiled. He’d like to play against him once more, but Aomine probably didn’t even remember him.

“Look, Kurokocchi, you should try this app. It has so many awesome photo filters!”

Kagami snorted softly as the blond began showing his friend pictures on his phone. Quiet, Taiga, this is a library. If these buffoons don’t follow the rules doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

“Shut up Kise, this is a library,” Aomine drawled, but he didn’t say that quietly either.

Kise poked his tongue out. “You’re just jealous, Aominecchi. You’re jealous of my fabulous selfies and my hot looks.”

“Don’t fuck around Kise, you’re not hot,” Aomine smirked. “The only thing you can ever turn on is the fucking microwave.”

This time Kagami laughed fairly loudly, holding a hand to his mouth and giggling at their conversation. That was when three pairs of eyes swivelled to him and pinned him in place. Kagami’s grin wavered. Ah, shit.

Aomine tilted his head, getting up and walking over. “You know this is a library right?”

Kagami clutched his book. “U-uh, yeah…”

“So, if you wanna laugh,” Aomine placed a hand on the chair Kagami was sitting on. “How about we go outside? It’s Kagami, right?”

Kagami blinked. “Um…yes…?”

“Sorry Kise is so annoying,” Aomine threw his friend a look. “You know, we…uh, we play basketball quite a bit together. How about you join us?”

Kagami’s face brightened. “Really?”

“Yeah, these guys are too loud for the library anyway,” Aomine shrugged like he wasn’t one of them. “Maybe Kise will let you try out his filters.”

Kagami chuckled, standing up. “No, I’m good thanks,” he smiled. “I’ll take you up on the basketball offer though.”

Kirigakure Hotaru x MC drabble

(because I just had the sudden urge to write this in the middle of studying after reading his SE lmao I’m so weak)

“Stop! Get away from her!” Hotaru screamed. In an instant, the men surrounding MC took a step back and froze in place. Beneath them, a trembling MC lay on the ground with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Hotaru, wait!” Don’t kill them, she was going to say. But the sight of her crying triggered the bloodlust within him. One by one, the men fell dead. Blood spurted out of their mouths as Hotaru’s blade pierced their bodies. MC closed her eyes, terrified by the scene in front of her.

“MC, are you alright?” Hotaru’s voice was as gentle as ever. “Don’t be afra—” he stopped midsentence, realizing how powerful his words could be. “I’m sorry,” he said, as he lifted her into his arms. “I’ll bring you home now, so there’s no reason to be afraid anymore.”

When MC opened her eyes, she found herself in her room. Hotaru was at her bedside, holding her hands. “Oh, you’re awake,” he let out a sigh of relief. “I’m sorry for scaring you.”

MC shook her head. “You don’t need to apologize for saving my life,” she said.

“You don’t hate me, then?” he asked, genuinely worried.

“Of course I don’t!”

“I’m so glad…” Hotaru brought MC’s hands to his lips and kissed them tenderly.

“Hotaru,” MC said, pulling him into an embrace. “Please stay with me?”

Hotaru looked into MC’s eyes and stroked her cheek. “I will. I’ll stay with you, and protect you. I promise.”

A/N: Shameless, self-indulgent Hide drabble. Self-insert…ish?
Word count: 340

I blame this:

Hearing the door slide open, you hurry to greet the man who just arrived.

“Oh, Lord Hideyoshi! Welcome ho—” you say enthusiastically, but stop once you see the grim expression on his face. You rush to him, worried that something bad had happened.

“Is anything wrong?”

“Mm…” he looks down at the floor, avoiding your gaze.

“Lord Hideyoshi, please, tell me what happened?” You cup your hands around his face, tilting it upwards so he had no choice but to look you in the eye.

“I’m sorry! I was just out with Inuchiyo and MC, when all of a sudden…” his voice trails off.

“When all of a sudden what?!” You ask, your voice nearly turning to a shout as your mind went through terrible scenarios, wondering which one Hideyoshi might have encountered.

“Keiji was drunk, and… he kissed me,” he mumbles embarrassedly. At the sound of Keiji and drunk, you feel the relief rushing in. In a matter of seconds, your relief turns into laughter.

“Wait, you’re not mad at me?” Hideyoshi asks, incredulous.

“Mad? Why would I be mad? Everybody knows what Keiji does when he’s drunk! Considering how much time you spend with Toshiie, I’m surprised it took that nephew-in-law of his this long to kiss you!” You say, stifling your laughter.

“B-but I think I might have actually enjoyed it?” he says, color rising to his cheeks.

“With the amount of kissing he’s probably done, I’m not even offended!”

Realizing that your reaction was different from what he was expecting, Hideyoshi couldn’t help but join you in your laughter.

“Hahaha! I guess you’re right,” he says, his mood in a much better state than before. “You know what I’d enjoy more, though?” he asks, brushing a thumb against your lips.

“Oh, you tease!” you say, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer. “Well, I think…” you whisper, letting him feel your breath on his lips before kissing him tenderly. •

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For the ship thing Pairing; Aokaga Word: lingerie

Y’all know I have a thing for Kagami in lingerie. YOU KNOW IT.

He’d lost the bet. He thought he could drink Kise under the table but the other man seemed to have experience getting drunk but looking sober from all those galas he went to.

Kagami shuffled in his pants, walking up to his apartment. The losing conditions were that he had to wear lingerie for the whole following day. Thankfully, it was cold, so he had stacked up with layers, leaving the embarrassing underwear safely hidden. His chest and lower regions still felt weird though, the silk sliding across not uncomfortably, but rather close to arousing. Not a good thing when outdoors.

He opened the door and slouched against the wall, sighing. His restaurant shift had run late, but he’d managed to eat a bit of dinner before leaving. Aomine may have already been asleep-

“You’re home late,” his boyfriend yawned, leaning on his shoulder next to Kagami. He came closer and brushed his nose against Kagami’s. “Your nose is cold,” he mumbled.

“Go back to bed,” Kagami took off his coat, and started shivering soon after. Aomine wrapped his arms around him to warm him, rubbing them on his shirt. “Ah, wait-”

Aomine paused. “Kagami…what’s this?” he whispered, feeling something under the cloth. He slid his hands under with no warning and Kagami gasped. “You…are you wearing lingerie?”

“Long story!” Kagami groaned as Aomine’s hands touched all the right places.

Aomine’s hands slid in his pants and Kagami’s head tilted back with a moan. “A whole set?”

“Stop,” he rasped. “I have to take it off…”

Aomine licked his lips, grinning wildly and all hint of sleep gone from his eyes. “I can help with that.”


Kageyama Tobio is very paranoid about his smile, and he’s convinced that everything cute and adorable will run away whenever they see it

But not always

There was that one dog. The one that ran up to him on the sidewalk, tail wagging and barking happily. The one that covered Kageyama in tiny licks and kisses and had to be dragged away by an apologetic owner

one time, a baby smiled at Kageyama at the park, and when Kageyama hesitantly smiled back, the baby giggled and clapped her hands together happily. he still tells Hinata about it at least once a day.

and Hinata doesn’t run away either. He teases him about it sometimes, sure, but the words are laced with a friendliness and heavy affection. When Kageyama smiles, sometimes Hinata covers it with one of his own, and they stand there for a while with their smiles pressed against each other’s

it’s the little moments like these that make him think his smile might not be so bad.


Wickedkitty’s My Year in Cosplay Post

So I was going to make this after Newcon, but I’m really only making one more outfit for that and I’ve been looking back on 2013 a lot tonight.

This year was by far the biggest year of cosplay for me, and a big year for improvement. I started working on more complicated projects and sewing and pattern drafting, and I have to say looking back I’m really proud of how far I’ve come compared to 2012, when the most I did was modify a pair of pants or a skirt. I entered my first cosplay contest and even though I was completely unprepared for it, it was a cool experience. I’m starting to get recognition at the conventions I go to and that is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Even with my busy schedule, I busted out six new official cosplays this year, with many more closet cosplays and plans along the way. I got to do partner cosplays with both Josh and Lauren-who now is my wonderful cosplay partner and photographer and pretty much my partner in crime for all things cosplay-and being able to cosplay with them were both AMAZING experiences on their own. I attended two conventions and have another one next week, and met so many wonderful people through cosplay this year that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I’m really excited about my skills improving, and I can’t wait to see what I’m able to make next year. Here’s to hoping for the best :)

I want to write a love story.

I want to write a big, cheesy love story, no supernatural shit that turns everything into an adventure with different worlds, but a normal, every day life where two people find each other in a cement covered city and fall in love and last through all the shit of modern day, and lay on the floor of their apartment and look out at the rain and file taxes and go into debt over car crashes and student loans and stay in love through all of it. 

Because none of the couples around me have that, even if they’ve been married for ten years or are the most disgustingly in love young people I’ve ever seen. It’s all this base stuff or there’s all this stupid, petty fighting over things that don’t matter or something that just makes me so angry and disappointed. 

I want to write a love story that’s real and happy and beautiful and lasting so I can have hope for this world.

Because I don’t even know if love like that exists anymore.