sage beats

It finally happened, I had a Team SSSN dream

sadly it was not the kind of dream i really wanted

So, I can’t quite remember the details but either I was actually watching the events of RWBY while I was in the same universe as them, or I was watching a preview on my computer. So something happened, Cinder teamed up with another villain from some other show and they decided to kidnap and threaten to kill someone on live TV.

Who do they kidnap, Sage.

How the fuck do you kidnap Sage?

Unless Yatsuhashi is a villain, there is no possible way Cinder and Co could beat Sage in a fight and carry him away without being noticed. They can’t lift that damn Christmas tree!

Moving on, so Cinder has Mercury broadcast this thing live to all of Remnant and shows Sage in a cage, struggling and looking very scared. Cinder says they have 24 hours to save him before Cinder just ends him. So Team SS(S)N is just like, “Alright guys, our team mom mate needs us so we are going now”

And me, watching this whole thing is like “Why did they make Sage look so weak? I would imagine he would be the least likely to get kidnapped. Oh well, My boys are finally getting screen time!”

Then I woke up.

 Some friends and I have been working really hard in the studio lately. We really want to bring out something new to the San Fran. Bay Hip-Hop scene.

Here’s the first track from an up and coming project we’re working on.

Also here’s the instrumental if you just tryna hear the beat (by me btw =D):

Sage Beats.

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